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don’t text me with that tone of voice.

Be someone's never deleted messages.

If I’m texting you and my battery is under 10%, it’s real

Never do ppl how they do you, just cut them off & stay solid.

Fuck parties man I just wanna drive to the lake and look up at the stars w someone I love

when you are not your favorite person’s favorite person it kind of feels like you’re constantly swallowing sand

block them, delete their number, change the way, do not frequent the same places, forget those conversations. this is not childish, sometimes it is necessary. choose yourself.

the concept that my life is someone’s dream life is so humbling to me like i dont even think i Do Anything but it is true that there exists someONE in the world who sees how i live as the “dream” even if i myself do not. im gonna try to live a little bit better for them.

I hope all of you wake up tomorrow with better skin and a happier heart

‪You can’t lose something that is meant for you. Whatever leaving your life right now has served it’s purpose and is no longer needed.‬

god, imagine sharing a bed with the person you love. chatting about dumb things! just sleeping! it’s like a sleepover but every night how sweet is that!!!!

Someone out there is living your dream life and hating every second of it

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