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Director: Benjamin Simmons  New movie about New Orleans' 90s fashion coming soon. Go to the website for trailers and more! #putchaballyson #ballyanimalsmovie #ballyanimals

I’m in the home stretch of the final edit on my Animals film. For those that don’t know, it’s about some @bally shoes that were popular in the #90s in New Orleans city. I stumbled upon this @gstackentertainment clip while editing and thought I would share. Some types of work can have negative consequences. Not everybody has the same outcome, but staying free is what I wish for everybody out there.

Shoutout to rudejudemr504 #putchaballyson shoutout to @dlbgodisluv for sharing. My city is beautiful and stylish like none other.

@charlievupt explains how the world and culture is intertwined. He drew Magnolia Slim’s album covers back in the game, and his art made it to the @ogdenmuseum So don’t take the ‘little’ things you do for granted; it’s all important and it can have an impact farther than you know. #wordisvaughn

I think part of the reason we love @bally Animals so much is the timeless quality of them. @e.fresh247 @dkstacia are rocking these shoes which were created 30 years ago with the latest fashions and they are still unbeatable. Y’all were probably the freshest in the club that night. #putchaballyson

Shout out the @jazzandheritagefoundation They gave out grants yesterday to a bunch of people doing great things for New Orleans and Louisiana culture. They even slid me some bread to help me get ready for the January release of Animals. 💯💯💯Thanks to everybody who supported and all who support the film.
New news coming real soon!!


This #TBT was brought to you by @jay_marks This is a shot of his brother @ofaafo9 and his people at the SUNO jam with his @bally Mirages on. #putchaballyson New Orleans! And the world too.

To everyone out there supporting the movement, thank you! This whole situation was made for you and it has all happened way better than I could have imagined. The picture above I took at the Bally Shuhmuseum in Switzerland 🇨🇭. I couldn’t bring my camera in the archives, but they let me snap up some shoes of my choice. So 🥂 to all my Bally-wearing, Bally-loving people out there. There is more to come in the near future; believe dat!

Y’all know I had to post this one!!

My people @shawnslandscapes.dap hustles in the hot sun so he can put his Bally’s on #putchaballyson #ballyanimals

Just wanted to take a moment and celebrate our teachers like @therealgifted who sent this shot from his classroom. It’s not just about the shoes, but also the messages in the room. It’s dope to be fresh and elevate the youth! #putchaballyson #ballyanimals

Street alert!! New colors expected to go on PRE-SALE Friday September 7 @livenola website and in-store. Check in with them. This will give everybody something to do while waiting on the storm to pass! #putchaballyson #ballyanimals

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