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jeremy  i like my coffee like i like my men... full of semen!


Excited!! The couch was just delivered and already ties this space together! The colors pop! #adulting #queersf #richmondsf

last day of school! #queersf #gaysf

buffy "one more with feeling" sing-a-long. #gaynerd #queersf

thottin' around. #whataday #queersf

dentist. sashay away. #jeremyinpain

Heading to the dentist's office for some unpleasantness. Threw this little gem together on the trip because death becomes her! #deathbecomesher #rupaulsdragrace @thejinkx

yes! injustice 2! but damn, what a wasted opportunity. #gaynerd #gaymer #queersf

For those who know me well... one look at this picture and you'll easily understand where I get my personality from. Funny, boisterous and outgoing; sometimes impatient and frustrating but always sincere and authentic. I am who I am because of this wonderful woman. She cried when she watched 'Crooklyn' because it reminds her of the Brooklyn projects she grew up in. She will buy anything with a Puerto Rican flag on it because she's always representing. She may not remember but she once told me she liked 'Con Air' because Nicolas Cage ran in slow-motion and she thought he was a hunk. In my messy 20's, she'd visit my apartment and put groceries in my fridge and slip me money before she'd leave. When I nervously came out, she laughed in my face because... duh! a mother knows. She tells me to tell my partner that she loves him at the end of every phone conversation because she does. She's almost 60 but looks like she's in her early forties. She loves me unconditionally and has shown me that you're never too old to grow and learn. She works hard to look after my sister and is even still looking out for my brother and myself. She discovered amazon wishlists and her gift-giving is now on point! I can go on all night. Love you Mom!

moms are called, boo is sick and napping. i'm sitting in the stillness of the day and taking in all of the things that bring contentment. the ocean breeze cooling the heat from the sun peering through the window. there's no furniture yet but the floor is welcoming. making this space uniquely ours by filling it with the things we enjoy. couldn't be a more perfect day. home: #gaysf #queersf #sfrichmond #solange

assembled he new shelves. the new apt is slowly coming together. also, mortal kombat is playing in the background because the 90's. also, magtoto art chillin', waiting to be hung. #sfrichmond #newhood #queersf #gaymer #cb2 #helix

spending quality time with my cousin. #boricua #sf #familia

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