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Mary Helen Bowers  Ballerina. Entrepreneur. Mom. 💕Ballet Beautiful Founder. Ballet inspired online workouts for the Dancer in all of us. 💕

Fly me to the Moon 🎼🌜🎺 11 years ago, tonight! Happy Anniversary Baby 💛✨

5 Days POST delivery on the left, 5 Months POST delivery on the right.
THE POINT: Having a belly after your baby is expected, healthy and natural. I still have a tummy and that is ok. There's no rush. EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY is DIFFERENT. I know how precious and brief this time is in the big picture of life. I don’t want to miss it by obsessing over weight loss. I'm enjoying these sweet months of early motherhood.
THE REALITY: These photos were taken after the birth of my third baby (in about four years!). My stomach was this swollen after delivering each of my babies. When this happened after my first birth, I was SO SHOCKED. I hadn't realized that I might leave the hospital looking 8 months pregnant and more swollen than before I delivered. I wanted to share these images because I’ve seen lots of new mom photos on social media and none of them quite looked like me. With Rosabella (my third), the birth was much faster and easier (I was blessed to have a successful #vbac, more on that later). However, the post delivery swelling lasted longer and I had more pain and sensitivity in my abdomen as my uterus contracted after the baby was delivered.

MY APPROACH: I’m exclusively breastfeeding and having to eat a LOT of fat, protein and calories to maintain my milk production. When breastfeeding, my body requires an extra 10+ llbs to produce enough milk for the baby. I have to eat more than I normally would, but I eat as healthy as I can and I don't worry about it. Our bodies are amazing and powerful creations -- trust them! I do Ballet Beautiful Custom Workouts exclusively along with some walking and swimming with my older daughters to rebuild tone and strength.
THE TAKEAWAY: Be patient. Be loving. Long lasting, positive change takes time. ❤️ This is #MYBALLETBEAUTIFUL Custom Workout Journey. Share yours! #BalletBeautiful #breastfeeding #fivemonthspostpartum

Best day with this Angelic Ballet Beauty 🦋❤️💋 @lilyaldridge #BalletBeautiful

Ballet Baby 💛 Check out our NEW Body Recharge Series, no baby required. 😊 If it’s been a while since your last workout, you had a baby (or 3💛), are coming back from an injury or have just taken some time off from exercising, I’m with you! I created these videos to meet you where you are right NOW. Grab your favorite workout buddy (sorry, Rosabella is taken 😜) and join me now! Link in bio #BalletBeautiful #recharge #barre

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When your Baby Angel comes to work 💘🌹Sometimes the sweetness of this life is overwhelming. #BalletBeautiful #love #blessed ❤️

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