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Mary Helen Bowers  Ballerina. Entrepreneur. Ballet Beautiful Founder Online Barre Workouts. Ballet-inspired Fitness, Lifestyle, Activewear ✨

Friday MOOD ✨ Dancing into the weekend ✨ #attitude #kick #BalletBeautiful

Time for a haircut? ✂️🎈#BalletBeautiful

Write your OWN Fairy Tale ✨ #BalletBeautiful 💫

One of the things I learned from Ballet is never give up. Stay focused. Stay strong. ❤️💪 #BalletBeautiful photo @chriscolls for #BalletForLife @rizzolibooks

❤️ Sometimes the biggest barrier to our health and fitness goals is our own state of mind. Fear, frustration, a desire to wait to begin exercising until we lose a little weight or have more time and energy... whatever the reason, when it comes to working out it is easy to find a reason not to make it happen.
I understand because I've been there. I've gained and lost weight over the years, been harassed and shamed about my body. Those external circumstances caused a LOT of inner turmoil for me. I've suffered dance injuries and illness. I've placed my entire self worth into how I looked, and discounted how that made me feel. I have looked at my body and felt pain, confusion, even hate. I am thankful to say that with my Ballet Beautiful program and a lot of hard work, I have also learned to love and appreciate my body and all that it does for me.
Becoming a Mom and continuing to dance and work through three pregnancies and while breastfeeding my girls has also given me a whole new appreciation for the power and beauty of the female body.
My youngest daughter, Rosabella, is now 7 months old. When I began thinking about how to reintroduce exercise into my life after her birth this spring I felt overwhelmed. I was anxious to begin working out and training but tight on time. We filmed our Body Recharge Series when Rosabella was four months old. I created this program to meet you where you are RIGHT NOW. Body Recharge is a tool to help anyone that has taken a break from fitness get back at it, and begin the process of building tone, stamina and strength. These videos include some of my favorite exercises for after the birth of a baby, an injury or any sort of pause in working out. They are also awesome at the beginning or end of a more intense workout.
Here's to loving our bodies and ourselves! ❤️ Have a beautiful workout! #BodyRecharge Link in Bio 💪 #BalletBeautiful

For the dance lovers!! Happy #worldballetday ❤️❣️ How did you celebrate? Tag your partner 💋 #cambre #BalletBeautiful

Ballet should be as beautiful behind the scenes as is it on stage. Tolerating misconduct is ugly. We are all citizens of the dance world. It’s on us to change this world for the better, especially for our next generation of dancers. Tag your favorite dancer, let them know you care. Photo @sonjageorgevich #BalletBeautiful 💕

Do you remember when you first fell in love with Ballet? Dancing with my baby girls has made me fall in love with dance all over again. Tag your favorite dancer partner! 💘 #BalletBeautiful

I love ballet. I want it to be safe for my daughters. It’s time to make a change in this field. It's time for women to be in charge.

We need more liberated, strong and nurturing women in top artistic and leadership positions within the dance world. Let’s empower female leaders and restore the integrity of ballet. Tag your favorite dancer, raise YOUR voice. Pass it on. Photo @yemchuk #balletbeautiful

Deeply honored to be a part of @wsjmag ‘s new book, #ONPOINT ! The Columnists section is a favorite part of the magazine - I am SO proud to be featured next to @cindycrawford @marthastewart @theoriginalbigdaddy Lee Daniels and architect John Pawson talking about Perfection not to mention the other incredible Columnists!❤️📝 Congrats @kristina_oneill @elk_elisa & Team!

City #Barre 🏙 Kick off your shoes and stretch! 🚕 #NewYorkCity #BalletBeautiful #dancelover

#neverforget ❤️ My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones on September 11. I was a young ballerina on tour with @nycballet in Parma, Italy on Sept 11, 2001. It was terrifying and unsettling to be away from NYC that day. I began volunteering with Red Cross at Ground Zero when I got home. Doing the little that I could - I served our City’s hero’s meals, helped them wash debris from their boots before they entered the building, helped them with research in the computer room and listened to their stories. Our emotions were powerful and raw, tears flowed freely. I will always be inspired by the way that those who had lost so much persevered and the togetherness we felt in the face of tragedy. May those who were lost Rest In Peace and may all of us #neverforget ❤️ @americanredcross

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