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PORTABLE HEALTHCARE. Flat surfaces indoors may be best for rolling out your muscles, but you can get a little #selfmyofascialrelease almost anywhere. Where have your balls been? Tag @baldsensei

Short but interesting arête problem on the Woodfords Canyon boulder. Last day of a great two weeks at Black Mtn, JTree, and up the East Side. #footwork #microkip #whoamikegotoutside #whatarebodiesfor

DOWNREGULATION: a trending term! It basically means #relaxation -- When you #downregulate your nervous system, good things happen: your body repairs tissue, reduces inflammation, builds strength, increases hormone production, and reboots the brain, like a good night's sleep or a #microvacation -- To feel and perform your best, find a practitioner who addresses the #nervoussystem as well as the #musculature because they are #notseparate -- Shown here: I use a few minutes of #stillness to downregulate the client's #parasympathetic nervous system, with a bonus #deeptissue release of the #suboccipital muscles at the base of the cranium. Photo magic by @caydiemccumber #mikepapciakbodywork #feelbetterandperformbetter #whatifmikewasright

#mikepapciakbodywork now has a #boomstick -- 25 pounds of zinc-coated carbon steel, with ends radiused like a #lacrosseball and used to diffuse #hypertonicity as the makers @kabukistrengthlab put it. That means soften tight muscles. Because #softerisstronger actually! Take that in again: #softerisstronger The jargony acronym for this work is #iastm which means Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, aka #bodytempering I was hipped to this instrument by my friend and colleague @natashabarnes who wields hers @motusclinic in the West Bay.

#mikepapciakbodywork and @touchstoneclimbing are proud to announce the donation of EIGHT HUNDRED SIXTY DOLLARS to the @bayareaclimberscoalition If you attended one of my Loosen Up! #lacrosseball workshops this spring at @dogpatchboulders or @greatwesternpowerco these are funds YOU raised for this volunteer org that picks up trash and does so much more to safeguard our local crags. Wait: it gets better. Down south @hollywoodboulders and @hangar18sanclemente we raised another few hundred for #friendsofjoshuatree Let's call that a cool thousand raised for climbing access, while giving the gift of #selfmyofascialrelease to you, the fundraisers. Strong work.

TONIGHT! LAST CHANCE THIS YEAR. Learn how to use a simple #lacrosseball to untangle your crusty muscles for better performance, more comfort, and fewer injuries. It's that #mobility stuff you've been hearing about, the new hotness in athletics and body care. 8pm @greatwesternpowerco Duration is one hour. Cost is $20 for all. You get a lacrosse ball to keep (sexy new colors!) and all proceeds benefit @bayareaclimberscoalition -- the volunteers who pick up trash and do so much to keep our climbing areas clean and open. Space is limited and filling fast. You might not get in at the door! Sign up on the GWPC site or at this point you might just wanna call 'em: 510-452-2022 SF peeps and others: it's just a few steps from the 19th St BART at 520 20th, Oaktown. See you at 8pm! #betterthanstretching #thenewfoamroller #musclemobility #musclehygiene #selfmyofascialrelease #loosenup #mikepapciakbodywork #greatwesternpowerco #bayareaclimberscoalition

GOT IT FIGURED OUT. Business hours @paintbysmokey Neighbors with my buddy @b.1_ down in #sanclemente and Smokey was kind enough to let me photograph this sign, and check out his immaculate shop. As some of you have heard, my teaching and climbing trip to SoCal was cut short (the AZ leg was cut out altogether!) when I separated a few ribs pulling hard on our first climbing day. Thanks to @supernovatode @gipsea @kelseymatthes for assistance in the field. I'll be back to Black and Tram in the fall, y'all. Ribs have re-knit and I can climb again, carefully. Psyched to teach this season's final #selfmyofascialrelease workshop this Wednesday May 24 at 8pm @greatwesternpowerco Come get the medicine!

TONIGHT! 8:30pm. #hollywoodboulders Learn to fix your body with a... lacrosse ball! It's a better foam roller, a Swiss Army knife for your muscles. $20 gets you all the secrets, plus your own lacrosse ball to keep, plus the proceeds go to Friends of Joshua Tree. #betterthanstretching #musclehygiene #thenewfoamroller #mikepapciakbodywork #lacrosseball #hollywoodboulders #friendsofjoshuatree

TONIGHT! 8:30pm @hangar18sanclemente Learn to fix your body with a... lacrosse ball! It's a better foam roller. A Swiss Army knife for your muscles. $20 gets you all the secrets, plus your own lacrosse ball to keep, plus the proceeds go to Friends of Joshua Tree. #betterthanstretching #musclehygiene #lacrosseball #thenewfoamroller #mikepapciakbodywork #hangar18sanclemente #friendsofjoshuatree

Mike Papciak Bodywork presents: Loosen Up workshops, 2017 spring tour!
Fix your body with a small rubber lacrosse ball.
Wed April 5 @dogpatchboulders, San Francisco, 8pm
Tues April 25 @hangar18sanclemente, San Clemente, 8:30pm
Wed April 26 @hollywoodboulders, Los Angeles, 8:30pm
Wed May 3 @theblocgym, Tucson, 8pm
Wed May 24 @greatwesternpowerco, Oakland, 8pm
Workshops are one hour. Cost is $20 for gym members or the public. You get to keep your own lacrosse ball, and all proceeds go to the following climbing advocacy groups: Bay Area Climbers Coalition, Friends of Joshua Tree, and the Climbing Association of Southern Arizona.
Invite your nonclimbing friends and relatives too! Watch your local gym and the usual channels for signups and more info. Image here is the promotional flyer for the Touchstone dates, thanks to @heatherlynnbellgreen

Need some good news? Spring is just around the corner. Lacrosse ball workshops in NorCal, SoCal, and Arizona announced soon!

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