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JAMIE +JAMIE  Moms Full Time Nurse Anesthetists 😷 Sweat💦 📱#100strong Aaptiv 🏃‍♀️📱10K training Weights 🏋🏻‍♀️


Why do you workout ?? .
One thing I have learned over the past 2 years is that you will never regret the small amount of time you invest in yourself. Yes you will have ups and downs. But overall I know it's made me a better mother, partner, friend. The one thing I notice about the top 4 pictures which are snapshots from our first 12 weeks of #BBG is that I was progressively becoming happier with myself (do I still have 💩 days- yes but much less 🤣). Aside from physical changes I was getting stronger and that surprised me! The next change was that after these workouts I wanted to eat healthier that day. I was proud of myself for sticking to it! .
More than anything I want to be the best version of myself for this little girl right here. Macy loves swimming and our walks together and I plan on being able to keep up with her as I get older. She knows when Jamie comes over we are about to have fun and be active. The time we spend being active and fueling our bodies is an investment. .
What's your why??? #100strong

🛒What Do You Eat ???
This is probably the question that we are most frequently asked! We have experimented with several styles of eating the past year (low carb, macros) and one thing we have learned is you have to do what works for you! My most important goal with diet is to show Macy how to have a healthy relationship with food. .

For both JC & I we TRY to eat mostly nutritious foods. Some of our favorites are lean meats, vegetables, fruit, whole grains. So a few examples of last week meals were spaghetti 🍝 squash with lean meat and a Greek salad ( 🥗 we have almost every meal- spinach, olives, feta, 🥑avocado). We love couscous, quinoa, and 🍠 sweet potato fries (baked). .
When I asked JC what had changed for her specifically over the past few years she said that she started avoided convenience junk food. She thinks twice before just grabbing fast food and will go for lower fat options like salads or a sandwich if she doesn't have a cooked meal. .

Preparation and planning is definitely helpful and almost guarantees success but it doesn't always happen for us. So we try to be conscientious about our choices! Does this mean we always pick the healthiest option? No. We do indulge but we save that for times when we can enjoy it like over a nice dinner or with our families! .
(We know there are a a ton of choices out there. We don't normally share specifics unless you ladies ask, but one we both happen to have recently found and love is @questnutrition hero bars and their protein powder (Vanilla Milkshake for me & Macy 🍌🥛👌)
Rest day for us today hope you all have a great weekend!!! #nutrition #diet

"WE" are obsessed with seeing the rippling effect of you ladies reaching out and supporting each other❤️🙌! All of you that have taken part in this #12weekchallenge and reached out to each other we are SO SO PROUD of you and we know you are making a difference! Can you believe next week will be our 4th week😱! Stay strong 💪!!!! .
⭐️⭐️It was SO HARD to pick only one of you amazing babes for our #100strongstar ! But this week we want to tell you about Jessica @bbg_whole30_jls . She has started #BBG a few times but is DETERMINED to finish this challenge with us! We love her positive attitude and she also has some great #whole30 ideas😜! So show her some love ❤️ #strongertogether

Happy Friday ladies🙌! Who's ready for the weekend 🙋🏻?! Excited to finish the week strong😜. All of our #BBG week 3 workouts ✅. Just knocked out full body and on our way to work. So proud of all our #100strong babes! So many of you killing it makes it hard to chose our #100strongstar for the week🙈. But it's coming....
#12weekchallenge #doingthings

Today is one of those rare days that JB and I pass each other (one coming and one going) I am happy to say that I'm the one on my way out but that's only because I had a really long day yesterday😝 We have an afternoon LISS planned for later today. What's on your agenda?? #beflexible #100strong

Guys! We LOVE seeing all your posts and photos on how you are killing this week so far! You ladies are AMAZING! I was thinking of all of you as I was running my sprints today and that I have the "tenacity" to get this done👊. Day 13 10k training with @aaptiv is done and like I said in our stories today...remember to push through the middle of that workout when you are thinking of quitting because you may just get an extra burst of energy at the end and surprise yourself💦😉🙌#12weekchallenge #100strong #postworkoutselfie

Wake up with determination today even if your motivation is lacking👊. Week 3 #bbg legs done. Show us your #SWEATYselfie ladies💦💦 #12weekchallenge #100strong

Who's ready for week 3 🙋🏻🙋🏻 ?! We've enjoyed seeing all of your responses to our post from this morning! Don't forget your "word" when it's time to 💦 tomorrow! We have BBG legs planned bright (or dark😜)and early but that's ok.. Leg day is our fav🙌🙌 what's yours??? #12weekchallenge #100strong

Tenacity. Perseverance. Determination. Backbone. Spirit. Character. Will. Fortitude. Toughness. Resolve. Resolution. Endurance.
What do all these words have in common: they are all synonyms for GRIT.

What we want you to do is pick one of these words...write it down, think of it everyday. Think of it when you are doing your workouts. Think of it when you are laying in bed contemplating whether you want to get up when your alarm goes off and you are tempted to hit snooze. You do have what it takes, but you have to want it. We are starting the 3rd week of our #12weekchallenge. .
Comment your word below 👇 .
We are going to remind you of this later and in 10 weeks from now you will prove to yourself that you have what it takes🙌
. (📷 2 months after having Macy on left) I would also like to mention a great read, Grit by #angeladuckworth . Her Ted Talk is in our bio on our homepage if you are interested!

Recently I read a quote by Karine Köng @bodieandfou on fitness. "You don't have to be good at it, you just have to do it." And we both couldn't agree more. Some days we feel great and so much stronger or faster than the day before and some days we just show up! JC and I were talking about where we thought we would be today if we hadn't had a plan the past 2 years. Would we even "show up" on those off days ? Not really sure but we are extremely happy with how we are advancing and aren't looking back 🙌 .
Today was Day 12 of our #10K training with @rochellefitnessdance . Our longest endurance run of this plan so far (45 minutes) and it felt really good! I have never been one to stick with any kind of race training plan but JC is keeping me in line and I can see that it makes a difference! (Less injury, improved speed & endurance 👌). .
Now time to enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hope you #100strong ladies are getting ready for week 3 🙌🎉! #showup #10ktraining

⏰The time will pass anyway....I can't stress enough how glad I am that I decided to invest a little bit of time in myself each day. I don't stick to any crazy diets, but I do make healthy choices most of the time. I don't spend hours in the gym everyday but I do spend 30-45 minutes a day doing regular workouts.
Almost 2 years of BBG using the @sweat app (join our #100strong group for incredible support and motivation😉) and currently training for 10K with @aaptiv (race day Nov 11th🏃‍♀️) and glad that I've developed these habits that have me happy about what's to come #lastyearofmy30s #findyourtribe #flexfriday

It's Fri-YAY🎉🎉 Week 2 full body is done! We are excited to see who has motivated our #100strong girls the most this week, so don't forget to nominate you #100strongstar today!
We nominate @pushups.and.pizza If you don't know Doretta, go check her out! She always has some no BS motivating words to say❤️. Enjoy your vacation Doretta and keep inspiring babe🙌 #bbggirls #friday

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