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JAMIE +JAMIE  Moms Nurse Anesthetists 😷 Sweat 📱 Week 91💦

Today is our last day in Banff and I want to thank all of our Canadian friends 🇨🇦 for your travel suggestions! We visited Lake Louise and Lake Morraine yesterday and they were breathtaking 🙈. (Canoed on #lakemorraine 😱😍 and made Michael do all the paddling 🤣) This is really my first official week of no BBG workouts in almost 2 years but we have been extremely active this entire trip ! We have averaged almost 20,000 steps every day so far!
It's been nice to take a little break and I will be looking forward to getting back into my routine when I get home. .
Today's agenda includes yoga, spa (Michael is going mountain biking), and horseback riding. As much fun as we are having I cannot wait for tomorrow so I can squeeze Macy again 💗! Miss her so much! (And You too JC 🙌). Hope everyone is having a great week and if anyone wants any details on this trip feel free to DM me. .
#balance #workhardplayhard

Day 1 in Banff, Canada 🇨🇦 and I'm not going to lie it was one of the scariest days of my life🙈. I'm not that fond of heights but I always try to give it my best when Michael plans something😲. And in the end it was definitely worth it! We hiked #mountnorquay and it was breathtaking! (The instastory doesn't really do it justice) So far Canada has not disappointed! .
Hope everyone has a great week! We are about to go for a quick run then whitewater rafting for the first time😉. #banff
#stepoutofyourcomfortzone #dontlookdown

I have all the feels of that last day off before it's back to work, back to my usual routine😝. So let's talk about how I am going to get up bright and early to knock out my workout before work, even though JB is out for the week??? ✅alarm is set for 337 am
✅meals for tomorrow are prepped ✅clothes and water will be ready to go
I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a little break from my regular routine and eating habits but once you stray from a routine you enjoy, it isn't long before your body and mind crave it again. I'm not promising I'll be laughing and smiling like JB always makes me do on our Instastories, but I'll be there🙌 Who's with me?? Let's rock this week💪 #sundayvibes #newweek

Finally managed a workout together and now it will be another week before we can do it again! The summer is always so busy and sometimes it can be hard to keep a routine. But even if you only have 30 min just know that you will feel good after you 💦 SWEAT😜🙌! #workhardplayhard

👌👍🙌🎉💙Today I enter the last year of my 30s😳. I am not really sure what I expected 39 to feel like but Day 1 isn't half bad😜. A conversation with my mother this weekend talking about her chronic low back pain and suggestions that she has gotten to strengthen her core just reemphasizes how important aging healthy and strong is for me! So if that means I take an extra 30-45 minutes out of my day to challenge myself and maintain/build muscle all while doing something I enjoy, then bring it on!! Thank you @kayla_itsines for the last 90 weeks! Now off to enjoy some LISS! 😉🙌🙌 #happybirthday #ageisjustanumber

Saturday's are literally my absolute favorite day. Hanging with hurricane 🌪Macy (I think I'm going to be in trouble with this little diva 🤣) & dad today... JC & I knocked out an easy hour LISS this am 💦 & now it's time for Netflix while little girl sleeps! .
What are you ladies up to this weekend?
#toddlermom #timeslowdown

Happy Friday🙌💙
We have gotten so many questions lately about our jobs and our paths to get to where we are, so we wanted to try to answer as many as we can in this post. 🤒Background: We both started our nursing careers with Associate degrees in nursing and worked for about 5 years before getting our BSN. I had a 2 year old daughter at the time and this path allowed me to start working as an RN right away. I started in a combined ICU/CCU unit and went though an incredible orientation programs for new grads. JB worked as a floor nurse then in the PACU before transferring to ICU with full intentions of becoming a Nurse anesthetist. After about 3 years of nursing, I transferred to the NICU (what an amazing experience 💗💙) Although I considered NP I felt like anesthesia would be a better fit for me and I applied to anesthesia school after I had been a nurse for 7 years.
We know many people who went straight into grad school after meeting the minimal requirements for Anesthesia (usually 1-2 years critical care) and many more who worked for years. It all depends on how it works for you and your family. For me going when my daughter was a little older but not a teenager was the best fit. For JB going before she had children (smart girl😜) was best. A strong support system is important, but personally you have to be 100% dedicated to completing the program. Unlike NP school, working during anesthesia school is highly discouraged. It is a very fast paced program with tons of material to learn and experience to gain. When you begin clinicals, go everyday ready to learn. Each CRNA and anesthesiologist you work with will teach you something a little different. Be open to suggestions and different ways to do things because there is no 1 right way. You can learn a little from each person and develop your own technique. This goes for those of you in basic nursing clinicals as well!! Nursing is a wide open field with so many incredible opportunities so try to shadow many different fields before you decide the best path for you!! We will do another post soon on how we fit our workouts into our daily routine!! 👍#nurselife #crna

89 weeks summed up in 1 min 🤣
November 2015..Macy 7 months to July 2017...Macy 2 1/2 years
Its crazy how much time has passed!! Just think if we had given up after a few weeks. It was hard at first but then 12...24...52 the weeks kept passing and we loved it more and more. You will get stronger and the stronger you get the more you want to keep going.. it doesn't matter where you start-Just start!! And don't forget who is watching you ❤️#bbgvideo #progressvideo

Thought for #humpday 🙌. .

Who else is knocking out #bbgarms 💪 today?! Just finished and now off to work! Hope everyone has a great day😜.

Make a commitment to yourself! As moms we often worry about taking care of everyone else and "let ourselves go" in the process. Once you make up your mind are worth the time and will be so much better for everyone, especially yourself!! Will it be easy-Nope! After 24 weeks of BBG, we were starting to feel stronger, but we had no idea that we were changing our lives or that we would still be doing this over a year later!!! Now the number of weeks don't really even matter because it's a habit we enjoy with no finishline!! We just love finding new ways to challenge ourselves! There are many days we struggle to get up, but knowing how much better we will feel afterwards is what fuels us to keep going. It's human nature to search for immediate gratification to keep us going after something and wanting more. Health and fitness is a lifestyle that doesn't always come with immediate results, but it is one of the BEST INVESTMENTS you can make! You are worth it!! #transformationtuesday

"Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It's your masterpiece after all"-
Nathan W. Morris
How fitting is this quote we saw from @to_fitspo the other day💙💙••••••
It's Monday babes!! I'm not sure about you but I'm gonna make the best of it🤗! Check out our story for some of our #bbgstronger leg workout from this morning and let us know how you will slay today🙌🙌 #mondaymotivation

SUNDAY FUNDAY 🙌🤗Sometimes we actually wear real clothes and wash our hair even though we still refused to wear regular pants😜 #comfyforthewin We all know how hard it can be to get a cute selfie...So just imagine trying to get one when one of you always moves at the last second and the other decides that maybe having her mouth wide open is a good idea🤣🤣
We had an awesome, super sweaty workout this morning then had fun getting dressed up for a baby shower💙💙. We will be knocking out #bbglegs Bright and early tomorrow🙌 What's on your agenda #fitfam ??

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