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Because sometimes you have to let the sunshine, fresh air, & change of routine work it’s magic for you...
This week has been challenging with my baby getting surgery, a tornado ripping it’s way through our community, & our schedules being all out of whack.
I let excuses, exhaustion, & stress get in the way of me and my stress relieving activities— l worked out a total of ONE time this week. I also blame the LACK of commitment to a program right now (l have a HUGE group of accountability partners committing to an Oct. 1st start date to our NEWEST program that’ll fell IN LOVE with— feel free to hop in the fun link in bio).
BUT, after a morning with the kids— I grabbed the neighbors dog, dusted off my running shoes (literally), & took to the trail. Reminding me again of how lucky we were to have minimal damage from the tornado.
God is good, y’all! #runhappy #ihaterunningbytheway #wishihadadog #dogdreamer

The schools in our community & surrounding towns were so affected by last nights wind, rain, & tornadoes that schools were all cancelled today.
Such a devastating loss for so many, and we continue to pray for those who didn’t make it out as well as we did— only losing a few branches & our grill.
Thankful for the flexibility in my job to be able to care for these kiddos without scrambling for daycare. A few more are on the way over as well.
Bring on the Friday morning #artsandcraftstime 🎨 followed by me working on my business in the pockets of this chaos filled day!

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We could learn a thing or two from kids... don’t you think?
This girl is not even 24 hours post surgery, and she is totally back to her usual self. Happy as a clam— turning anything & everything into an opportunity to stand up & try to walk. 💕
Meanwhile, most adults would be hopped up on major pain meds, sitting around, & putting off activities.
Needless to say, I’m thankful for the prayers, her speedy recovery, rockstar surgeon/healthcare team, & her good health.
Off the music class now. 🎶

She’s out from #surgery & doing well! Of course, she immediately smiled for mom, the surgeon, & the camera.
THANK YOU for all the messages, calls, texts, thoughts, prayers & positive vibes BECAUSE THEY WORKED! 🙌🏼
It’s sounds cheesy— but I’m so lucky to be able have met so many of you through opening up on social media, feel so supported, & have this necessary time with my baby without the stress of work & time off.
God is good. 🙏🏼

Some days life is about your dreams, hopes, & visions for the future.

And there are some days when life is about putting one foot in front of the other. ✨
And that’s okay.

I am scared. I am tired. I am stressed.

But l know she’s in good hands, & has a lot of people behind her praying, sending positive vibes, and thinking about her today.

And for THAT l am so thankful. 🙏🏼 #surgeryday #mybabygirl #dermoidcyst #feelinghelpless #7monthsold

The only way God can show us he’s in control is to put us in situations we can’t control.

Tomorrow will be one of them. My baby will have surgery, l will feel helpless, & she will be in his hands.

So, after a sleepless night, many tears shed, & a half ass attempt at a #hiitworkout ... l chose to go clear my head, pull up some yoga, & get in the zone. 🧘‍♀️ Thank goodness for the AMAZING #yogainstructors at my fingertips in our endless workout library!

I only hope this works the same way tomorrow morning when my beautiful girl is whisked away for #anesthesia

Calling all #prayerwarriors 🙏🏼 & fully accepting all #postivevibes ✌🏽Much love to you all 💕

🛍Clothing Cred— @withlovepeach 🛍

Quick bath before our pre-op appointment to remove this little sweetheart’s #dermoidcyst in her brow.
#surgey is scheduled for tomorrow morning, and I’m dreading every second of it. Knowing she will in good hands helps, but I’m terrified to put her under #anesthesia
Plan of attack— keep myself as busy as l can today, pray hard, & bring my computer to try to work during her procedure #perksofworkingfromhome
Has anyone else experienced #dermoidcystremoval or putting your child under for surgery this young?

#7monthsold #dermoid #dermoidcysts #poorbaby #wishusluck #undertheknife #babygirl #cyst #cystremoval #breastfeeding #thankgoodnessforcoffee #passingtime #flexiblejob #workingfromanywhere #thankfulforher #weareingoodhands #prayingforher #worriedmom

#Confidence comes in many forms... and truthfully can come out during times you least expect.
Like today for instance... Miss G and l were walking to a friends house with hopes of bringing her some much needed joy as she moved into a new community and away from everything she built up.
Someone got HANGRY on the way— and for once it wasn’t me 🤣 (l had my pumpkin spice superfoods before l left ✌🏽).
So, l simply stopped, sat on a retaining wall & fed my chunky monkey in broad daylight. No cover, no boobs showing, just a baby getting a quick snack from her mother who NO LONGER FEARS WHAT OTHERS THINK!
With my oldest, I’d go as far as hiding in my car or bathroom stall 🤢 nothing like feeding a baby where you take a poo 💩 JUST TO MAKE YOU FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE... 🤔
Now, l never expected this to be a side effect of running a health & wellness business... but when l say we are forced to work on ourself before assisting others— l wasn’t kidding.
This form of confidence may not be something my fellow breastfeeding mama’s would even recognize as confidence since it’s all they know, and is incredibly natural. BUT, it’s something that happened as l became more comfortable with myself & confident in my abilities.
Confidence comes in many forms— embrace that shit! 💋

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Today we walked with heavy hearts.
We walked with hope.
We walked with pride.
We walked with determination.
We walked for our loved ones— the 5 family members we’ve lost & their caretakers (including both of my grandmothers). We walked for the 3 million+ cases of Alzheimer’s in the US alone.
We walked because sometimes our voice, our thoughts & prayers don’t have as much of an impact as our donations & actions do!
And though there will be no instant gratification (in a world that is dead focused on this— l see it DAILY in my health & wellness business... results that stick NEVER happen over night)— we remain hopeful by raising awareness of this horrible disease.
💜Has #Alzheimer’s or #Dementia affected someone in your life?!💜

So fresh & so clean 💇🏽‍♂️

I might be a week late with the whole back to school haircut thing— but hey, causally late is cool, right?! 🤦🏻‍♀️

If you were wondering— NO, working from home doesn’t mean you have more time to get the things you need to get done, done... You just have more reminders of them! 😜

And it’s always worth the wait to see our favorite stylist @melissanesburg 💇🏽‍♂️ Thank you, pretty lady! FINALLY the cut I’ve wanted to try for a year! You nailed it.

#sofreshsoclean #sofresh #sofreshandsoclean #myboys #handsomeboy #momof3 #boymom #newcuts #newdo #haircut #soccerhair #backtoschoolhair #betterlatethannever #momfail #schoolpictures #retakes #workfromhome #momlife #postpartum #getittogether

Why is money such an uncomfortable topic?! Salaries, wages, bonuses are often “offsides” in the business world...
When we get approached about potential products that could better us in some way, or money making opportunities that could improve our lives—we instantly go on the defense & cast judgement towards that person (even when we are genuinely interested & want what they have).
We EVEN go as far as looking into the opportunity, LOVE what we hear, & once we find out there is money attached to it— it’s “icky”, or out of question.
But what quality product or service have you received that was free to you for a lifetime?
When you go to the doctor are you mad they charge you for the 5 minutes they sit in a room and talk to you?
When you contact @starbucks to talk about starting a franchise— do you expect that to be free?
Or how about when you go to @target do you think the employees shouldn’t get paid for helping you find something?
NO— you don’t even blink an eye about the wages or start up costs of working for people or building a business outside the home. You expect them to get paid for helping you. Right?!
Working from home, having a side hustle, & proving you with top notch product, opportunity, community, services & experience deserves an exchange of funds. It just does! And in case you haven’t noticed— this whole network marketing thing (which by the way is NOT a “pyramid scheme” since those have been illegal for years 😜) is overflowing with popularity. It’s not a trend, it’s not a fad, it’s not a scam, and it’s certainly not going anywhere!
So, the next time you find yourself at your favorite department store, doctor app., or sporting event— think about the people who made it happen. The work they put in to make your experience a good one. AND THEN once you run across an opportunity for product or service that could potentially change your life presented to you from that mom of 4 working from home because she’s sick of working to pay for daycare—remember her heart, soul, & passion goes into what she’s providing you. She is a REAL person working her butt off to better YOUR life, & she damn sure deserves some wages for it! ✌🏽

Decisions, Decisions 🤔

The number of ROCKSTARS in my wellness community who have CRUSHED programs from start to finish, have inches dropping, energy increasing, muscle forming & CONFIDENCE booming is OFF THE CHARTS!
And when you achieve something (especially when you had doubts in your ability)— YOU SHOULD BE CELEBRATED! 🙌🏼
So, I’m making up some tanks & l can’t decide which one l like best? @fitology_tanktops makes SO MANY awesome tanks & styles!
👇🏽Please #vote for your favorite below!👇🏽

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