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Because I love him  chapter 117 - 121

me amd kiji rn

aloha who is up rn and would be willing to watch me livestream talking abt merch again i have all my bnha stuff wit me here so it hopefully won’t be as boring this time fjdjs


i slept in and then the rest of the day was me showering and getting ready and then going out to eat with my parents the... we haven’t even left yet hehe👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨 i also got a package earlier which was cool and i might post abt it later😏😏.. pretty much just getting money for my birthday which is fine with me, we r at this really good Japanese place tht I chose out bc i live not too far away from it now😳 overall good i think uh didn’t really do much so.... yeah honestly birthdays just feel like any other day to me the but thank u for all the birthday wishes I’ll respond to every comment in a bit love all of u i wish i could kiss all of u on the cheek no homo😳😘😘👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨💖💜🧡💛
edit: forgot to mention it’s also snowing which makes today perfect I loveeeee when it snows bc it doesn’t snow a lot here snow is god tier id like it even if I lived somewhere it snowed a lot hehe
prob gonna melt tomorrow tho L it’s just not cold enough during the day rn

annual post
do i even wanna say how old i am now the

someone motivate me to play p4

my birthday in 3 hours
if anyone cares enough to comment happy birthday. please post (noncursed) bakudeku and tag me thank u


gm i love my bf


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