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When I say poor or rich people, this is not to discriminate the person, but their way of thinking. There is a difference between wanting something, and being committed to do what it takes to get it.

What is your ultimate goal? Do you want to live life to pay your month to month bills? Or do you want to be financially free and never worry about money again? You will get what you intend to get. @millionaire.mind.secrets

Aim for the stars and you're bound to hit the moon. If you really want to be wealthy, then aim to being wealthy.

If a team plays a game merely on defense, chances are they will lose. It's the same with finances, if you only play to get by and pay your bills, chances are you'll never be wealthy.

Wealthiness lies in being of value not just to some, but to many. When it comes to being wealthy, it is essential to know that it's not about you, it's about contributing to others. #mindset #success #life #thinking #reading

If you're like most people, you will have thoughts and beliefs and they affect the results in your life. So might as well have some that support your happiness or success, right? Link in my bio! #mindset #success #life #thinking #reading

It's vital and necessary to not focus or think about anything that you don't want anymore, and instead think about what you do want.

Complaining is the worst thing you can do!!!!! Because when you complain, you are focusing on what's wrong in your life. And by the power of intention, what you focus on expands. Meaning you'll get more of it. Follow @bakkerevan for more content!

#anentrepreneurknows that they can either work for someone their whole life, or have people work for them. That is the age in which we live in now.

You will be paid in proportion to the value you provide to the market place. Value is measured in supply, demand, quality, and QUANTITY. Meaning how much value do you provide to the market place? Or another way to say it, how many people are you serving and affecting with your product or service?

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