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Бахар Набиева  Dnepropetrovsk @dragonpharma_llc athlete

Я еще в Запорожжи,кто со мной в мак?

Today at the Championship Of Ukraine with my followers.There were a looot of people who know me and it melts my heart❤I was really happy to meet all of them.

Побывала на чемпионате Украины.Нафотографировалась, насмотрелась на всех .Все равно нет желания выступать)
With my follower)

Got legs?

When our time is up
When our lives are done
Will we say we've had our fun?
Will we make a mark this time?
Will we always say we tried?
All the love I've met
I have no regrets
If it all ends now, I'm set

I walk through the streets at night when the freaks come out
Im a freak for sure I will freak them out

Лосины брала у @cross_dp
I'm still bad at it😐but I'll get I want

Не верю в сказки, что в краске о жизни в ванильном раю.
Я верю нашему счастью, а в ответ - Я тебе подарю
Больше любой киноленты с банальным сюжетом о слове "Люблю".
Ведь, до эпизодов и сцен нашей жизни еще не дорос Голливуд
Last summer

When the good things go bad it's not the end of the world
Its just the end of the world that you had with one girl
She is the reason it happens but she's overreacting and it's all because she don't want things to change
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the person that I was isn't coming back

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