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BakerzTV  One day you will buy movie tickets to see me star in a movie 🙏 Email me for business ' 🔑

I need to get back to the gym!! Someone be my gym partner #lvac #armday

Coming soon just wait and see 🔥🔥#hardwork #dreamcar #nissan #nissangtr #gtr #dollarandadream #soon

I hope you find that place one day, where the chaos is understood, and your heart feels at home
Make sure to forgive people no matter how much they hurt you, because life is so short and your happiness depends on what you have inside you, as long as you have a pure heart, and no hate, and you don't wish anything on anybody I promise you will live happy

This guy came up to me at @olivehookahlounge and told me he's a huge fan!
I am beyond blessed, I love you all! I got so much respect for this guy for talking to me and telling me he have seen my work! I like people that don't hesitate! Don't be shy if you see me!! I'm growing everyday and sometimes it's just a blur and the people I meet and the people I talk to make me realize that I'm so close to meeting the people I always wanted to meet and be closer to achieving my dream!
Sometimes we work so hard and we don't get nothing back.. and some days we do things with no intentions and we end up having the things we never expected to have because it just looked hard.
Do what you love to do, don't do it for money!! Do it because it's what makes your heart jump up and down!
Follow what makes you happy! Because we all have a purpose and our purpose is not to do what they tell us, it's not to work behind a desk and go home and drink because you find your life miserable, do what makes you happy so you can sleep like a baby at night
I met this @newportmf75 beautiful sweet heart today and I'm very happy to get motivated even more and to get back on the grind! #dollarandadream #jcole

Successful people dont take mistakes personally as an affront to their self-worth. They use mistakes as their primary form of learning.

I don't want to live and learn, I came from Iraq I've seen enough shit in my life, I could have lost my life but god saved me and my family, I'm already feeling old because of how much shit I've seen here and in Iraq and the struggle all my family went through, I want good income, good friends, nice house and nice car, and a beautiful lady waiting for me at the house, I'm working on so many things so I can live a simple life at a very young age.
That is guys what I'm also chasing
I'm chasing the day I get to live a simple life, and see everyone around me full of joy and huge smiles on their face, because seeing my brothers my parents smile is the only thing that calms me down, I realized that my happiness is seeing them happy.
Because when I'm achieving my dream and making money and getting everything I want, still not enough for me because I know when I see them smile my fucking heart is jumping up and down and the stress is all gone even if it's just for a minute.
Can't wait till the day I get on tv and explain to my family why I'm doing all this.
#loveyourz #family #appreciation #love #smile #behappy #simplelife #actor #youtuber #hollywood #imcoming #foryou

Life is beautiful when you decide to enjoy it. Life is great when you decide to appreciate everything around you. Go out there do what you love be patient and see where it takes you because that's what I'm doing being patient and investing in myself everyday and my career.
You have to believe it with your dick!
You have to believe that you can have everything you want as long as you are going for it!
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Yo!!!! I'm back the grind stopt for a little but am back!! Go to my instagram page and click on the link in my bio!! New prank is up now!!! (((PANTSING BLACK PEOPLE PRANK))) #prank #prankster #balls #ballsofsteel #venice #venicebeach #newvideo #youtube #youtubevideo #sponsored #la #bakerztv #pantsing #prank

If you have a chance to change something in your life right now?
Or in this generation? What would it be? Please comment below! And let me know what you think! #comment #conversation #survey #q&;a

Came here to #laughlin to shoot some videos #YouTube #YouTuber #harahs

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