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Baked Alaska 🇺🇸  MAGA 🇺🇸 For all Americans

Yikes! What happened to the #MeToo Feminists believing the victims?

Comment MAGA if you love our first family as much as I do and are proud to have a President who cares about America First again!! #MAGA

YEEZY 2024


HAHAHAHA Dorsey says he does not discriminate against any political viewpoint , but in the same interview says “I fully admit our bias is more left leaning”... He targets conservatives like mad, and the left doesn’t get the same treatment just like President Trump pointed out today. We need an internet bill of rights. #MAGA

Happy birthday to a great friend and a great guy @nicholasjfuentes !! He became a boomer today please go and wish him a happy birthday!!!! 🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸🎊

Trump is breaking the democrat party as we know it! New poll shows Trump getting 36% approval in the black community, a massive rise and new record for support among a republican. The last previous record was 12% in 1996 and Trump has already beat it 3 fold!! This is only going to increase as Trump continues to make great policies like having the lowest black unemployment rate in all of US history. This is very exciting to see people waking up and joining the Trump Train. Huge red wave coming in 2018/2020!! #MAGA

Trump finally addresses the issue that right wing / conservative voices are greatly being censored and shut down online. This is a breath of fresh air and super needed. I can’t wait to see what he does regarding this issue that’s affected me and others so much. Please pray for Trump to act swiftly with an internet bill of rights and bring Dorsey and Zucc to heel!! #MAGA

That’s liberal privilege for y’all. Justice for @thegavin2000 , go give the dude a follow he’s a great guy. #MAGA

It’s HA🅱️🅱️ENING !! We should have listened to Ron Paul before it was too late!

Big things are brewing. The internet technocracy will not defeat us. We will break the conditioning. #FreeInfoWars #FreeAlexJones #FreeBaked #FreeMilo #FreeGavin #FreeSabo #FreeALX #FreeProudBoys #MAGA #Infowars #AlexJones

Milo, Baked, Gavin, Alex Jones = BANNED

Advocating violence against the President, conservatives, and white people = PROMOTED


Robert Spencer, one of the leading voices against radical Islamic terror has been banned by MasterCard & Patreon! This is extremely troubling that someone would be banned from using a credit card for having an opinion. What about Islam’s anti-woman views? Are they getting banned for that? Tyranny is upon us, stay safe fam. #MAGA

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