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Eduardo Bajzek  Desenhista - Professor de Desenho. Brazilian Architectural Illustrator, Urban Sketcher. Instructor. 🖊🖍🖌edubajzek@gmail.com

Castelinho da Rua Apa visto sob o Elevado. Quick sketch today. #bajzek #urbansketchers #usksp #urbansketchersbrasil #uskbrasil

Grafite ou aquarela? Pencil or watercolor? #bajzek #pencildrawing #watercolor #riosketchbook

My good friend professor @marcosbandeira from @arquiteturaedesenho , has shared with me this video of a very interesting and useful process after we talked about distant vanishing points. Thank you man! The idea is to divide segments of lines in equal parts helping to create grids in a perspective view like the one I shared. #bajzek #marcosbandeira #perspectiva

#tb to this sketch of an amazing building by @loebcapote #bajzek #loebcapote

This is a series of videos of me trying to explain a method I use when one of the vanishing points is far from the page. Sorry for my rusty English 😆😂 I was a littler nervous but I don’t know why 🤭😊🤓 Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please let me know. I’ll try to answer. #bajzek

When vanishing point is a bit far... fortunately there is a way to manage that later 😉

Sketch I did yesterday at a city market. As I was doing this, I was thinking if pencil was the best choice for such complicated subject and short time. Besides that, I was sketching standing up. Then, I brought it back home, scanned it and kept working on it. I usually improve my pencil sketches a bit like this. I don’t feel like I’m loosing its ‘freshness’, but that happens mostly with pencil, not watercolor for example. Even so, I not sure I could tag this as a real ‘’Urban Sketchers’ drawing regarding on the Manifesto. What do you think? #bajzek #desenhourbano #desenho #sketch #drawing

Desenhando um pouco no Mercado de Pinheiros! Bela arquitetura (o interior, diga-se) . Sketching a bit today in a market. #bajzek #desenhourbano #mercadodepinheiros

Today at 15:00hrs GMT will be the workshop selection at the 9th Urban Sketchers Symposium! Tough task, there are 36 amazing opportunities to learn more about #urbansketching! 😊😊😉🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

(Swipe ➡️) Esta é a montagem do desenho que postei ontem, ainda a lápis, muito importante para estudar todos os aspectos envolvidos no trabalho: detalhes da arquitetura, posição e desenho das sombras, composição da vegetação e valores tonais. Arquitetura @marcostomanikarquitetura . 🇺🇸 This is the preliminary drawing of the Elevation Rendering I posted yesterday. #bajzek #drawing #croqui #marcostomanikarquitetura #pencil

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