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All my life I have been settling for less and living a life full of misery and debt until I found my calling and that was to become a Millionaire and help others do the same.

I've studied long and hard, read great books, received a lot of training and now I want to share some of that with you in my blog (How To Become a Millionaire)..... Check it out in the link below


Overnight success for beginners is a myth…… Ever been online and notice people promising you to make a lot of money over night and you only have to work a few hours a day? Well unless you’re a seasoned marketer and already have a following of people you advertise to it’s not so easy. It takes time, money and hard work so any time you decide to start something new you have to set your mind to working long days and unexpected failures.

Guaranteed Success
There’s just a few things that guarantee success;

we become what we think about- Earl Nightingale
patience,persistence,faith,courage,strong will,knowledge

Once you apply these things on your journey and keep the right thoughts in your mind you are guaranteeing success. Be careful of the new things that you try, research them thoroughly and once you discover that they’re legit go for it without hesitation. Concentrate on your goal and work diligently towards it and continuously remind yourself on what you’re working for so as to not give up.  Reading The Right Material

What you read can either lead you down the road of riches or ruin. A proper self help book will give you the know how to pursue your dream once you read books from experts in your field. If you like romance novels or any other book that concentrates on matters of the heart instead of sharpening the mind to live the life you want you may not reach your goal. Now I’m not knocking any one’s book but you do have to analyze yourself and read the materials to elevate your mind  and not put you in a depressive state keeping you trapped.

Mentoring Is Essential

If you really want grow to the top and make millions of dollars you should get mentoring from the people in your field to lead you on the right path but mentoring takes money so make that big decision to invest in yourself.

Success is there waiting for all of us so go out and get yours, elevate yourself, help others and live an extraordinary life. Do things you never thought possible in your wildest dreams.

This is Corey-Al Francois saying keep pushing, never give up and never give in

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Happy Mother's day

Greatness Should Be Your Goal

Have you found out what your purpose in life is, what your goal should be, what you should be doing with your time? If the answer is no you’re in some serious trouble and you have to change it fast, you have to do some soul searching and figure out what it is that you’re living for or you’ll kill your mind long before your body dies.

I mentioned this in previous blog post but I need to drill this into your minds so that you will get up, escape that prison and seek abundance. The universe has abundance for all of us so don’t just sit there cursing other people that have, don’t be angry at rich people with their big houses and fancy cars because you don’t have any of those.

You can have anything you want it life, it just starts with a decision. The decision to change regardless of how many people say you switched up, that’s none of their business. This is your livelihood, your future not theirs. They can’t help you become financially free to stop hiding from the debt collector or stop the bank from foreclosing on your home, only you can do that and the only way to do is to make more money than you need.

I’m going to keep saying this, you have to get the money you want and need, it can’t bring you happiness but I bet you’re stressed if you have to go hungry and live on the streets because you have no money. If you think being rich is stressful try not having food, no place to sleep, deep in debt, non stop phone calls and no money to help you. Am I getting through to you yet?

I’m not trying to sell to you but I do have some programs that can help you get the money you need.

I just want you to make the decision to secure your financial future and that doesn’t mean getting a so called secure job that can be lost at any time. I mean investing in systems to make you thousands even millions of dollars while you sleep. THIS IS NOT GREED.

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For sale: Whole or in parts....
2003 Kia Sorento 3.5 V6 gas
Vehicle has a number of issues that I'll outline below.

Cons: alternator is not working therefore vehicle is not starting.
Shocks and brakes need changing
As it is V6 gas it is a natural gas guzzler
Belts need to be changed
Muffler assembly needs to be changed also
Steering rack is leaking
When driving under 20km in 4 wheel drive the suspension seems to tug
Has back tax, taxes expired in November last year
Pros: drives like a dream when all issues are fixed
Fairly quick
A/c blows extremely cold
Has plenty of space inside
The seats are in good condition

Vehicle was last valued in November of 2016 at $28000. I do not wish to get another valuation at this time.

Vehicle is starting at $15000 if bought whole as is and this price is very negotiable.

It can be bought if you have the money and wish tomake it a project vehicle of to sell in parts. I am also considering selling in parts as well.

Contact me @ 2606993, whatsapp msgs and calls are welcomed.
If bought whole I will add a Bluetooth device for free

Serious people only

Let's take our minds to the gym and work them out.

We need strong minds to excel.
So strengthen them
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Work hard and have faith that you'll get what you.

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Time to get serious about your money.
The time for Financial Freedom is now.
Get up and look for it

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The rat race is something you need to escape immediately otherwise you're doomed to be trapped in financial difficulty.

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In life obstacles appear before you suddenly and some may be overwhelming but you have to put your goal before you and use it to step over those stumbling blocks.

Read my blog about the time I almost gave up and how I over came it hwre.

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People keep telling you to grow up but you have to observe babies and model after their determination
Read more of my philosophy here

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Grab this special before it's finished and you can be DRIPPING IN FINESSE
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