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Bailey MyOwn Bryan  Living, Loving, Trusting, Singing, Eating, Etc. WA, TN, YouTube, etc.👇🏽


When @lesliefram1 asks to wear your Tupac hat, you LET HER WEAR YOUR TUPAC HAT. AND when @kelseaballerini is an ANGEL and gets all of the girls together for life talks and cupcakes and all of the good things, you smile like a dingus and then proceed to stuff your face with cupcakes. #GirlsNight #TupacIsAlive

Today I showed Chicago that the key to great stage presence is a strong pinky... And Chicago showed me that they are a consistently AWESOME audience. Thank you so much @lakeshakefest 💙💙💙

Catch me in the circle at 4:30p today! Throwing it down and such! @opry @lakeshakefest @us99 #LakeShakeFest #ChicagoGoesCountry

CURRENTLY AN HOUR AWAY FROM CHI-TOWN. @lakeshakefest beware😎 Can't wait to get back into festival mode... 6:45 Next From Nashville Stage

Just a little bit of self-care in the form of a bubble mask before I make my second trip to the grocery store today🌟☁️😎

You can tell by this picture that I am stunned by the amazing and talented women surrounding me... This is so dope. THANK YOU @mrbobbybones for including me!!! #FemaleFriday Go download some music from a girl!! We're really good!!

Comment below what your favorite song is from #SoFar and I'll pick a winner for each song who will get the watercolor signed by me! Swipe ➡️ to see 'em all. 🎨

Short singing videos are a lot like selfies for me... It takes a least 15 tries, and even then the best take often comes out with a little bit of a double chin- or a messed up lyric. Or both... yay #TINYCOVERTUESDAY !!! #GLORIOUS @macklemore ft. @skylargrey #HBDMacklemore 🎉🎉🎉

SMILE, IT'S #TINYCOVERTUESDAY 😅😅😅 Pretty sure I'm gonna cover the hook to a rap song today, but do you guys have any suggestions???

It was a successful weekend with my one and only 🌟 #VIP #PIC #Roadtrippinnnnn #NowItsMonday

Rounding out the #SoFar watercolor collection…#Scars. I want youguys to have these. Stay tuned☺️☺️☺️

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