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Bailey Werner  2 Corinthians 12:10 | GHHS | lover of coffee and all things science | soccer & fastpitch

I don't trust people who hate cats like how could you not fall in love with this face????

proud of how much I've grown this year & not afraid to say it... keep in mind that loving yourself is always a work in progress because you are too!!

peep the awful glove tan line πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚ here's to our third year in a row being state-bound after a long day of softball!! (featuring the cutest little bear ever)

this was taken on a trampoline after he did a perfect round off and I impressed him with my stellar somersaults 😴😴

getting a head start on that summer feed feat. one of the many blessings this year has brought me so far 😌

this is kinda blurry & obviously I was laughing at something dumb cause you ain't even phased but happy 17th birthday to an amazing friend of mine!! so glad we get to struggle through all of our AP's together πŸ˜©πŸ’˜wouldn't have made it through this year without ya xo

finally got #24 back but I'm digging this picture and the great season we've had so far 🌊 roll tide!!

thanks @ethanfaulknerr for choosing to use your incredible talents on me from time to time

so thankful for these girls and the significant impact they've had on my life both on and off the field πŸ’˜ can't wait to see what amazing things y'all do!! #seniorsdoitbest

minnie me <3

5 hours of sleep before my ap bio final but I ain't complaining 😴😴 #lotf

happy first birthday to my all time favorite kitty duo πŸ’˜ can't believe how much they've grown!! wish they were still this small 😭

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