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I let my mom try a bit of this pint since she loves everything and all pistachio. I don’t know if that was a good or bad decision because I think I might have gotten her hooked on Halo Top. Looks like I’ll have to start finding a hiding place in the freezer. 😂

I think I need to document this. The first time I went to a breakfast place but didn’t order breakfast food. Who am I? 😱 I couldn’t decided between like 10 things on the menu and this is what the waitress recommended and it surely didn’t disappoint.

Grenade Carb Killa Caramel Chaos Protein Bar
🌀With a name like caramel chaos I was expecting a lot for caramel but I am not complaining since there was no sticky caramel mess.
🌀There are multiple layers which adds to the excitement. The base is a chewy protein bar which is topped in a layer of caramel and crunchy crisps. Then, the entire bar is covered in milk chocolate.
🌀Although this is a protein bar, I think this is as close to a candy bar as it gets. I could hardly tell the difference.
🌀The size is pretty decent too compared to a lot of protein bars I’ve been trying lately.
. . .
Macros for 1 bar (60 grams):
220 calories
. . .
Cost: $2.99 at GNC
. . .
My Rating: 8/10

On my way to Spokane for Junior Weightlifting Nationals. ✈️ There is honestly so much I could talk about right now, but I’ll make it short and sweet and say the goal this weekend is to keep up my positive mindset and enjoy this weekend no matter the outcome! As soon as I decided to take all this non necessary pressure off myself, it has been SO MUCH easier to stay positive and truly enjoy weightlifting again.

Someone want to tell me why my grocery store NEVER sold cookie butter Oreos?!? I guess it’s a good thing because I don’t have to worry about my self control over buying a bazillion packages. 😂

The change in packaging caught my eye and when I spotted the s’mores flavor I knew it was meant to be. I love yogurt and yogurt that comes with toppings make me one happy camper.

A long delayed thank you to the @revelegelato team and @melodymirandafitness for sending me some new sweet treats to try! I’ve finally tried them all and will share a few of my thoughts.
. . .
I’ve never had gelato before but it looks and tastes pretty similar to ice cream. It’s creamy and slightly more dense but very comparable to other low-calorie ice cream brands. Here is how I would rank the flavors
1️⃣Coffee Toffee Chunk (8.5/10)
2️⃣Cake Batter (8/10)
3️⃣Belgian Chocolate (7.5/10)
4️⃣Seasonal Strawberries (7/10)
5️⃣Vanilla Symphony (7/10)

For $5 I got a sample box of all the Detour smart bar flavors. All I have to say is that it was some of the best $5 I spent in my life.

Fiber One Birthday Cake Brownie
🌀Straight out of the package it smells like confetti cupcake cake batter so that must be a good sign right?
🌀Each brownie is the perfect balance of soft and cake-y but also dense and sturdy.
🌀The taste is definitely sweeter than all their other flavors. The base mimics vanilla batter with the addition of rainbow sprinkles and a vanilla frosting drizzle on top. They taste good AND they are photogenic.
🌀The macros are low but so is the size. These brownies are on the smaller side and could easily be eaten in two big bites.
. . .
Macros for 1 brownie (25 grams):
90 calories
. . .
Cost: $4.99 for a box of 12 at Jewel Osco (regular price $6.49)
. . .
My Rating: 7/10

Couldn’t resist the cookie. Coach isn’t too happy and neither am I now that I am back to reality. This mini weekend retreat was a good mini break before my final stretch to Junior Nationals.

I hear so many people wanting to reverse diet and that's awesome, but the problem is that many people don't REALLY know what that entails.
▪️First off - what is reverse dieting? It's the period following a dieting phase where you slowing increase to maintenance and beyond.
▫️The biggest misconception is that you won't gain weight. Of corse you are going to gain weight - you are eating more. Gaining during a reverse diet is completely normal.
▪️Reverse dieting is not only about your intake though. It's an alteration in exercise too. A decrease in cardio and increase in weight training.
▫️You will still have to dip your caloric intake to lose weight. If you were losing weight at x amount of calories, you will still have to get near that amount to produce the same results.
▪️Reverse dieting is not scientific based. I'm not saying it doesn't work because it absolutely does but just like everything else - it's different for every person.

Sometimes I savor bars so long I forget what a fresh bar tastes like. This one was so soft and chewy and just perfect. Not to mention the chunk porn was unbelievable. 👌🏼

I am slightly addicted to eggs. The possibilities are endless so they never get old. One of my favorites lately have been bell pepper baked eggs.
☑️1 bell pepper
☑️2 eggs
1️⃣Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
2️⃣Cut bell pepper in half evenly and scoop out seeds
3️⃣Crack one egg into each half
4️⃣Bake for 25-30 minutes or until egg whites are cooked
SERVINGS: 2 bell pepper halves

These bars are highly underrated. My favorites are this lemon one and the brownie crunch. Have you tried Think Thin bars? Which flavors do you like?

Birdseye Steamfresh Zucchini Lentil Pasta
🌀I love that these are super convenient. All you do is plop it in the microwave for a few minutes and it’s ready to go.
🌀The sauce to noodle ratio is also perfect - no noodle is left dry but the noodles aren’t swimming in a sea of sauce either.
🌀The zucchini and lentil taste is very subtle. I could barely find it. To me, it tasted more like pasta marinara.
. . .
Macros for 1 package (282 grams):
350 calories
. . .
Cost: $2.99 at Jewel Osco
. . .
My Rating: 7/10

Quick and easy recipe today! This one is for a crunch berry smoothie. Yes - you heard right - crunch berry as in the captain crunch cereal.
☑️1 scoop strawberry protein powder
☑️1 cup milk
☑️2 tablespoons nut butter
☑️1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1️⃣Blend everything until incorporated

Holy moly RX. You blew this one out of the park. Each time I try a new flavor I regret not buying an entire box.
. . .
Today I reminisced my old behaviors and realized how far I have come. My goal has been to really focus at practice: to think about every lift and make every rep count. Today I let myself get off task. I dawdled and didn’t put my full attention or effort into every attempt. I didn’t give it my all. In the past, I would have responded by restricting my intake. I would tell myself I didn’t deserve food because I didn’t earn it through my performance. Fast forward to the present where I don’t even connect my performance quality to nourishing my body. Yes - today didn’t go quite like I hoped, but I am still going to eat because I need fuel to make tomorrow’s training that much better. Food is not a reward or a punishment. It is a NECESSITY.

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Meringues
🌀These cookies are super light airy, and crisp. They basically melt in your mouth.
🌀Despite their appearance, they are not as fragile as they look. They can still be broken easily but it takes a little bit of effort. Long story short - it won’t break when you go to grab one out of the container.
🌀They are super sweat which shouldn’t be a surprise because they are basically egg whites mixed with a whole bunch of sugar.
. . .
Macros for 4 cookies (32 grams):
110 calories
. . .
Cost: $3.29 for 28 cookies at Trader Joe’s
. . .
My Rating: 6/10

Today’s recipe is chocolate pumpkin cookies! As much as I would love to take credit for this lovely creation, props to @kimhoeltje for this macro friendly sweet treat!
☑️1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder
☑️1/2 cup canned pumpkin
☑️2 tablespoons coconut flour
☑️1 tablespoon egg substitute
☑️1 teaspoon cocoa powder
☑️1/2 teaspoon baking powder
☑️1 tablespoon white chocolate chips
1️⃣Preheat oven to 325
2️⃣Mix everything together
3️⃣Add water until everything is combined (batter should not be runny)
4️⃣Place about 2-3 tablespoons on a non stick cookie sheet. I use a cookie dough scooper and I absolutely love it - saves so much time and it is mess free!
5️⃣Bake for 20 minutes
SERVINGS: about 10 cookies

Hold the phone and go get yourself some of these cake bites. The red velvet ones are absolutely amazing.
. . .
I’ve been thinking of doing a Q&A sometime soon 🤔 so comment some questions down below! Lifestyle, fitness, nutrition, eating disorder recovery, random, anything you can think of! 😊

I just want to give a huge shoutout to @golovashkina.mp3 for coming up with this brilliant idea to do a foodie swap. I loved trying out all the different snacks!

First attempt - 58kg
Second attempt - 60kg
Third attempt - 63kg (miss)
. . .
As I said in my previous video, I had a tough weight cut and I wasn’t in the right head space going into this competition. After talking with my coach, teammates, and family, we decided to go ahead and go for Junior Nationals. After buying, canceling, buying, canceling, and buying again - I have my flights booked. ✈️ I do not expect to do well at this competition since I’m basically competing against the best of the best, but I still want to go for the experience. This will most likely be my last national weightlifting competition in a long while. The only thing holding me back was my weight. I’m sick and tired of dieting. Moving up a weight class is going to happen no doubt, but right now the plan is the stay where I am for one more meet. Five more weeks of dieting and I’m ready for it.

Real Good Food’s Pepperoni Pizza
🌀It’s a protein pizza and it definitely tastes like a protein pizza. The “crust” is chicken breast based which doesn’t have the same doughy feel as regular pizza.
🌀Preparing was easy. You can either microwave it or bake it in the oven. Since you make it yourself, you can determine how crispy you want the crust.
🌀A serving size is an entire pizza, but it is still kinda small. Definitely not substantial enough for an entire meal.
🌀Who would have thought that pizza could have 4 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of protein?! However, it also has 950 grams of sodium.
. . .
Macros for entire pizza (128 grams):
270 calories
. . .
Cost: $2.99 at GNC
. . .
My Rating: 5/10

Delayed testing this flavor because I am not a huge cherry fan, and I am not going to lie that I was a bit disappointed with the other 2017 flavors. I have good news though. This one is probably my favorite by far. There were so many chocolate and cherry chunks. I promise you it tastes WAY better than it looks. #arcticzero

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