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I am aware this doesn’t look the most appetizing but I promise you it is. I never thought that protein oatmeal mix could jazz up oatmeal so much. It added SO much flavor and made it even more filling than it already is.

Another foodie trip complete. I ventured into the city with my little sister and visited Millennium Park. Then we walked along Michigan Avenue and eventually made our way to the famous Sprinkles Cupcakes. I had the red velvet and she had the vanilla milk chocolate - both of which did not disappoint.

Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin Puffs
☑️1 scoop (30 grams) vanilla protein powder
☑️15 grams powdered peanut butter
☑️10 grams coconut flour
☑️2 grams baking powder
☑️1 whole egg
☑️100 grams shredded zucchini
☑️45 milliliters cashew milk
☑️15 grams mini chocolate chips
1️⃣Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
2️⃣Combine zucchini, egg and milk in food processor
3️⃣Combine dry ingredients in a separate bowl (using about half of the chocolate chips)
4️⃣Add wet mixture to dry mixture and mix until everything is combined
5️⃣Pour batter evenly into mini muffin pan
6️⃣Sprinkle remaining chocolate chips on top
7️⃣Bake for 9-10 minutes
SERVINGS: 12 mini bites
*recipe adapted from @theflexibledietinglifestyle

My coach is off the grid for two weeks - in total survivor mode while camping. The gym is different without him around. It just doesn’t have the same energy. It’s only been a few days and I don’t know if I can make it.

The winner of six days of donuts is the maple bacon donut. That should say something. The maple bacon donut is my favorite - coming from a “vegetarian”. 😶 The fluff factor of this donut is spot on. It is super light and fluffy. The donut part tasted similar to a vanilla glazed donut but with a subtle maple twist. The maple frosting then brought out the maple flavor even more. I passed up the bacon topping but if you love bacon then I’m sure that aspect wouldn’t disappoint either.

The final two donuts of six days of donuts was a TOUGH decision. The donut claiming the number two spot is red velvet. This donut is bright red and catches everyone’s eye. It’s super soft and moist (pardon my work choice 😅) and the entire donut is covered in more red velvet cake crumbs. My only complaint is that Do-Rite neglected the whole cream cheese aspect of red velvet which I think is essential.

We reached the halfway point of six days of donuts. The flavor coming in at third place is the pistachio-meyer lemon donut. The base donut is almost identical to the birthday cake flavor - just the basic vanilla donut. The toppings are what make this one special. The icing has a subtle lemon tang to it - just enough to get the point across but not overly sour or obnoxious. The pistachio chunks also added a nice touch. They were soft to bite into and added some texture to the donut.

The star of six days of donuts day three is the crumb cake donut. This one surprised me. The texture reminds me more of a cake rather than a donut because it’s super light and fluffy. I also really loved the crumb topping and all the flavor and texture it added to the donut. Do-Rite somehow made such a simple donut into something amazing.

Day two of six days of donuts is the birthday cake donut. I absolutely LOVED all the sprinkles, and the vanilla icing is exactly what you expect from a birthday cake donut. Overall this one is a good donut but pretty basic in terms of flavor - nothing really made it stand out as amazing compared to other birthday cake donuts.

Six days of donuts starts today (see my previous post if you have no idea what that means 😏). Day one is the cinnamon crunch raised donut from Do-Rite Donuts. Off all the donuts, this one is the densest - and by dense I mean it physically is heavier than all the other flavors. The donut itself is super light and fluffy with a cinnamon swirl but once you factor in the vanilla glaze, cinnamon crumble filling and cinnamon dusted top, it got to be a little much. It is no doubt a great donut - but it is a tad dry and a whole lot messy.

Remember seven days of ice cream? Well get ready for six days of donuts! 🍩 I stopped by Do-Rite Donuts last week while I was in Chicago and picked up half a dozen of the most appetizing donut flavors. If you forgot how seven days of ice cream worked, each day I post one flavor - starting with my least favorite and ending with my favorite. So get ready because six days of donuts starts tomorrow. Can you guess which one is my favorite?

White Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies
☑️4 tablespoons (28 grams) coconut flour
☑️1 tablespoon (8 grams) white chocolate pudding mix
☑️1/2 cup (43 grams) vanilla protein powder
☑️2/3 cup (85 grams) unsweetened applesauce
☑️2 tablespoons (30 grams) egg whites
☑️1/2 teaspoon baking powder
☑️4 tablespoons (10 grams) marshmallows bits
☑️4 teaspoons (20 grams) of water
1️⃣Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit
2️⃣Combine everything (except marshmallows bits and water) in a small bowl
3️⃣Add water as needed one teaspoon at a time
4️⃣Mix in marshmallows bits
5️⃣Scoop batter onto a greased cookie sheet
6️⃣Bake 10-12 minutes
SERVINGS: 14 cookies
*recipe adapted from @avatareats

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