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Tomorrow I compete in my first weightlifting competition since Junior Nationals back in February. I fly home early tomorrow morning and compete that afternoon. The goal for tomorrow is to qualify for Junior Nationals. My numbers are about 85% of my previous maxes so I am a little nervous about hitting the qualification total but either way I am going to wear a smile on my face.

Tomorrow starts my social media fast. It is a little embarrassing how much I spend mindlessly scrolling through social media and with finals and thanksgiving break right around the corner I am challenging myself to step away from all my social accounts to focus on school, friendships and my relationship with God. My plan is initially three days but I’m really striving to hit five days social media free. Have you ever detoxed from social media? How was your experience? Anyways - see y’all in a little bit!

Thanksgiving numero uno (sponsored by my residence hall) is in the books. I’m not a huge fan of thanksgiving food but I can eat mac and cheese all day long. I also tried peach cobbler for the first time and it’s safe to say that I am a fan. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Spent the weekend at a friend’s house in Columbia, TN (aka where Hannah Montana the movie was filmed 🤟🏼). We shopped downtown, toured Amish country, watched more movies that you could think of and - of corse - ate some good food - everything from pizza and fruit tarts to cake and waffles.

Cooked vs. uncooked pasta. A common question I am asked when counting macros is whether to measure pasta before or after it is cooked. When meal prepping, I personally measured out dry pasta. In the long run - whichever way you decide to do will work as long as you are consistent.

It’s pumpkin season which means - stocking up on my favorite Halo flavor.

I am NOT a Halloween girl at all - I get scared WAY too easily. I barely survived the Halloween episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

I think it is safe to say I pretty much live off hummus and pita bread these days.

Pumpkin Spice RX Bar
🌀I am a sucker for anything pumpkin flavored so the pumpkin spice RX bar was definitely a must for me.
🌀The pumpkin flavor is subtle. The pumpkin aspect is definitely present - just not as strong as I hoped for. It tasted more like a cinnamon-pumpkin hybrid.
🌀The texture is similar to any other RX bar. It is pretty chewy with some bigger almond chunks.
🌀Overall I would say this flavor is worth a try whether you are a pumpkin lover or not. I will definitely buy again but probably won’t be crying when they go out of season.
. . .
Macros for 1 bar (52 grams):
210 calories
. . .
Cost: $25.99 for 12 bars on RX website
. . .
My Rating: 7/10

Since jumping onto the pint game, I sometimes forgot that eating the entire pint in one sitting isn’t always the best habit.
👉🏼1 serving
👉🏼2 servings
👉🏼3 servings
👉🏼4 servings
HOW MUCH you eat is sometimes more important than WHAT you eat. Everything is healthy in moderation.

In the hunt to find a “home church” at school, my friends and I complied a list of churches. We bounced around from church to church each week finding some we loved and some that did not suit our fancy. While trying to visit Redeeming Grace church, we ended up across the street at Grace Church. Now - why there is a Grace church across the street from Redeeming Grace church beats me. 😶 On the second attempt to visit Redeeming Grace, it poured like crazy. After agreeing not to drive much farther in the rain, we ended up at New Hope church and we all had an amazing ah-ha moment. God led us to this hidden gem and everything felt so right about it.
. . .
And now to relate it to the picture - we celebrated afterwards with Cracker Barrel.

It hasn’t even been a full week but I already feel so much better. The plan is to continue training with my coach from home (remotely) and compete at a local meet during Thanksgiving break to qualify for Juniors.
. . .
I have to constantly remind myself to not jump into the heavy weights right away. Five weeks is not enough time to fully cycle for a meet but the Juniors qualification total is rather low so I just need to stay healthy and start rebuilding my strength.
. . .
Also this song 👌🏼
Throwback to Disney Channel’s Starstruck

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