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💕Saturday I’ll be announcing something very special! 💕 please know that I am so aware of all that’s happened and still happening in California, and my heart continues to be with everyone. I’m looking forward to going home tomorrow and helping the best that I can! That being said, what we’ll be announcing tomorrow is near and dear to my heart bc it helps me get closer to you, and will hopefully spread a whole lotta love✨

I just really still can’t believe it... please check my last insta post to find out ways you can help. I’m looking forward to getting back to my second home and helping out, but if you’re like me and not in CA there are STILL ways you can help bring hope and love info these communities.
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I am finding it so very hard to fathom all of this, and to even be able to close my eyes tonight. I wish I was in California right now, my heart and my thoughts are deeply with my second home. If you are in LA PLEASE please help out... below are ways that you can: (Organizations To Donate To Courtesy of @Refinery29 )

The Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation supports the first responders fighting on the frontlines of the wildfires. They are currently requesting donations to put towards hydration backpacks for the firefighters you can visit their website .

The CCF Wildfire Relief Fund supports immediate recovery efforts for major California wildfires, as well as long-term preparedness efforts.

The United Way of Greater Los Angeles is partnering with United Way of Ventura County to collect donations for its its Disaster Relief Fund.

The Entertainment Industry Foundationis raising money through its Fire Relief Fund.

The Humane Society of Ventura County is accepting animals evacuating from the Hill and Woolsey fires. You can also donate directly to the organization or purchase items like food and toys through their Amazon wish list.

Baby2Baby is working to get high-need items to children affected by the ongoing Camp, Hill, and Woolsey fires in California. Help them supply diapers, wipes, blankets, and other basic baby essentials to families in need by purchasing from their registry.

Firefighters are in need of care baggies (eye drops, face wipes, granola bars, water, etc) please go to your local store and fill up as many ziplock baggies as you can, there are fire stations that are available for drop off.
If you know any other ways to help, please comment below and I will do my best to add them in this post.
Lastly, I hope we all take a moment right now- whether it’s a prayer, moment of silence or whatever it is that you want to do, and think of the lives lost, the homes lost, the animals lost, the wounded, and the brave first responders... My heart is broken.

It feels like I’m constantly putting up a post like this one, and I’m just so devastated. All day I’ve been trying process this and I just can’t. My heart is broken for the families of those that were taken from us last night, and to say that my heart and prayers are with them would be an understatement. ❤️ ps. Blood is still needed if you are in the Thousand Oaks area and can donate please please do update: with the fires going on, hoping for the safety of this community....

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Hi, I’m Bailee and I’m 19. Election Day is just 3 days away, and this is the first year I can vote. If you can vote, too- DO IT! Regardless of your political stance, get informed. Your voice matters, your opinions matter and your beliefs matter.
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@schonmagazine 🦄 “I’ve always been told that ever since I was little I’ve always just loved life and I think the same goes for me now. I love people, I love spreading love and I love enjoying moments, and as cheesy as that may sound, I love smiling and laughing. I just do. However, like anyone, I have low moments and that’s when I try to take a step back, surround myself with my family, my true core of friends and remind myself how blessed I really am.”

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