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Love is in the air. 3-26-2017

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got a secret, can you keep it ?¿

because why not¿?

spread love. be love. feel love.

tag three people you love.

Walk on with hope in your heart ❤️

Tonight is day 7 on my tonsil surgery recovery... wanted to write a little note because my last few posts have been pretty healthy and happy looking ones. Isn't it amazing how social media can show a totally different side of your life? I can be in bed, in pain, with ice all over and looking like an unshowered mess while at the same time posting a picture of me looking semi decent (thanks to a team of awesome people who make me feel good) I thought it was important for me to keep my page as real as possible and explain how yes, tonsil surgery might not seem like the worst thing ever. And I know that it isn't. However I can tell you that for a week I've been in pain and so down. I've never felt this way before. I haven't been able to eat or drink or move or even speak. This has made my heart feel so much extra for all of the kids who are in the hospital right now in pain, for the families that keep them going, for the adults who are in pain as well. Our health is so important, and sometimes I have to say: we take it for granted. My prayers and thoughts go out to anyone tonight who's body is making them crumble inside. I'm praying for strength and health for them.
I wanted to write this post and thank those who have been there for me during this. My sister, my mom, and my two nieces Evie and Riley (in this picture) have been my light this past week. Riley has explained to everyone how "aunt b can't talk and can only drink and eat cold things" and Evie has smiled at me and somehow spoken to me through her bright eyes. My sister has come over once putting her babies to bed to watch movies with me. My mom has been up every 2 hours in the middle of the night to check up on me and make sure I'm okay. My very tight and close group of friends (you know who you are) have taken time to see if I'm doing okay from the start. And all of you have shared your tonsil recovery stories and made me not feel alone.
I want you guys to always know that we can relate to one another- that just because I look like I might have everything together doesn't mean I don't struggle with things just like you do.
Life is hard sometimes, but we can shine bright and get through it together.

me and the rhythm (Reminiscing about that time I couldn't stop dancing--- currently in bed watching #vampirediaries on Netflix. First episode down! Cause I'm still on the mend)

staying focused (ps. this was pre surgery- I'm still in bed with ice packs. Good news is I've upgraded to soup! Thank you for the well wishes. Day 5 is the worst, ya'll were right!)

6 months of a happy heart❤️❤️ @alexlange

Back home and on the mend. Thank you to my family, friends and all of you for your prayers during my surgery.
And thank you to my family @hallmarkchannel for making me feel so special and for making this day much "sweeter" ❤️ #icecreamdiet

"...and on a Wednesday in a cafe, I watched it begin again"

Ps. Removing my tonsils in t-minus 8 hours! I know this is a tiny surgery compared to others... but prayers would still be so appreciated❤️

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