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giggles and love ❤️ @alexlange and I had a beach day in Venice, and he just posted a video of it. Check it out :)

jumping into a world full of possibilities 💕

live + laugh + love and faux bobs ❤️

Muchas Gracias @seventeenmx !!! ☀️💗#juneissue #17Squad #seventeenlatin

To every mother: you gave life and added love to this world.
Happy Mothers Day to you❤️

there's someone you know that needs a friend tonight, be there for them ❤️

with Mothers Day soon approaching, I wanted to take a second to send my love to all the super hero mothers out there, and all the sons and daughters of mothers.
Let these next two days leading up to Mothers Day be just as special as the 14th of May. May we show our appreciation, our love, our admiration and our thankfulness to our mothers. Sometimes, life gets in the way, silly moments over power the ones that are actually important and we forget to hug them, instead of roll our eyes. ;) My heart is with those who aren't with their mama right now or on Mothers Day, due to distance, due to not knowing your mom, or due to a passing. Please know that inside your mama is with you, so feel the love you have inside of you and share it with her.

Every day we have the chance to show love and be love.
Happy Almost Mothers Day.
Phot creds: @jennycookies

no fence can hold you back, so continue to follow your dreams ❤️

what makes you happy ? for me, it's being creative and spending time with those I love!!

Throw your hands up if you agree this week is going to be a GREAT one!!!! #bepositive (Ps. Lol you guys- it's high waisted jeans! #TheCuriousCaseOfMyMissingBellyButton )

a moment

love today, look forward to tomorrow ❤️💋

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