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Bahamas Masqueraders  Feel like family with #BahMas 🇧🇸🎉 Beyond titles this is #TheWinnersCircle 📧 📞(242) 341-0031

If it’s bacchanal, it’s bacchanal they gone get🎶

Here’s a quick teaser of the 2019 #GLOWFete❗️ 🎥: @iam_ivar


Stay tuned for #SailAway, scheduled for Easter Monday!

PAINT. 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

Shoutout @djeternalvibes 🙏🏾🙏🏾 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

Our DJs get dirty too! 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

POWDER. 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

Always a pleasure when the Queen, Giselle the Wassi One graces our stage! 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

🎶 Gwan like a super hero, like the Black Panther in Wakanda 🎶 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

🎶 Full Performance 🎶 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

🎶 Run Wid It 🎶 📸: @ifocusvisuals_sherard

@ovadosethedj has come to #BussHead at #GLOW Fete❗️