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Bahamas Plastic Movement  BPM is dedicated to raising awareness and finding solutions to plastic pollution in The Bahamas and worldwide. #plasticwarriors #youthaction


Could this be the cradle to cradle solution for plastic engineering we've all been waiting for? @uproxx shares Full Cycle Bioplastics creation of plastics made from organic waste. This PHA plastic is fully compostable and marine biodegradable meaning it will break down naturally in the ocean and will not be toxic to wildlife. What do you think of this solution? Comment below. Full video on our Facebook page.
#plasticpollutionsolutions #cradle2cradle #bioplasticengineering #fullcyclebioplastics

@plasticfreemermaids Co-Founder, Kimberly Correia, has been nominated for Local 10's Eco Hero Contest. She has the opportunity to win a trip to Antarctica!!! Kim was a camp counselor at #plasticcamp2017 and is incredibly deserving of this opportunity. Lets get her to Antarctica! You can vote as many times as you want on as many devices!! The deadline is November 10th. https://www.local10.com/station/vote-now-for-the-local-10-eco-hero-
#getkimtoantarctica #plasticfreemermaids #ecohero #plasticwarrior #youthaction #youthdevelopment #youthleadership

We all feel hopeless at times when it comes to #plasticpollution. Fear not! Here are 10 easy tips from @brightvibesmedia you can follow to reduce your plastic footprint. Do the best that you can.
Think Globally, Act Locally.

#tbt to this 2014 image we found from photographer @chris_simanjuntak documenting plastic debris in an underwater Indonesian cave. Plastic is everywhere! #chose2reuse "Plastic Vortex" -@chris_simanjuntak

At many feet below the ground, in a place which has only been visited by no more than 10-15 people in 15 years time, we still find the evidence of how pollutant humans can be. Leftovers from many years of washing by the villagers at the entrance pond above, swept by the water flow down into the tunnel & trapped inside an underground water chamber, the remains of washing powder sachets are still floating, frozen in time.

Boo! #plastic. Keep it Real this Halloween by creating DIY costumes and distributing healthier snack options like fruit! Visit @plasticpollutes to learn more!
Happy Halloween!

@nowthisnews sheds light on plastic debris as far as the eye can see in the waters of Roatan, Hondurus as divers prepare to enter. This ecological tragedy is unbelievable and is another example of why we must turn the tide on plastic pollution #plasticoceans #refusetouse

In this episode of Ocean Friendly Lifestyles, Dera and Abby show you how to make your own toothpaste using all natural ingredients. More importantly they are dropping some knowledge on microbeads and ways to avoid them. Full episode and others are up on our YouTube channel. Link in bio.
#oceanfriendlylifestyles #plasticwarriorshow #microbeadsawareness #plasticwarriors #youthaction #plasticcamp2017 **Some toothpaste products contain microbeads, not all**

"Plastic in the oceans don't make the animals feel well. It's not good for the animals, people or jungle animals"
Wise words spoken by our 4 year old honorary camper Breon.

Full video on our YouTube channel.
#jrplasticwarrior #youthaction #refusetouse #noexcuseforsingleuse

Big ups to our #eleutheraplasticwarriors composed of our plastic camp alumni, local students, eco clubs on the island and our community volunteers. It really takes a village to make a difference and we truly appreciate the support we get from you all. Thank you to @4ocean for sponsoring our cleanup, @space2create and @williebooster for the onground support, @dcmsbahamas @ceibahamas for the assistance, @yemimich and Kartel our youth photographers and Rev, our dedicated bus driver and of course the 🗣Plastic 🗣Warriors.
#hurricaneirmabeachcleanup #windingbaybeach #plasticwarriors #youthpartnership #youthleaders #youthaction #cleanbeaches #eleutheragreenschoolinitiative #4ocean #spacetocreate #bahamasplasticmovement

150 student volunteers showed up and showed out at yesterdays cleanup! 828lbs of plastic debris removed from our beaches. In June of this year, on this exact stretch of beach, we removed a little over 1,000lbs of debris from the beach. Plastic is washing onto our beaches at excessive rates. We must turn the tide on plastic pollution. Swipe for more!
#plasticwarriors #changemakers #youthleaders #plasticfreeseas #hurricaneirmabeachcleanup #windingbaybeach #eleuthera #bahamasplasticmovement #space2create #plasticpollutioneducation #eleutheragreenschoolinitiative #4ocean
@4ocean @space2create @ceibahamas @dcmsbahamas @williebooster @yemimich @noplasticstraws @plasticpollutes

Today was EPIC!!! Hundreds of students and volunteers flocked to Winding Bay Beach today to give back to our oceans! Collectively we removed nearly a ton of plastic debris from the beach. Special thanks to @ceibahamas who took our students turtle tagging following the cleanup and to the @dcmsbahamas eco club for supporting. Big ups to @williebooster for coordinating and @4ocean for sponsoring our cleanup. More photos coming soon!
#beachcleanup #posthurricanecleanup #plasticwarriors #youthactivism #youthleadership #scientificresearch #turtletagging #ceibahamas #space2create #eleutherasquad #ecosquad #eleutheragreenschoolinitiative #ceibahamas #islandschool

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