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Lower and slower? Yes. I think it is lower and i think it is slower.

Pretty low and pretty slow with lots of ouch. The creaking noise is from the straps. Not my joints.

Last week. Addy says I need a new trick. :-)

Pretty low and pretty slow. MJB seems to approve. So I've got that going for me.

Only to prove I'm doing this rather slow muscle up in real time. Best with the dance tunes, of course.

Lowest and slowest yet. About 12 seconds to the bottom of the dip. Must have been because of the 80's music.

Slower still. I'm about to stop spamming you people with these. (In order to start spamming you with bar MU. Haha.)

Low is low but the slow can be slower. :-p

Lower and slower. I'm still bad at CrossFit though. :-p

Madrid Muscle Up. Sort of a fight today. But look at fancy range of motion. :-)

With full range of motion at the bottom because Sara said its not a muscle up otherwise. :-p

I'm just leaving this here without an explanation.

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