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SAX. #17  trust me, i do plenty of sucking JUST for his benefits. #27 & #14


HI BABY HAPPY ONE MONTH. im currently writing this 3 days before so prepare for rambling if i come up with new memories to add to this list. ANYWAYS. i'm so glad kayley set us up (even though they made things awkward at first😒) and then you realized you and denn tried to switch accounts to confuse me small world huh? EVEN THOUGH ITS ONLY BEEN A MONTH, i feel like i already know you so much and i cant wait to continue to get to know you. (this is gonna be so cheesy i cant wait for kayley to tease us later) not only are you intelligent but you're also quick witted which i love. i also love our rabbit movie dates which we should do again soon. OH YEAH and you beating me at 8ball like seven times in a row but it's ok i'm ok. i still have the paintball game😭 im sorry that svp decided to be ugly just when i was almost done our edit but it should be done by your birthday i'll make SURE OF IT. until then enjoy these edits that i think describe raxon well!
even though i'm really bad at replying to the rps you still keep up with me so i thank you for that. i love our 3am (12 am for u) bets they're so entertaining. even though i usually lose again BUT ILL GET BETTER JUST U WAIT. thank you for also putting up with how BADLY i try and express my feelings. not only do you make me extremely happy you make me feel safe and that's all i could ever ask for. you're not only my boyfriend you're also one of my best friends. i could tell you anything and you wouldn't judge. i love you for that. well, actually i love a lot of things but i feel like it'll be a good three pages so i'll text you it when you wake up🖤🖤 i feel like i'm rambling but i cant wait to see what's in store for us. hopefully there's a lot more where this came from. once again, i love you so much and you deserve the world.

HEY IM SAXON (also known as sexon) I LOVE DRAXLEY, RJ, AND FRAN! and yes i still hate condiments. SAY HI FOR A CUTE FRIENDSHIP!🌟

UM SO ITS NOW 12 MY TIME AND IVE BEEN WAITING TO POST. so. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECCA! 17 and getting older!! you've been such an amazing friend to me for the past five years and i cant wait to see what the rest of the years bring us. you're such a considerate, protective, loyal, witty, captivating, hardworking soul and i wouldn't change meeting you for the world. i remember when we first met in twd rp (lol yeah i'm gonna expose a bit sry it gets embarrassing) and you were the patrick to my lizzie😩😩. after the mika kicked the carl in the balls we became best friends, bless that mika, and ever since then we were a dynamic duo. then we moved on to twd fams and that's where we came up with the idea to make these accounts. back when you were pillduhst and i was tateslangdons, we went through our cringe worthy emo phase together (the purge edits are a1 idc what anyone says they're fire.) i've never met someone as strong willed as you and i have you to thank for helping me grow as a person. through all of our plans of going to college together, crying over emo chandler, fighting over emo chandler, laughing over emo chandler, creating ashley, creating our ships and ship name, meeting up at fan expo, to just hanging out- you've been there. i'm still waiting for your ass to come and visit, but we'll take the bus bc u cant drive at all. but that's okay. lately we've both been kind of busy so we haven't kept in touch as much but when we do it's always comfortable and supportive and i love that. you have no idea how much you mean to me but i'm so incredibly delighted to call you one of my best friends. i hope today is extremely breathtaking and last of all, I LOVE YOU. @sardonicals

my fave edit of raxon. pls don't make me have a dirt house in minecraft😒


imagine living in a world where draxley didn't expose u

yeah ignore i'm just gonna spam skskkd but i 🖤 willow

i love this iconic ot4. daddy kim always takes us to church on sundays

wanna team up and make a purge collab😻🙈

me rn because my nail almost peeled off of my finger. rkkdkdk can u tell i'm running out of captions


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