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Bethelda  The name is Baethelda and I am forever failing at keeping a "theme" on insta

Missing my friends and good times rn😕💕

Two bros

What are you doing next week. I am laughing at 2015 Canada day pictures.

I think I feel the most sad when I think about how slow I am moving and how fast the world spins, and she spins fast.

Smiling at the ground because I don't know I am beautiful? Idkk that's just what Louis Niall Zayn Liam Harry said to me

Hope last night was beautiful 🏁⚽️🐼 why no yin yang symbol😂

when legs take up 90% of your body and yes I make weird faces 100% of the time

Baethelda was all dressed up last night💁🏾

Little appreciation post to this girl👑. One of the biggest sweethearts I've ever met, and I am blessed to have met you when I did💕to the acquaintance who sat next to me in fashion and held my hand. I hope you know how much I adore youuuu💛

Okay though.

Last one promise 🙈#300

@peacevul was chasing me around bc I wore my granny dress😩😒

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