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brooke / svp 

I posted earlier if you missed it x

the doctor and rose x
ac lethalexa #allonsygrp
this is so ugly I'm-

the underrated drwho females x
my audio! I got lazy at the end lol

Donna had the worst ending out of everyone, she went back believing she was nothing.
ac _e.unoia #allonsygrp

the strongest
rip audio
she better be happy in series two I stg
cc not sure but it's edited. for @eleanor_bob x

underrated badass
shitty part for Kiera's Collab , Insta cut the end off

victoria & albert x
my audio! insta decided to slaughter the quality , so I'll probs delete soon .
for @eleanor_bob

the only one ten loved x
ac scilesstilinski #allonsygrp
refresh the video if it looks glitchy

ten and rose - small doses x
my audio! #allonsygrp

billie piper is a fucking goddess
ac bxried ib badwolfstardis , if it looks glitchy just refresh
for Nicole xX

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