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Bo Asciu 

Helping a friend: looking open for position in Food & Beverage. Message me for details.
Photo by: Bogdan Asciu

Carspotting: She has side pipes! My kinda girl!

It caught my eye as I sat here staring at the amazing sun setting. ‘I am always with you’. I believe it :) #grateful #messagesfromangels

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it’s a gratitude session in progress. #grateful

My LED Art Lights have been running 2yrs non stop, no heat and no flicker. 240fps: if you don’t see flicker in slow-mo, than it’s just not there. :)

Traffic spotting a classic Porshetta. Lol

A real classic!

The Chill @ Alttitude

I forgot how cool the older ones are. Car spotting, again, bcuzYnot

Messing with my iPhone whilst BBQing..... #SeemsProBro

I go to the supermarket, and I see this. I got groceries and mild depression. 😏😉

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