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Badtz Maru  My name Badtz. I'm bad ass as fuck. I stay on AF 💊. Weed is life 🔥. Art or DIE! I am 🐧! Sanrio made! April 1st born nigga! ⚡

My friends have been through it foreal

My friends have been through it.

Tellin' it like it is. I'm too smart for these humans

Chillin' with my nigga Freddy!

Kids love cocaine!

Ya'll mothafuckahs don't know. #SuckMe! #Sanrio!

@thaacee got @krisisvladimir a Bouquet of Cocaine to share! How sweet! (PS I AM COCAINE!)

In Da Streets.

Wattup @MTVCribs. It's Badtz-Maru, nigga.

I am nature. Bitch.

Me and the homies. #Blythe x #BadtzMaru

What's good? Salute us dudes? You should. #BoyBlythe x #BadtzMaru!

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