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Bad Seed Brewing  Brewery in Aalborg, Denmark. Bold, flavourful and easy drinking beers is our mission.

The sunrise today was so beautiful that we decided to name today's brew after it.

Technicolor Sunrise will be an American Pale Ale at 5% with a touch of lactose. Still deciding on the hops - any last minute suggestions?

Brewed a German style Pilsner yesterday. Pretty excited for this one!

Wednesday we brewed a collab with Flying Couch - the first collab in our new brewery. We brewed a 6-ish% NEIPA with lactose, and is going to be a hoppy, juicy banger, intense in both whirlpool and dry hopping.

Wednesday was also a full-circle kinda day for me - more than 6 years ago, I made my first entry with professional brewing, as an intern with Peter from Flying Couch, back when he was at Nørrebro Bryghus. He taught me so much about brewing, and I consider him a mentor and a friend. So inviting him to brew with me in my own brewery, was quite special for me.
Cheers to long lasting friendship! It was a pleasure having Peter and Jeppe from Flying Couch joining me in the brewery!

On top of that, I had the pleasure of welcoming Rob - my new intern!

Brewing with our friends at @alefarmbrewing today! We're brewing a Pilsner, first time for Alefarm, and it's fun exploring a style together where we both are newbies.
The beer will be around 5%, Saaz dry-hopped and named INFINITE HEST 🐴

Come by for a beer this afternoon @mikkellerbaraarhus 🍻

Packaging these two delicious beers today. Safe Space Invader is a New England-style Session IPA hopped solely and intensely with Mosaic hops - and is my most true expression to date of one my all-time favorite hops, Mosaic. Vibrant, fruity and refreshing.
Cabin Fever is the first Brown Ale from Bad Seed. I wanted to make a Brown Ale dominated by roasted malt and citrusy hops, and thus Cabin Fever is a more hoppy and bitter Brown Ale, kettle and dry hopped with Cascade and Amarillo.
Going out to bars later this week! Cheers!

All Ablaze - 6,2% NEIPA

Packaging this today, a lovely New England IPA - filled with Azacca and Mosaic, which means it a real juicy banger, bursting with melon, passion fruit and mango notes. Soft and pillowy texture, and rather low bitterness. Maybe Bad Seed's best IPA yet? But you be the judge of that! Going out to bars next week along with two other new releases - more on that next week.

Knocking out a Session IPA just now. 4,5-ish%, with all Mosaic, and plenty of it. I don't know what to call it yet, but I'll figure something out one of these days. For now let's just call it Larry

We're finally ready to brew today! Today I'll brew a NE-style IPA called All Ablaze, with plenty of Mosaic and Azacca hops, and plenty of oats and wheat.

The last week has seen some challenges, which has postponed this next round of brews. An issue with our steam generator that meant I had to do some repairs. And when I was ready to brew last thursday, I did my usual water adjustments (acid additions), and measured a much lower pH than calculated. So I had to do some experiments before I could adjust the water properly, and have concluded that there's been a change in the composition of the water over the past weeks since the last brews - the alkalinity of my water has decreased (if anyone is interested I could do a more more thorough post about my observations). But after careful pH adjustmens, targets should be met today, and hopefully we'll have a lovely NEIPA for you in the beginning of January


To everyone that came to celebrate the opening of Bad Seed Brewing with me! I am full of gratitude, for everyone that came, everyone that helped, and made this day such a wild ride!
We had between 400-500 people show up, and I would've never dreamed that so many people would come and support my humble little brewery. I am humbled, and full of gratitude!
Also a big thanks to the choir who came and filled the room with jolly songs and drinking anthems!

I hope to return to earth some day soon 👽

2 pallets just landed in Copenhagen, and are going out to bars today. The following bars are getting the new beers this week:
@soernesoelbar @oelbaren @fermentorencph @blackswanbar @godtoel @orstedolbar @cafelangebro @dudesbar @taphousecph @dispensarykbh @kompassetcph
Aalborg: @wildebeestgastropub @basementbeerbar
Århus: @migogoelsnedkeren @erlings_jazz
People elsewhere - spread the word to your local craft beer bar, and tell them to try our beers!


Debut Pilsner (5,5%) The first beer brewed at my own brewery, and a beer that I'm rather proud of. A crisp, hoppy and delicious German style Pilsner, packaged today.
Simple, clean and crushable.

Best enjoyed in large mugs

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