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“The prairie sheets out.
The Badlands formations rise from it,
Jagged and severe.
In the distance, the Badlands appear
As a lonely city massed against the sky,
Spires and Pinnacles carved, cut out in relief.
At close range, in and amongst the peaking formations,
Grassy tables set about with buttes
Give way to rents in the earth.
The land of soft, vulnerable rock is lacerated,
Left to the gap and crumble,
Left to take erosion as it’s form of change.
Starkness defined.
Barrenness incarnate, given this tortured body
By way of instruction from a literal minded maker
in some kind of love
With gorgeous desolation.” Badlands Near and Far, Evan Harris

For many years, the Badlands has sparked the creativity of artists across all disciplines. In 1998, Evan Harris became the first poet selected for the Artist in Residence program at Badlands National Park. Today, the Badlands are still inspiring works of art, as our current Artist in Residence Kristina Crawford creates vibrantly colored paintings in the Badlands likeness.
How have the National Parks inspired you?

The recent blizzard was pretty rough. Highway 240 just reopened today-7 days after the road was originally closed. Heavy snows with winds over 70 mph causes heavy drifting throughout the park.
#wintervibes #badlandsnationalpark #hifromsd #findyourpark

The recent blizzard was pretty rough. Highway 240 just reopened today-7 days after the road was originally closed. Heavy snows with winds over 70 mph causes heavy drifting throughout the park.
#wintervibes #badlandsnationalpark #hifromsd #findyourpark

Turns out we're the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!
#LuckyUs #StPatricksDay

Badlands NP is partially open. Hwy 240 is open from Exit 131 at I-90 to Interior. Hwy 240 is closed from Cedar Pass to Pinnacles. The Ben Reifel Visitor Center is open today until 4pm.
Huge thanks to our maintenance staff who is working hard to clear the roads. We hope to have Hwy 240 completely open sometime tomorrow.
NPS/Brad Barker [video descriptions: snowplows busting through drifts; image description: ranger standing on large snow drift]

Badlands National Park is closed until further notice. The park is currently under a blizzard warning.
The sunset tonight ended a beautiful, warm spring day. The blue skies are deceiving knowing of the blizzard to come. Imagine being an early homesteader and being surprised by the sudden change of weather. Technology has truly changed how we as humans interact with our natural world. (NPS/Brad Barker)

It’s our 90th birthday! On March 4, 1929, President Coolidge signed the bill authorizing Badlands National Monument. The act required the state of South Dakota to first construct the highways through the proposed monument. Acquisition of private lands was also required. This act was the culmination of more than a decade of work by Senator Norbeck. For more than 16 years before it became a monument, Norbeck was exploring the area and its many wonders. As you explore the park today, you might notice you pass through Norbeck Pass. His legacy lives on today.

Oh, and it was almost 10 years after this act was passed before Badlands National Monument officially opened to the public. And, not until 1978 when we were renamed a National Park.

As #InvasiveSpeciesWeek comes to a close, we would like to give a shout out to our Exotic Plant Management Team. Armed with backpack sprayers, ATVs, and tyvek suits, this crew is tasked with keeping our prairie as pristine as possible. While the task can sometimes seem futile, they are one of the first lines of defense against invasive plants.

The snow covered vistas of Badlands are seen only by those willing to brave the winter elements. While the park averages only 24” of snow a year, this number can be highly variable. (NPS/Brad Barker)
Video boomerang of ranger throwing snow.

Despite subzero temps of -9°, rangers are still planning for the summer and dreaming of warmer days! Have you made your summer plans yet? Where will your travels take you? (NPS/Brad Barker and Isabel Ashton) #badlandsnationalpark #hifromsd #findyourpark #wintervibes

Sharing your stories: “In June, my wife and I had the pleasure of going to Badlands for the first time. It was a transformative experience for us. We had just lost our dog (Ladybird) and really didn't feel much like doing anything anywhere at anytime. We don't know what ended up pushing us out the door in the end. Once we got to Badlands, it was like the land and the animals knew we were hurting--they came out with love.” @matthewdolkart
The outdoors can be a place of peace and healing for many people. How have you experienced a transformative moment? (Photos used with permission)

January 25,1939 - we were just a twinkle in a national park’s eye, but on that day, we became Badlands National Monument. We may have been closed for our birthday, but that’s not going to stop us from celebrating!

Here at Badlands, we have quite a few “birthdays.” Did you know we were first authorized to be a national monument on March 4, 1929. Nearly 10 years later, on January 25, 1939 we were officially established as a national monument by President Franklin Roosevelt. Then, on November 10, 1978, Badlands became a national park. (NPS/Brad Barker) #happybirthday #trivia #hifromsd #badlandsnationalpark

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