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Dirty Confessions  📲DM your sexual/drunk/funny confessions 🖤Everything is anonymous 🌚No judgement

Finding beachy photos with the exact same color water became too tedious so back to the baddie theme yay

Everyone talks about gamer girls... wHat AbOuT gAmEr momZ?!?

Don't fingerblast and drive

Me: reads typo-ridden snapchat article on a new undetectable untreatable STI
Me: lol fuck sex I'm never having sex lol the fuck fuck that
Me: *sees slightly spicy boi*
Me: jk
Hope you enjoyed my skit on the dangers of spicy bois & snapchat articles??

Das The Motto

There's something Freudian about this
*can't finesse someone who doesn't exist🤷‍♀️

This is the type of shit I would pull


Boo, dassa biohazard

Do you like school/the school system?
📕 (Sick of asking random qotps like what your fav color is... idgaf lol I want real conversations w y'all)


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