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JHONA DAVID  Singer 🎙 Songwriter ⚔️ Guitarist 🎸 S00N 💿 Chill AF 🌴 Phantasmic 🔮 Mr. Fox 🦊 • • • Shanghai 📍

Dear girl on the right, glow ups ARE REAL ✨

There is no more past, no future tense, no self - only me and now; and the question that begs answering is what will I do with it. Sending love from this end of the fine china sea, to you 💕
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Words can’t describe

Her name is George Bae; she’s one of my moms students. She saw my guitar in the corner and asked if I would play something. I had a big headache, but how can you say no? I asked her if she preferred fast songs or slow songs - she was very timid but she replied “slow, please.” I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on her face during and after the song. Slowly but surely the guitar thawed the stiffness in her bones; she allowed herself to rock back and forth ever so slightly. And afterwards she was beaming. She gave me a hug and showed her mom the video. We exchanged very few words to each other, but we shared something far deeper. This is why I make music. #singer #songwriter #toronto #the6ix #shanghai #china @bandbasher @judystakee


I’m moving to China for 1 year - to teach English and music at an international school; just got my visa today and only now is it sinking in. If you know me, you know that I’m not one to wallow, or steep in my discontent. If I’m unhappy, I take action. Working in cosmetics for the years I have has taken something out of me, and if you’ve known me over the last 6 months, you’ll know that my hearts been injured. I felt at times like a candle flickering, straining, to keep it together - but I know now that it’s okay to need help, and that admitting that you’re weak is the first step to acquiring new strengths. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you give yourself no other option, this move came together fast - and only a year ago I started pursuing my music career seriously, and already I’ve met the people who are making my first official release possible. These photos you see are people who shine light into my darkness all the time, without fail or judgement, I am my broken self and my revived self knowing that they love and support me. I hope that whoever’s reading this can draw strength from my honesty; I hope you feel yourself around your friends and family, and that you are valued. Most importantly, know when enough is enough; when your heart is bruised, or when your work has taken advantage of your fire 🔥 know that you don’t have to grow in straight lines every time. If you’ve read this far, please comment a memory of ours, an inside joke, a class we’ve taken together - anything that shows me our hearts are connected. I love you; I won’t be hurting forever, but I’ll always be blessed 🙌🏼
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a prime example of how a song can start years earlier, and the finishing touches come unannounced and all at once 2 years later / #singer #songwriter #slavetotheprocess #toronto #the6ix #jhona #vagabond #love #loveyourself

Pale Moon Goons / mysteries right next to me 🌙🔮

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Pyjama fashion 🛌💤

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When we touch our heads together
We can both hear the ocean 🐚

#singer #songwriter #artist #painter #whatchamacallit #the6ix #toronto

You help keep me cool
& for that I must thank you

#singer #songwriter #fly #the6ix #nyc #silentthrill #doyoucarryalunchbox ?

Something about the way
we love is twisted, yeah

#singer #songwriter #toronto #the6ix #thesleepeternal #stuckinmyhead #wontbefinishedtilihaveanorchestra

I built my bricks
on a tidal wave

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A fruitful reminder that slow progress is progress nonetheless 🍋🍉

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Run > Swim > Fly

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The adventures of Zonker and ZamZam

#fly #toronto #the6ix #wecantdance #butwecute #rbf

Sharing a post from my compadre @a.sly.fox @rowanblanchard
I'm in disbelief everyday that this is our today, and I'll be damned if I sit idly by and watch this tyrant shape our tomorrow. To quote Meryl Streep, "Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose." Being Canadian isn't an excuse to not take up arms, for this is how wildfire starts. This isn't JUST an LGBTQ issue, this breed of hate is a global epidemic; while on the surface it appears an isolated incident, you're lying to yourself if you believe this won't bleed and stagnate others' freedoms/rights. As citizens of the planet we are all in this together - if this isn't the tomorrow we want, we must be vocal (while we have voices).
#notourfuture #protecttranstroops #protecttranskids #lovetrumpshate #10stepsback

Enjoy my music, my pimples, and all. I love the symbolism of Casinos because they are an element of intoxication - you're on a rush, you're probably buzzed, and you're chasing an infinite nothing - all while being pumped with artificial oxygen. Take it literally, or take it to heart. This is my idea of Limbo.
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I always crop my forehead / cause it's larger than life / love myself doe / thanks for the birthday wishes, or whatever

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I needed this today; today and everyday, but certainly today. For now, the very floorboards I stand on feel as though they're comprised of ball bearings, and any stability I find is fleeting. When you tell your parents that you're pursuing your dreams, they'll nag and relent, but upon acceptance, they'll tell you it will be "difficult". What they don't tell you is that "difficult" is an umbrella term meaning that you're going to doubt yourself. HARD. You're going to sever relationships, whether by choice or circumstance - people will filter out. Sure, some people need to leave, and others you can't imagine life without, but this is the bed you're making. I think more heart breaking is the isolation you'll feel; the weight of everyone around you trying to compartmentalize you into their Tupperware shaped ideals and notions of what you should be. The fact that real conversations are just as fleeting as your stability. Why go on? Pork Swords. Because I've got to. It's wrong not to if I've sacrificed all the above and more, only to wind up where comfort is abundant, but the fruit tastes of sand. I urge you to persevere. Make the art that you love, love the art that you make. People are only going to love it when you're a big fucking deal, but make art anyway - as a timeline of your growth. This will be the last time that I promise you the noise that's in my head, only to withdraw because it's not "perfect". Nothing about this journey has been perfect, but that's where the beauty is. I'm ready to give you my heart. Comment "Pork Swords" if you read all the way through 😘

Feels good to be higher than the clouds
Feels good for the first time in a long time now

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