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JHONA DAVID  Singer 🎙 Songwriter ⚔️ Guitarist 🎸 S00N 💿 Chill AF 🌴 Phantasmic 🔮 Mr. Fox 🦊 • • • Shanghai 📍

Love & Attention

aren’t they the same? #ladybird #jhona #singer #songwriter #toronto #the6ix #china #shanghai


I’m nowhere near ready for a kid, but if it happens, I hope they’re like you. You’re one of the toughest students I teach, and easily the brightest. You question everything.. EVERYTHING. You want so desperately to understand the reason behind what’s happening. You fidget, and you knock over chairs and tables when you’re not being challenged. You don’t own a mean bone in your entire body, more or less, if there’s no challenge you know you could be doing something else. I get you, little man. Even in this photo, you’re holding up 3 fingers instead of 2, as if to say, “I’ll pose for your photo. But I’m doing it my way.” You’re a real shithead; I love that about you. Harness your temper in a constructive way, and there’s no stopping you. -Johnni Lao Shi

Tumble Backward

fall on your ass to find your forward momentum. #singer #songwriter #toronto #the6ix #china #shanghai #yellowcity #thelanguageoflight #pathogens

Happiness; he wears it well

The students I’m working with; the light they bring into my classroom, the joy on their parents faces. The stories of the Chinese teachers who help me everyday - they’re shaping my understanding of things just as much as I’m shaping theirs. I wonder if they know.
#singer #songwriter #toronto #shanghai

Dear girl on the right, glow ups ARE REAL ✨

There is no more past, no future tense, no self - only me and now; and the question that begs answering is what will I do with it. Sending love from this end of the fine china sea, to you 💕
#singer #songwriter #toronto #the6ix #shanghai #china #nofilter #kenzhigardens #guncontrol

Words can’t describe

Her name is George Bae; she’s one of my moms students. She saw my guitar in the corner and asked if I would play something. I had a big headache, but how can you say no? I asked her if she preferred fast songs or slow songs - she was very timid but she replied “slow, please.” I don’t think I’ll ever forget the look on her face during and after the song. Slowly but surely the guitar thawed the stiffness in her bones; she allowed herself to rock back and forth ever so slightly. And afterwards she was beaming. She gave me a hug and showed her mom the video. We exchanged very few words to each other, but we shared something far deeper. This is why I make music. #singer #songwriter #toronto #the6ix #shanghai #china @bandbasher @judystakee


I’m moving to China for 1 year - to teach English and music at an international school; just got my visa today and only now is it sinking in. If you know me, you know that I’m not one to wallow, or steep in my discontent. If I’m unhappy, I take action. Working in cosmetics for the years I have has taken something out of me, and if you’ve known me over the last 6 months, you’ll know that my hearts been injured. I felt at times like a candle flickering, straining, to keep it together - but I know now that it’s okay to need help, and that admitting that you’re weak is the first step to acquiring new strengths. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you give yourself no other option, this move came together fast - and only a year ago I started pursuing my music career seriously, and already I’ve met the people who are making my first official release possible. These photos you see are people who shine light into my darkness all the time, without fail or judgement, I am my broken self and my revived self knowing that they love and support me. I hope that whoever’s reading this can draw strength from my honesty; I hope you feel yourself around your friends and family, and that you are valued. Most importantly, know when enough is enough; when your heart is bruised, or when your work has taken advantage of your fire 🔥 know that you don’t have to grow in straight lines every time. If you’ve read this far, please comment a memory of ours, an inside joke, a class we’ve taken together - anything that shows me our hearts are connected. I love you; I won’t be hurting forever, but I’ll always be blessed 🙌🏼
#wish #toronto #china #shenzhen #shanghai #thailand #japan #vietnam #singer #songwriter #love


a prime example of how a song can start years earlier, and the finishing touches come unannounced and all at once 2 years later / #singer #songwriter #slavetotheprocess #toronto #the6ix #jhona #vagabond #love #loveyourself

Pale Moon Goons / mysteries right next to me 🌙🔮

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