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Breanna Dixson  Proud mother of two fur children 💁‍♀️

Just wanted to give a shoutout to my niece! She’s in high school and I wish I could be there. She’s working and making good grades. I couldn’t be more proud of her and I know she’s going to do amazing things and be successful cause she’s a mini me ❤️

Being in the big Apple for the first time really showed how much of a giddy small town Kansas girl I am 🌇🍎 #StillSlayedTho #WeddingVibes #NYC #Flighthomewasdelayed #BackToColoradoWeGo

It’s fucking tr3yway 😈 If only his body guard would have let us get a picture! But he said sorry 😇

Never thought us rookies would get number 1 in weekly sales for our location! 😈💪🏼 #DreamTeam. #Mybossisbetterthanyours #MagesticNova

We went white water rafting 2 weeks ago on Class 4’s and I forgot to upload this ❤️ also some pics of me and my mom when I went back to visit 😇

Took the first flight home to see my baby boy. So thankful for the 17 years he stayed by my side. From when I was 5 until I was 21 Sagwa was the best cat a girl could have. Never will I own another cat. Sagwa was my one and only ❤️ #RIP #SoHandsome

My mom >>> yours 😂 Even miles apart I still talk to her everyday. She is the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet and I’m literally so lucky to have the family I do ❤️

This week was brutal. My last two summer classes end tomorrow. I’ve done like 10+ hours a day everyday trying to get all these papers in on time. Needles to say I didn’t have much time for work and I can’t thank my rock enough for stepping it up so I could keep my 4.0 and end my summer classes strong ❤️Also, I love my new office😍#StressedButBlessed

Sunday we celebrated being number 4 in our team for sales for the week and finally took a day off. I got to see wild mountain goats and it was the most beautiful experience 😍 Can’t believe I took these pictures and videos ❤️

Hopped on the roof with babe for an inspection and the sun was super bright. I got surprised with flowers and found out I passed 5 of my 7 summer classes with A’s and in 2 more weeks I’ll be done with the other 2. Can’t believe I kept my 4.0 while moving states and working full time. Hard work pays off and I’m so thankful ❤️

From work to homework 💁‍♀️ #Grind #NoDaysOff

Missing them a little extra today ❤️ Throwback to when we were driving back from a really hard time and I just wanted to make them smile. I rewatched this like 10 times since we moved. I love them so much and am so thankful for our amazing relationship.
#BestParents #Blessed #SappySunday? 😂

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