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Bad Dadu  Bad Dadu, the baddest dad in town. Bad as in rubbish. Sharing the benefit of his parenting expertise. So you can ignore it.

POND-DIPPING Was expecting to find some fag butts and a half-drowned bee but instead found tadpoles. ACTUAL TADPOLES. Think I was more excited than he was.

My son spotted this in library and shouted “LOOK DAD, IT’S HITLER.” I have no idea where this confusion could have arisen. I suppose at least they’re both very naughty.

Does anyone else find their home littered with half-eaten bananas? If someone could invent a fun-sized banana that would be great. 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌

Please can someone settle an argument between my five-year-old son and me?
What is the precise relationship between Flop and Bing on the CBeebies show?
My son says Flop is Bing’s dad (ridiculous). I think he’s just some weird smug little guy who just hangs around offering his opinion on everything.
Wikipedia just says ‘carer’ which is disconcertingly vague.

Got my son to wee in a cup in a forest at the weekend.

In retrospect I’m not sure why I involved the cup.

Sometimes I wonder if these rides were designed specifically as a warning to kids that their lives will probably be full of crushing disappointment.

This may look idyllic but the smell of cow piss was unbearable.

PARENTING HACK: Tricked him into mowing the lawn by telling him the grass was a maniac hellbent on destroying Gotham.

Don’t want to start a class war but I think I prefer good, honest, salt-of-the-earth prawn cocktail. 🍤 🍹

Didn’t do this for my wedding 😐

My son makes his pitch to be the next Raymond Briggs with this charming tale of a toilet that turns into a dog.

‘I said the Son, the Father and the Holy GHOST’

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