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💋LaToShA MiCkEy💋 

A year and 20lbs later.... I will not... I realized I worked to hard to lose that weight just to gain it again.... back to what I know #21dayfixextreme 💪🏾💪🏾

Dark eyes andddddd 16 hrs later.....

This past semester wasn't easy but it was worth it☺️☺️ #Proudmoment

It's that time... 🤗Lets go NiGhtShiFteRs.. and Good night to the other people🤗

When your heart is heavy and you have to just keep on pushing 😔.... Good Morning 🤗🤗

LiL BaBy turning into my BiG BaBy😩😩


🤗LiL BaBy Graduated ToDaY.... My SuperStaR ReadeR🤗

Good Night/ Good Morning🤗🤗

Best 5000.00 I ever spent in my LIFE💯💯

Pre-Bday turn up....sike I'm only going to the casino 😩😩😩....

Look what I found...November 21,2004..... You see that smile I was so HYPE😩😂😂😂😂

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