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Mindy Chen  52kg Pottymouth I will pet the fuck out of your dog Let's talk metal 🀘 @BarbellApparel, @HVIIIBrandGoods & @BPI_Sports Athlete (Code: BACON)

The new @hviiibrandgoods sports bras have dropped and it's a fantastic fucking morning. For sizing references - I'm ~120lbs and currently (now that I'm bulking) wear size small Nike bras. These share the same sizing chart as the Lululemon bras so if you know your Lulu size I'd definitely go with that (I wear a size 4 Lulu bra). I hate all these numbered sizes btw. Just go with "XS, S, M, etc" like holy hell and has anyone ever tried to buy shoes in European sizes because it is an absolute mind fuck and also bras are so weird to size in person like "hi I'm bulking now so can you please measure my boobs and tell me what size bra will fit my weird sea porpoise body thanks". Use code "bacon" or whatever. Oh and that red line across my waist is from where I tied the scrub pants I was wearing immediately prior to taking this photo lol

🀘 SEND THEM TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE WEEEEEEE tryna get fucked up on some Cocoa Pebbles tho #metal

Sometimes I like to drive sitting straight up with my butt at the very edge of my seat so it feels like I'm driving a go kart πŸ™‚πŸš™ #vroomvroom #getoutofmyway #icanbarelyseeyou #thesunsjustinmyeyes #INEEDANADULT

Remember that one time I thought I could skate? Lmfaooooo #wasted πŸ€•

Tinder vs. Reality

First I wanna thank @ipsy for sending me their July glam bag but can we talk about why my cleavage looks like this fucking egg yolk's butt crack πŸ˜‚ #thatsasexyeggyolk #thicc πŸ“Έ: @harry3oi

HELP ME SUPPORT MY BULKING DREAMS by liking this photo for the @popbarsanjose one year anniversary celebration giveaway contest! I could potentially get one free pop bar a day for 365 days! HNNNNG! Maybe then I'll actually be in a reasonable weight class for my height and stop walking around looking like an actual tatted up popsicle stick all day πŸ˜‚ #popbar #popbarsanjose #365popbars #popsiclestickswhopowerlift

When @big_like_broly has had enough of my shit and turns into an actual statue so he doesn't have to deal with it anymore #byefelicia

High bar paused squats @ 225lbs πŸ’ The good news is: my bulk is going well. The bad news is: I feel like a land whale πŸ‹. Song is "A Gluttonous Abomination" by ACRANIA HNNNNGGGG #landwhales #landwhalesthatpowerlift

πŸ’™ @bpi_sports vanilla swirl protein tastes like the vanilla frosting of a cupcake had a baby with that song "Freedom" by George Michael and that freedom frosting baby later grew up to be a delicious and easily dissolvable whey protein. Use code BACON at checkout πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (Doing all my future BPI posts like this so stay tuned) #freedom #georgemichael #teamBPI #BPIsports #BPInation #BPIathlete #teampower πŸ“Έ: @harry3oi

In the picture I'm thinking about why I never straighten my hair but in real life I'm thinking about what that chick behind me is doing with that gigantic computer bag purse thing like seriously she could fit a dead hooker in it πŸ˜‚ πŸ“Έ: @big_like_broly #WHATCHUDOINGGIRL?! #canyounot #yousickfuck

Out here with Shaun while he gets tattood, he looks way better getting tattood than I do lmfao I look like an actual swamp donkey. @stateofgracetaki please confirm

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