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Mindy Chen  52kg Pottymouth I will pet the fuck out of your dog Let's talk metal 🀘 @BarbellApparel, @HVIIIBrandGoods & @bpi_sports athlete (Code: BACON)


Brought a spaghetti dinner with me to the gym tonight and wolfed it down immediately prior to doing these RDLs. I regret nothing. 210lbs for a top set of 7 tonight, still trying to figure them out πŸ€” what else is new. Wearing my favorite Tool shirt from the last time I saw them live, bummed that they're still not on iTunes. Oh whale. So chose a Lamb of God song instead 🌚 oh and new deadlift shoes courtesy of @wearekava @sef_kavafornia thanks homie!!

I had a dream last night that I was petting some chicks cat and then the cats tail just like fell off and I was like oh no 😟 and tried to like put it back on but the cat was bleeding and I carried it to the sink and then I woke up 😟 and then I had a dream that a baby crocodile broke into my apartment...what does that mean? 😟😟

143lb paused triple and as usual, clipping the rack on my last rep. My workouts have been feeling awesome lately because I'm eating so fucking much lol. Song is "Hollow King" by Fit For A King

4x8 highbar squats @ 190lbs and my new @hviiibrandgoods are pink AS FUCK but for a great cause because all proceeds from these socks are going to be donated to a breast cancer charity. Thanks for doing that @ihviiimattvincent! You just the man with the plan. Song is TEMPTATION by SLAYERRRRRRE

I didn't even have a camel toe I just really love America. 151lbs for a rough double followed by back off sets of 4 at 132lbs. Song is "Beautiful Agony" by Within The Ruins πŸ™‚

Just wanted to share with everyone that I got a new mattress from @lullbed and it came in so clutch after doing deadlifts last night because I slept good as shit and it didn't even take long to set up (seriously like 10 minutes)! It came conveniently rolled up in a box so all I had to do was unbox it and unroll it onto my bed frame. If you want to try a lull mattress (with a 100 night risk-free trial) go to lull.com/sale. #ad #getyourlullon #lullbed #lull #needmorebedroomfurniture

260lbs for a triple...really thinking about if I should go back to pulling sumo lol I just suck at deadlifts in general ☹️ but I'm good at music 🌚 Song is "Beautiful Agony" by @withintheruinsofficial and these are my new favorite shorts from @hviiibrandgoods, really digging the army green πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ @eric_tsa pls halp

205x5 πŸ™‚ First time squatting over 200 since my surgery and I didn't completely hate it. Song is "Nightbringers" (again lol) by @theblackdahliamurder_official . I've been listening to that album and Phantom Anthem (August Burns Red) back to back on repeat lol good thing @bacon_and_triceps and I have the same taste in music 🌚

@centralstrengthgym & Hiro 🐢 & @ironandrescue & my swamp donkey face πŸ’š California is now mandating that shelter dogs and cats be offered for adoption in pet stores, so that's pretty cool ☺️

60kg/132lbs x 6 last night, I hit the rack on the last rep lmao I always set up a bit closer to the rack when I don't get a hand off. Oh whale. The new Black Dahlia Murder is pretty sick. Song is "Nightbringers". Bench is feeling good despite my later reps slowing down 🌚 @eric_tsa

RDLs with 205lbs and I actually feel my glutes and hammies firing πŸ˜ƒ Love this shirt from @americanbarbellclub (thanks guys!) and these new leggings from @barbellapparel. And of course one of my 300 pairs of @hviiibrandgoods deadlift socks lmao. SONG IS "FROST" BY AUGUST BURNS RED HNNNNG @abrband and shoutout to my backup dancer @mabesmysashimi 😽

After 6 days of hard work and research, I have concluded that the new August Burns Red album is FUCKING SICK

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