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Backwoods TV  Backwoods TV is the home for Excalibur's Huntin' the Backwoods. Follow the Backwoods Boys for big game hunting adventures around the world.

Another great day on the water here at Dog Lake Resort. Kevin caught a 23 inch walleye today before heading to the bear woods. Having a blast up here in Ontario. #backwoodstv

This is living! Hunting bears at Dig Lake Resort in Ontario and Carla caught this big, beautiful smallie. Taking the @excaliburcrossbow out to the bear woods after lunch. #backwoodstv #bearhunting #excaliburcrossbow

First night in the stand. Carla has her @excaliburcrossbow ready to rock. Beautiful night for a Fall bear hunt.

We're heading north for a Fall bear hunt at Black Bear Adventures in Ontario. Just crossed lake Superior into Minnesota. Just about 200 miles to go. Keep an eye out for updates all week. #backwoodstv #bearhunting

Another great hunt at @koringkoppiesafaris but all good things must come to an end. Heading back to the airport for the long trip home. Hope you enjoyed all of the updates! #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #onsafari

Caught some cool pics of three big cape buffalo bulls with the @phoneskope today. Just attach it to your optics and snap a pic. Great for scouting or making your phone a telephoto camera! You never know what you might see when you're hunting in Africa. @koringkoppiesafaris #backwoodstv #phoneskope #onsafari

ICYMI: Yesterday Karl took a beautiful golden wildebeest with the @excaliburcrossbow Strata in @truetimbercamo . Check this bow out at @bassproshops and @cabelas

Earlier today Karl put the new @excaliburcrossbow Assassin in @truetimbercamo Strata to work on a golden wildebeest! That completes the *unofficial* wildebeest slam at @koringkoppiesafaris blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, and now a golden wildebeest. The golden is a color variation of the blue wildebeest first discovered in the 1930s. #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #truetimbercamo #wildebeestslam

Priveleged to be part of this young man's first hunt. Congratulations Zacko on a great blesbuck taken with the @excaliburcrossbow . What an awesome hunt. Check out @backwoodstv on Facebook to see the hunt!

Congratulations to little Zacko! Zacko is 6 years old and this morning he put the @excaliburcrossbow Micro 355 to work on a big blesbok ram. His first big game animal ever. Check out @backwoodstv on Facebook to see a clip of Zacko's first hunt. What a cool start to the day. Never miss an opportunity to take a kid hunting! #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #myfirsthunt #onsafari

Jacques' son Zacko is on his first big game hunt with his @excaliburcrossbow Micro 355! We're looking for a blesbok ram that needs to be culled from the herd and Zacko is raring to go! Wish the young man luck! #myfirsthunt #backwoodstv #excaliburcrossbow #onsafari

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