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Backsmart_Wellness_Center  Chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, yoga, functional medicine 1090 King Georges Post Rd. Ste. 501 Edison, NJ (732) 661-1121‬

Happy birthday to our fearless leader - Dr. Lagana!
#Repost from @georgiapeach_eats with ... Happy birthday to the Captain of our ship, the doctor who cures what's ails us, my first and biggest baby, and the love of my life! ❤️ We love you Captain Dr. Loggs! You are a blessing to us all! #birthdayweekend #55andstillfly #welladjusted #turnthismothaout #myman

#Repost from @leahmelnj with ... 2 chances to catch me on the mat this week for yoga! @backsmart_wellness_center Backsmart Wellness Center @7:45 pm tonight for therepuetic hatha Yoga (message me to be added)Vinyasa flow @ 9:45am Friday at @ladancenj LA Dance in Lincroft (walk ins welcome)! Let’s upward human and downward dog! #yogameme #yogahumor #upwardhuman #imdowndog #yoga

Happy Easter! ✝️🙏🌅

Rinna, our Director of Massage Therapy, doing what she does best! Helping people feel better at Community Vendor Night in Cartaret! #communityoutreach #massage #wellness #chiropractic #health #acupuncture #physicaltherapy #healthyfuture #bewell

We're OPEN for chiro care this morning if you need us!
Be safe and enjoy the snow day everybody! ❄️🌨️

#Repost from @leahmelnj with ... When we tune into our breath and allow our inner guide to take the wheel, a whole new world emerges. Our perception is not always reality and we can “spring” ourselves into emergence of being who we are are truly called to be, one breath at a time. Although Mother Nature may not agree, tomorrow is the first day of Spring! Join me @backsmart_wellness_center for a Spring Equinox slow and strong hatha yoga 🧘‍♀️ class! Also, Friday morning @9:45am for vinyasa flow @ladancenj LA Dance in Lincroft NJ! Unpeel the layers and allow yourself to reveal answers that google can’t provide. ;) #bethelight #emergence #spring #springequinox #yoga#yogaeverydamnday

Bring a friend and join us at Backsmart tomorrow night for some therapeutic yoga with Leah at 7:45pm! #yogavibesatBacksmart #flex

#Repost from @leahmelnj with ... Join me for yoga this week, so we can all grow together! 7:45PM tomorrow night hatha/therapeutic yoga @backsmart_wellness_center (Edison), 8:15pm Wednesday (subbing)@ Byakko Martial arts (Edison). 9:45am Friday Vinyasa @ LA Dance (Lincroft)
#yogamakesyougrow #getonyourmat #flowandgrow #yogaeverydamnday

Awesome holiday party last night celebrating our rock star team at Backsmart! We are FAMILY! 😊🤗 #uglychristmassweater #beststaffever #backsmartfamily #happyholidays #chiropractic #physicaltherapy #massagetherapy #acupuncture #nutrition #yoga #meditation

Join us for yoga with Leah every Thursday evening at 7:45pm. This gentle hatha based class is for ALL levels (beginners are encouraged to join) and will help you ease pain, gain flexibility, increase strength and balance. It will also allow you to have a clearer and more relaxed state of mind and overall well-being. Call our office or DM us to be placed on the list for this week's class. #yoga #yogaforeverybody #bindbodyspirit #yogaforlife#yogainedison

Please help Houston right now by donating $10 to the American Red Cross efforts.
Text "90999" and reply "Harvey". The donation will be charged to your phone bill. #helphouston #americanredcross #donate #harveyrelief #everylittlebithelps

Love this post from @batistayoga about our new yoga classes with our massage therapist and now Yoga Instructor, Leah!!! Join us at Backsmart on Thursday evening to see for yourself what yoga can do for you! Call or stop by Backsmart to schedule a session today!! #Repost from @leahmelnj with ... This is why I do what I do and love it so much! Helping people get out of their heads, into their bodies, and feel amazing inside and out. ❤️ @Repost from @batistayoga on Instagram: using @RepostRegramApp - I really enjoyed my practice at Back smart Wellness Center the other night. Leah taught a beautiful class. In her class she said that "Your mat has your back both physically and figuratively speaking".
It was a gently flow but offered challenges. It was refreshing! ...

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