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Backpack Records #backpackrecords Watch the music video for “Elon Musk” by Chrysalism here:

@unitedcassettes took the remaining tapes from @earacheiris , @alejandroskalany and @photographic_memory and have them in store now! They have a great collection of great music so be sure to take a moment to listen to other bands and get some nice tapes 😄 Thank you to Filip from @ztapes he runs the best cassette label in my opinion ❤️

One of my best and most caring friends Peter from @koepfenrecords took the last batch of vinyl records i had, he is having a sale as well now so go to and use the code: SUMMERISOVER to get 20% of your order 😄 thanks Peter for everything ❤️

One of my best friends and my favorite label ever @dogknights still has copies of one of my favorite releases I have ever been part of. The self titled @earacheiris EP! This band has put so much trust in me last year and doing this release with dog knights was an amazing experience 😊❤️🐕 pick up this Record and all the other amazing records at ✌️thanks to both darren & manon from dog knights and Scott and the rest of Iris ❤️

My favorite job ever and amazing people @evil_greed have the last remaining copies of my favorite ep ever: “June” by @imgladitsyou 😊 sea foam green is sold out but there are still orange copies left 🍊 there are also a few copies of folly by @save_face and the @earacheiris tape and vinyl! Go get it all at ❤️ #evilgreed #imgladitsyou #6131records #saveface #epitaphrecords

@chrysalism94 is supporting @yakobogawa at their debut London show on the 3rd of October at Pickle Factory! The show is almost sold out I heard but you can still get tickets online. Jakob Ogawa is also playing Berlin on the 4th of October so all Berlin friends should go see them at Ja Ja Ja in Berlin 😊✌️

2015 - 2018
Backpack Records is over!
This month (September) the label turns 3 years old and it’s been a great journey 😊
Thanks to everyone I have met, worked with and supported the label the past 3 years! If you every want to do something creative just go for it, it is worth it in the end 😊
All the remaining stock is left with other great labels that I will share over the next few days! Thanks for everything 🤘❤️ Jørgen 😄 #backpackrecords

@elonmusk by @chrysalism94 has been out a week today! Remember to get the chorus stuck to your brain and watch the video in our bio 🚀👽🎇 -
#elonmuskrocks #spacex #arcadegames #elonmuskforpresident #chrysalism #elonmusksong #elonmuskvideo #elonmusktesla #spacex #elonmusk #synthwave #synthpop #futurepop #80sparty #popculture

ICYMI: Elon Musk by @chrysalism94 is out everywhere and we are trying to make it the @spacex theme song?! 🚀 Be sure to check out the super nice review by @therevueca! Chrysalism are the aliens favorite band 👽🎸💥 -
#elonmuskrocks #chrysalism #elonmuskforpresident #elonmuskvideo #elonmusktesla #elonmusksong #spacex #tesla #arcadegames

ELON MUSK BY @chrysalism94 IS OUT NOW VIA THE @peekabooluv YT CHANNEL (link in bio!) 💫✨🌟☄️💥🔥🚀🚄🏎🌋🎇🌅🎸. “Elon Musk stole my GF and this is my diss track. If you see them driving his Tesla around the town, blast this track.” - @chrysalism94 -
#elonmusk #elonmuskmemes #elonmusknews #elonmuskquotes #elonmuskforpresident #elonmuskrocks #elonmusktesla #elonmuskvideo #chrysalism #synthpop #synthwave #vegan #veganrecipes #veganfood #vegano #vegans #veganaf #veganathlete

The future is here! @chrysalism94 music video for “Elon Musk” is out tomorrow 🚀🚀🚀 #elonmusk #spacetravel #gaming #arcade #chrysalism #sega #veganlife #vaporwave #ultrahardtechno #asmr #dance

@afterwords_c are playing a secret reunion show with a massive party and other secret acts in Oslo on Wednesday 18th of July! If you want to attend send us a message! 🍻🎉🍺

@earacheiris released a new single called “Away”! It’s available on tape via

Listen to the song at 😊

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