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@kevinoaks from our site sponsor @seareyaircraft is sending back photos like this from the #Searey fly-out to the Bahamas. It's just not fair.

Insanely nice wx here in the Portland area today. #rans #bushcat

McCarthy, spring 2015. #aviathusky #cessna170

Amateur tip: Don't ever try to do an interview/storytelling session after several White Russians and an IPA if you want something coherent.

#akbushwheels...handmade by Alaskan rubbersmiths. 😎 Pretty cool to watch one go together.

A 30-hour stay in Alaska and all I got was 4" of snow. When I flew out the next morning, the sky was clear and sunny. Gambled and lost. #cessna170 #winterinalaska

Winter has arrived at #LakeHood...

I love my @pelicanprofessional gear but it still doesn't solve the problem of just how light to pack for 30-hour one-man surgical strike trips.

Evan Robinson's High Sierra 2018 report is up on the homepage, complete with some amazing shots and a humble greenhorn pilot's insight. Link in profile if you don't have it bookmarked 😎 📷 @ev.robinson

The moon will be #waxinggibbous this weekend; great time to set up your tripods and shoot some longer exposures in that cool light. #cessnaskywagon #skywagon #highsierraflyin #hsf

High Sierra is less than a week away... #Cessna #Skywagon #mtpropeller #akbushwheels #parallax @stolpilot

Safe refueling in the backcountry (or anywhere not using a pump)...always a good discussion in the Backcountry Pilot forums. Some guys say no air drop is acceptable for static discharge safety. Some guys don't care. Some guys get triggered. See the link in our profile for more.

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