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1 Minute Film (15 minute edit) for Instagram release only! Last night I found an abandoned Dropbox folder with all these random clips I shot on a compact point-and-shoot during a little 2012 trip to the #SanJuanIslands with my buddies Paco and Greg in their Rans S7s. It was too maritime-bromantic to relegate to obscurity. Especially the part where Greg flies the runway and lands at the taxiway. And the part where Paco throws a rock. 🏕️🏖️🗻 #savethebushwheels #ranss7 #icanseecanada

Very excited to announce our partnership with the awesome team at @tacaero. I consider them the forefront of #tailwheel and #backcountry training; in fact, I did my last BFR with them. More on that in my upcoming article about the dynamic new company based in #HoodRiver #Oregon.

Getting excited to head back to AK... #dhc2 #beaver #knikriver @regal_air

I never get sick of looking at this bird. #Cessna170 #alaska

Excited to announce our newest ad partner, @pelicanprofessional, makers of super tough, and now super lightweight Pelican Air polymer protective cases. I use mine for hauling photo and video gear. #pelican #supercub

Just digging this frame grab from the new film. You couldn't paint an airplane to be that beautiful if you tried. Only 30+ years of Alaska can bestow that. #Cessna170 #Alaska

Such a long slog, but the main edit is finally complete, clocking in at about 36 minutes. People have asked for a longer film in the past; this is it. It's close! Now about managing expectations...😎 #alaska #Cessna170

Our newest advertising partner is the TX STOL Roundup fly-in and STOL competition. See you in Hondo, TX on September 28-30! #txstolroundup

Kevin from @seareyaircraft sent me this shot today. They landed water and taxied/beached, then took off on wheels. Check the tracks... 📷 Dan Nickens

Very excited to announce @seareyaircraft as our advertising partner for 2018. The Florida-based company offers complete FAA-certified amphibious tailwheel aircraft, as well as EAB kits. Look for more cool flying boat content coming out later this year! #seaplane #searey #rotax #flyingboat

When the stupid filmer guy leaves the seatbelt flapping in the wind... Sorry @16bravo !! Some really cool clips of this experimental #supercub "Highcountry Cub" coming up in the next film, going live in early March.

Like farting with your headphones on, flying a Piper Tri-Pacer is really fun, even if your friends are horrified. #pa22 #piper #tripacer #googlepixel

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