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Rachel  ✨Radically Vulnerable 💌Rachelbabyyshark@gmail.com


Wanted to share my current instastory. ✨✨
#edrecovery #edwarriors #eatingdisorderrecovery #survivor #recovery

//TW eating disorder
Isn’t it the strangest of all
to be the woman
that relapses by taking the batteries out of her wireless keyboard
and putting them into her dusty scale hidden in the back of her closet
knowing that the number viewing is pure sabotage
knowing that there will not be salvation
knowing everything she has rationally learned in recovery
but it doesn’t matter
She’s loyal to anything that stays
#edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery

Vibes for this week. 🌟

Everything @merakilabbe does is perfect. 🌿🌞


//TW eating disorder mention✨
Another weekend of tirelessly and endlessly, but SUCCESSFULLY fighting off intrusive thoughts. Mostly surrounding restriction and burning calories.
Recovery can be exhausting. To me and to any of y’all in the fight, you’re a fucking warrior. 👏🏼Seriously👏🏼 I know it never ends. I know recovery is all day everyday. I know there is no damn finish line.
At the end of my Sunday night I realized how I adore curvy and rolled and squishy bodies, and when I don’t adore them I just don’t really care. (As in I don’t care what other people’s bodies look like. I don’t dissect them or judge them. People are more than bodies.)
And I realized that people probably don’t dissect mine in my day to day life either. People are wrapped up in their own shit and they probably don’t care what I look like...and that’s honestly so relieving. It truly only matters how I feel about me.
Right before I took this video, I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “Rachel, you gotta curvy body. You gotta belly. It’s going to be okay.” 💓
#latenightpost #latenightthoughts #desexualizethefemalebody #nudityisnotporn #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #plussize #selfcare #selflove #bodylove #embracethesquish #selfworth #selfloveclub #loveyourself #curvy #powertothetummy #nowrongway #effyourbeautystandards #survivor #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarriors

Been thinking about this caption all week. Go follow this babetron. ✨💓
#Repost @cheezybhole
“What I share with you guys is how the world reveals itself to ME! Nothing I say is relatable or true for EVERYONE. So please take what you need and leave what you don't. My word is not gospel. Go find your own narrative. An online diary is nothing to cling to, ESPECIALLY mine. I'm here grinding like the rest of you. Still trying to figure it out. And I still am imperfect! I truly love knowing and accepting perfect is not for me. Perfection isn't in how I write, what I think, or who I am. I am right where I am supposed to be and I hope you find where you're supposed to be standing tall as well. I love you humans. I'm eternally grateful for you all. It still blows my mind that any of you see me. It's an honor. Thank you. ✨🖤”

Still SCREAMING me too.
Still hearing hundreds of me too’s daily.
Still fighting for survivors endlessly.
Still listening and opening more space for survivors.
Viral/privileged movements that last a month aren’t worthless, but advocacy and activism has to continue outside media walls.
#metoo #wearestillhere #sexualabuse #sexualviolence #sexualassault #sexualharrassment

✨Impact of Trauma to the Brain✨
Stress disorders:
Acute Stress Disorder: Symptoms 2 days to 4 weeks after trauma
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Symptoms still occurring after at least one month. Can have a delayed onset.
Avoiding stimuli and recollections of assault, such as thoughts, feelings, conversations, activists, places, people
Anxiety or increased arousal:
Makes it difficult to preform adequately at work/school/parenting/survival
Example-When you drive somewhere, and realize you don’t remember driving or the trip once you reach your destination.
Dissociative amnesia:
Example-Not remembering parts of your childhood
Absence of emotional responsiveness:
Example-the shock you feel after a death
Other impacts:
Difficulty sleeping, irritability, anger outbursts, problems with concentration, hyper-vigilance, startle response, numbness, detachment, reduced awareness of surroundings, depersonalization
Read comment below👇🏻👇🏻
#trauma #traumaresponse #sexualassault #sexualviolence #abuse

@stallion_unleashed is the best.

Look how cute mamashark is though!!😭😭
She’s my person.
She’s my soulmate.
And I am so so blessed to have a parent that can encompass that for me. Even through the hell we grew in together, she is still my inspiration and reason to live.
Who is YOUR person?👇🏻

I have always loved my breasts. They are identical to my mothers. The same breasts that fed me. The same breasts that I would see everyday and admire and hope to have one day.
My breasts are warm and soft. They are as tender as my big bulging heart. I wished for them as a small girl, as I always admired the fatty flesh that blossomed on those older than me.
It was only ever since I began sharing my journey and body on the internet. that my breasts were shamed. (About 5 years ago) Partners have always worshiped them. I have always cherished their existence.
“Your boobs are saggy and ugly.”
“Get a boob job.” “Stop sharing your nasty breasts on the Internet”
And on and on and on. ✨✨
How dare anyone shame another person’s body, shame another person’s vulnerability, SHAME ANOTHER PERSON’S JOURNEY IN ESCAPING SELF ROOTED SHAME.👏🏼👏🏼
Here’s to my (and anyone else’s) pancake breasts. To heavy breasts. To uneven breasts. To saggy breasts. They are worthy and magnificent and holy. They are the weighted flesh of a rebirth.
PS- if any of you come at me with sexualized comments about my breasts, THAT EXIST WAY BEYOND BEING YOUR FUCK TOY, I will suffocate you with them until you learn to stop sexualizing every damn thing a female identifying person is or does.
And trust me these babies suffocate in seconds. 👋🏻 #desexualizethefemalebody #nudityisnotporn #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #plussize #selfcare #selflove #bodylove #embracethesquish #selfworth #selfloveclub #loveyourself #curvy #powertothetummy #nowrongway #effyourbeautystandards #myrecoverybody #breasts #boobs #saggyboobs #saggyboobsmatter

@natureyoni is my happy place account.
#yoni #yonilove #nature

“Every time I say something they find hard to hear.
They chalk it up to my anger, and never to their own fear.

Imagine you're a girl, just trying to finally come clean.
Knowing full well they'd prefer you were dirty and smiling.”
#desexualizethefemalebody #nudityisnotporn #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #plussize #selfcare #selflove #bodylove #embracethesquish #selfworth #selfloveclub #loveyourself #curvy #powertothetummy #nowrongway #effyourbeautystandards #survivor #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarriors #edrecovery #spoonie
#chronicillness #myrecoverybody

#Repost @thesassytruth_ ・・・
“When you respectfully tell a guy you aren't interested and he hits you with a "you're fat anyways" BOY I WAS FAT WHEN YOU MESSAGED ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS FOR DINNER QUIT PLAYING! On some real shi* though, why do these boys feel like they can just hit you with that line? It is so overused and ridiculous that someone on a dating app would take a jab at your fat after you have been denied entry into the kingdom. Like how fragile is your masculinity that after being denied by a female you show aggression and insult them? BYE I dont got time for that.  My fat body does not make me any less of a person, it does not make me less pretty, it does not make me less successful, it does not make me less bad ass, it does not make me less valid, it does not make me less wanted (bitch believe me i have like 43 unread messages on my dating app), IT DOES NOT MAKE ME LESS OF ANYTHING.  I do not tolerate anyone trying to come for my fat body, or anyone elses fat body for that matter.  I was bullied throughout elementary and middle school and that shi* will not fly booboo, not today, not tomorrow, not ANYDAY.  Any person would be LUCKY af to be with me and all my fat.  Please don't ever allow anyone to make you feel like you aren't worthy or wanted or enough because of your physical appearance or a physical attribute.  Those people are not worth your time. #thrivingwhilefat #visiblyplussize”

Out here owing $488 to the federal gov, WHILE working full time at a non-profit
AND getting $1,000 of my income taken a month for taxes, paying for health insurance with high ass deductibles, and paying student loans, but it’s fine.
I can only get a tax return if I get married, have a baby, or buy a house. Like I said it’s fiiiIIINe.

✨“Where am I at?” series part 4✨
This past year has been such an exceptional time of healing with my body. I have destroyed old self dialogues. I have changed so much.
A list of things I would not/could not do a year ago in regards to body love. 👇🏻
Authentically posting my chubby body without editing out fat rolls or cellulite.
Sharing content with self deemed “flaws”, and not pointing them out in the post as a defense mechanism.
Posting candid photos.
Having a public account that anyone I know or do not know can view, that features my body in vulnerable.
Liberating my body, by genuinely not caring what others think of it.
Feeling powerful when I break “fashion” or “societal” rules for chubby girls in public.
Taking time out of my day to look at my tummy, and speak kindly to it.
Wearing pants and skirts that visually outline my stomach.
Wearing clothes that do not cover my stretch marks.
Not carrying shame when I need to size up in clothing, because I want to feel comfortable.
Having open and honest conversations about diet culture to people in my day to day life.
Not allowing people to bash their bodies in front of me, and reminding them of their worth.
Moving my body because it feels good, and not because I need to to burn calories.
Doing multiple photo shoots, where I explain in advance that I don’t want to be posed, edited, or shot from “flattering” angles.
I have so much more work to put into my body love journey, but I have come so fucking far. I am happy and proud for myself. This is where I am at.
#desexualizethefemalebody #nudityisnotporn #feminism #intersectionalfeminism #plussize #selfcare #selflove #bodylove #embracethesquish #selfworth #selfloveclub #loveyourself #curvy #powertothetummy #nowrongway #effyourbeautystandards #survivor #recovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #edwarriors #edrecovery #spoonie
#chronicillness #myrecoverybody

Writing heals my heartache always and endlessly.

Protecting abusers/individuals abusing THEIR privilege of power and control is unacceptable.
It is problematic and dangerous language.
I don’t even want to hear the words “mental illness” used when there are acts of mass violence, unless we are going to also use this “explanation” for POC. (Which still wouldn’t be acceptable, but there is also a huge race issue here!) White males are to blame for the vast majority of mass violence. Yet we still protect them from verbiage, such as the terrorist label. (PSA THEY ARE TERRORISTS) Yet, we still protect and value their lives. (PSA THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO POC) Law enforcement manages to not only avoid killing white perpetrators, BUT THEY ALSO ACCOMMODATE THEM.🧐 Lastly and as mentioned before, violence does not happen because of MI. Violence happens because of the desire of power and control. Be it sexual violence, physical violence, emotional abuse, or mass violence. Our culture of toxic masculinity, protected gender violence, sexism, misogyny, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and patriarchal views are what continue these cycles ofabuse. Mental illness is not the reason, excuse, or ACCEPTABLE VERBIAGE in any narrative.
📸: @taylorhoney (go check out their profile FR)
#violence #mentalillness #cycleofabuse #powerandcontrol #genderviolence #toxicmasculinity #sexism #misogyny #racism #transphobia #homophobia #patriarchy #terrorism #massshooting

#babecrushwednesday ♥️valentines edition pt. 2♥️

#babecrushwednesday ♥️valentines edition pt. 1♥️

“If I’m to speak for myself, I’ll tell you that the universe is twice as big as we think it is
And you’re the only one that made the idea less devastating.”

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