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ASAP!!!!!!! Tatted up Mel. Dm me. Thanks

Thank you mami for killing me with freestyle on the road trips to the beach in the 90’s with wilda 😂 blessed to know poppin music these young kids missed out on 🙌🏽#boriqua#freestyle#italian#bronx#newarknj #newyork#brooklyn#statenisland#paterson#passaic#newark#lilsuzy

Back to blonde I go! Yeah I know, I look like a whole different human. Thanks @lile912 for the referral lol. Lord knows I am not beat for this mission again! lol #BitchIknowYouGonnaDoTheSameNow💊 😩 #superbad

First the concords two days ago, now the chi-bulls retro today. Still trying to figure out when I started to gaf about sneakers. Oh yeah, when I gained 30 pounds in 4 months and made joggers and hoodies life. At least my kicks look good.

My spirit animal 😩😂 “let me wrap my weaveeeee up, I’m the trap selinaaaaa dame más gasolinaaaaaaa” something about that after baby glow 😍 #theyallfake #eventoeachother #godisamazing #laughing #themaintopicALWAYS

Baby E. Just turned 21 here 😩. Pr parade after party NYC. CLUB ONE. Always had nice legs. Thanks mami 😘

Tan bella

Super facts

#TOOYOUNGFORYOUBRO I was 12? 13? My grandmother literally saved my life that day. Think either @tinaslimm or @mpalacioxoxo took this pic lol. Skorts, big earrings, and completely DESTROYING my brows completely trying to be grown with a twinkle razor. Wearing brown lip liner, and my moms black liner. I remember that day when I was alone and forgot to check the time and she walked in with my grandmother and saw me, she could have literally killed me had she gotten to me, my grandmother was my guardian angel that day 😩🙏🏼 a thank you @ramona5444 for being the reason I am still alive today lol. I was terrible! (Funny things is tho, the ones who people thought were great influences ended up pregnant or losing that vCard a year or two later lol while I was technically the Virgin Mary 😏🤷🏻‍♀️😂). Wish I would have listened. Even tho I didn’t go far with boys? I grew up quickly in terms of playing and enjoying childhood without trying to be grown. THANK GAWD I HAVE A SON!

My exact sentiments

Donde hubo fuego 🔥

Once again 🤷🏻‍♀️👌🏽

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