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Sometimes you just gotta get #SLICK #graceslick

Good morning all!

Me and my cool kid in pa♥️ #thankyouGod #FOE

Always a favorite.... #GodisGREAT 💯

This may be an out of the ordinary post for me but in the tri state we have the highest amount of HIV/AIDS cases going around than we’ve had since the 90’s. Yes you can live a long time with this virus but it is much better to be safe than sorry. These women you meet at bars, in the streets that drive hot whips or men that do the same that don’t look sick always in the flyest gear? You have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how many of them are actually walking around with HIV. many of them without even knowing. Safe sex is a great idea, absolutely but what you should do instead of having sex with people to pay your rent, or because your temptation has full control over your logic? Is to stop having sex altogether and at least get tested real quick then continue if you must atoraste WITH A CONDOM(not 100% safe btw and oral sex is 0% safe which you should’ve learned in high school). That’s why I don’t mess around and I keep to myself. I have a long life I plan on living without having to constantly take meds that’ll mess up my liver as it is in order to stay alive. Now to those who are silently living with HIV this is no disrespect to you, I pray you live long lives and remain healthy and keep those antibodies low but this is just a PSA if you will to those more worried about how they look and not their physical health having affairs, sleeping with random guys for cash etc. It’s crazy in these streets. GET TESTED and if you’re very sexually active, get tested again every 6 months.


All these girls offering Microblading and ombré. You see the work they post? Compare it to this. AND THIS WAS MY VERY FIRST TIME EVER. Booking now for a fall special. There will be photos of models, not just practice skin in order to show real LIVE PEOPLE RESULTS. Need some bomb dope ombré brows? Got you. And yes they can def be lighter and thinnner. Gracias. Book quick💕A1 💯 #njmicroblading #njombrebrows #ombrebrowsnj #microbladingnj #nycmicroblading #nycombrebrows #ombrebrowsnyc #browsonfleek #njbrows #nycbrows

Not today baby. Not today. Trátalo 🙏🏽♥️

Waiting on @tinaslimm likeeee

🙏🏽 thank you Father. You forgive even when you know the sins I’ll commit beforehand without even knowing myself. Smh!. For that I’m eternally grateful and bow to you as YOU ARE the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Thank you for giving me chances over and over. I’m never too proud to show the world I love you. On social media and everyday life off of this. Thank you Jesus. You are everything♥️

Bella. Sin o con filtro. NO IMPORTAAAAAAAA 🙃

Ayyyyyyyyyy so proud of my bestie

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