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Salvatore Termini  Artist


Starry eyes I loved you.

It's September 2012 I made a lot of friends that summer who would become people I still know today. .
@chefsamtalbot rented this little beach house on old Montauk highway and we would stay up till all hours of the night painting then walk across through the field and to the beach make fires, shoot fireworks, serenade who ever was with us that night with my guitar and try and get them to go for a night swim .
During that summer because there wasn’t quite enough room to gesso these big pieces at the house and  inspired by a story i heard about Julian Schnabel dragging canvases behind his car before he would paint on them.  I would try and recreate the effect and drag the canvases through the road and into this field rub grass and dirt on them mixed with the paint and it would give the paintings great texture. At the time i was applying the gesso with a brush in each hand i had this idea to balance out my left and right brain! .
That same year i even experimented with tomatoes, beets etc vegetables as dyes and @ericcahan said why don’t you make something that relates to your family and spiritual beliefs and before that i hadn’t really painted anything like that. .
So i made a Jesus on paper from grass, i used dirt as the skin tones i was really excited to show him the work. It now hangs proudly in the sanctuary at my parents church. ...the photo thanks to my love sams mom whom I also spent a lot of time with! @didabr

Sun kachina 2012
oil on canvas for a show I did @meletmercantile now in the collection of @robertdmckinley @katenauta .
Special thanks to @karen_manco remember?

Characters emerge through expressions of line and color.

Working on a bunch of new paintings there is not a better feeling then being in the studio music blasting and letting loose!

If we could just take a snap shot,
at the perfect time.
Remember all the good then the violin in the classical concerto could not
put me so far underwater.
Not tame i made time to sit down at the edge of one universe. My context is the daydream memory of the past like we all do living there when we have a chance to stop and think.
Call me ill be available at the end of all this adventure to listen and to be a part of your life still, the danger of my daydreams haunting me.

Amagansett alley cats! @caviercoleman @alexanderreinwald

Starry eyes i loved you ⭐️

If your fond of sand dunes and salty air quaint little villages here and there. .

#ditch #ditchplains #montauk #hamptons #hamptonsart

Pirate green.

Purple pirate.

Pirate red...

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