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Ariel (เเอเรียล) 🐬  🇲🇾🛫🇸🇬 | Follow me and maybe you'll get to see my Mermaid tail 😉 [Jeremiah 29:11] 👻SnapChat; @BabyRielz 📧 📽 👇🏻#CNews host

My fav girls 💕💕💕
And all from Hartamas highschool! It's funny how how the past year brought a couple of us closer again.. it's amazing how as you grow in life, sometimes people grow apart, and sometimes you make stronger relationships that pushes you to grow even more and gives you the support you need.
I'm so so thankful for these friendships and I appreciate them so much 😘💕 💃✨ Had such a fun cray night with them at the impromptu Zouk visit for my last visit to the club before I leave KL 😜

It was one of the best days spent with you celebrating your early birthday before you left.. 🍾 🥂 🎂 Enjoying a bottle of rosé and a surprise 'custom bday cake' at the world's highest alfresco bar with a 360 view of Singapore, and to enjoy it all with you by my side, I couldn't have asked for more. I loved exploring places I/we've never been in Singapore together.
Have a happy birthday celebrating with the family this year 🇦🇺 . I'm glad I was able to give you a really memorable one. 😘 ❤️ I love and miss you, Gio Marco 😘😘😘😘😘 Miss ko ang iyong halik 🙊
P/S: A shoutout to @1altitudesg for their amazing line of staffs providing us with tip top service that made a great night for us. #1altitudebar #singaporeview #mbs #singaporeflyer

Long story short, I sorta ran away from home, bought a one-way ticket to Singapore... Fell in love❤️, found a job 👩🏼‍💻, and signed my first lease🔏. All these happened in 3 weeks 😱 It's been a whirlwind for me. .
I'm looking forward to spend a couple weeks at home in KL to pack my shiz and have a farewell with close friends before I go back to Singapore to start a new chapter of my life. .
Taking a gap year to travel in 2016 and now about to start adulting in 2017 by moving to a new country for work is madness! I would've never expected these series of events. I can only feel like bigger things are in store for my future 📍🙄😉 #RielzTakeSG #MBS #SingaporeFlyer #1altitudebar

This man right here is the reason me being in Singapore. The past 3 weeks has been nothing short of amazing, after the wait from hundreds to thousand miles apart to finally being in the same city again. I feel so lucky to be loved by you. To be on the best dates with you and to celebrate an early bday with you. You've made me so happy☺️
I don't care if I spoil market because you deserve every bit of it for being the sweetest cupcake that won my heart from the moment I met you. Hahah. #cheesyAF (You also spoil market for me lor)
It breaks my heart to have to say goodbye, and my heart breaks even more for yours after all the goodbyes you've had 😢 We'll meet again if fate shall bring us back together 😘 Don't be sorry or sad, we'll both be okay as we embark on a new chapter in life. .
I know you hate goodbyes so this is Not a goodbye but a see you later Baby G ❤️😘 🇦🇺 #RielzTakeSG

I don't want to count how many days I've left with you, but count how many days I've spent with you.
#RielzTakeSG #ilightmarinabay

Long over due post... but I've gotta start somewhere.. It's been a couple weeks since I left Thailand. I haven't got a chance to post due to the hectic schedule I've been on since.
Anyways... How time has flew by, the students of Ban DoonSim has been nothing but the sweetest! 💝You'd know if you've been following my stories on Snapchat or IG for the past couple months.
The love that they freely give, makes me feel so warm and fuzzy everytime I think about it.. They are really a special bunch and I'm so honorees to be their teacher.
Everyone treats me like family and makes me feel so at home. It was such a great time spent at Kanthararom, Sisaket, Thailand. I'm just so thankful for everything and I'm definitely missing the days going to school and having the children running to give you hugs and fighting among each other to hold your hands 🤣
I'm also going to miss the dear teachers whom were like my sister/mom. And of course my host family which took care of everything to make me feel as comfortable as possible 😊💕
#RielzTakeThailand #RielzIsaanLife #SWD22CUThailand

6 weeks. This is the longest I've been away from home.
It's my last week of the #Sawasdee Thailand project and I'm at the brink of falling sick🤧
The weather change from a low 17c to 30c jump, unable being to do as much workouts as I need 🏃 , the mad heat ☀️ , the good (but not-so-nutritious) food 🐷, eating the most rice/carbs 🍚 ever in the past 5 years, eating with everyone else even when you're not hungry- are the few factors that has been taking a toll on me, affecting me mentally and physically. 😥 .
I miss my (healthy) lifestyle so much. And by that I mean going to gym 3 times a week and eating high protein and vegetarian meals 🥗. For those who knows, gets that it's a way of life, one I've been living for the past 5 years. And very happy about it.
As much as I love everything about thailand, my health has always been is my priority, and not being able to live that lifestyle has taken a toll, so I'm really looking forward to go home soon.
Well this is a RIEL post for ya, not only do I post the highlights of my trips/life but also the lowest ones. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #GottaBeRiel #punintended
#RielzInThailand #RielzIsaanLife

You know you feel like you're living a normal day to day life in a foreign country when you're 1,300KM away from home yet still feel the stress because that doesn't happen when you're on a 'holiday mood'. .
Unsettled heart with the uncertainties of why lies in the next chapter of my life. I've always known my plans a year ahead. But this fork in the road... I pray that God answers my hearts desires allowing me to keep pushing comfort zones and to widen my horizon 🌏 After all, He only wants the best for us. E.H.F.A.R. .
I've missed #Kingdomcity church so much that I've started listening to their podcast for the first time. Went thru like 4 in the past couple days as I let it play in the background.. (esp while doing dishes)😬 #RielzTakeThailand #RielzIsaanLife #UbonRatchathani

S'been a month since I've been an English teacher volunteering in this school, Ban DoomSim, in the village off Kanthararom town.
How time flies when you're enjoying every moment of it...
I remember after my first week, I was in a daze during lunch with the oh-so-joyful kids.. and I thought to myself 🤔"wow, this is going to be my life for the next month, and I'm very happy". That realization hit me, and I could almost tear every time I think about having to say goodbye to them 👭👬👭👬😢
Everyday I wake up at 7.15AM and go to school at 8.15AM, leave at 4PM. It feels as if it's my normal routine life, I don't feel like I'm in a foreign land or as if I'm on a 'holiday'. I legit could live this life and stay another 6 months etc. I feel so comfortable here and everyone treats me like family ☺️💕 So blessed 🙏🏻
#RielzTakeThailand #RielzIsaanLife #SWD22CUThailand #SawasdeeProject

Happy Valentine's Day 💝 .
It's a day to celebrate love. And that doesn't mean only to your lover (if you have one), but also your relationship with friends and family.
If only these single people whom are so sour about Valentine's Day that they end up pitying themselves because they don't have a 'other half' to celebrate it with, could look at Valentine's as a day of appreciation for the loved ones in their life.. 🙄 .
🤔💭 If I was in KL right now, I'd prolly be spending it at the gym because GYM IS BAE 😬 Anyone can leave you or have no time for you but gym will always be there. #ReasonsWhyImSingle 😂
#RielzTakeThailand #RielzIsaanLife #LivingMyThaiDream #NationalPark

A snippet of the footages that I dare not say sum up the 2 IPS days cause it was 2 hectic days packed with tonsss of fun-filled activities that had me sooo shagged at the end of the day...
But you would've seen it all if you had me on Snapchat 😉
Shoutout to the #Chulalongkorn AIESECers who made his event a successful one. I had such a blast and even cried at the end. For all your late nights and hard work organizing to make it smooth and fun for us, I really appreciate all your efforts 💕
My #SWD22CUThailand project started off with a bang because of them 💥
Also, the only Malaysia representative from the 6 counties (Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain & Argentina)! Wooots 😁 🇲🇾 .
Looking forward to meet you guys again at the farewell soon! 😘
#RielzTakeThailand #RielzInBKK #AIESEC

With the beautiful Thai AIESECers at the 2day IPS Training for AIESEC Global Volunteers at beautiful Chula Uni 💕
I wouldn't think that after meeting someone new in a foreign country which English not being their first language, for just 48 hours, I would've gotten emotional saying goodbye 😢 But they are so hospitable and helpful, I couldn't hold back my emotions during the blessing ceremony. And I wasn't the only one too 😬
#RielzTakeThailand #RielzInBKK #SWD22CUThailand #chulalongkorn

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