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Gonna officially call this guy a roller! Back to belly all morning, though he does get a little stuck going belly to back, which is just fine by me because I'm not prepared for the log roll stage when you leave them on the floor and come back to find them under a table.

Lowell has spent the week at Camp NaNa, and Pa Woode has his very own mighty machines, so Lowell is living his best life right now. In addition to watching the machines dig and move the dirt, Lowell is also spending his days digging in the dirt, ending each day caked in mud and happy. #LOLOYOLO indeed.

See that little stork bite on the back of his neck? Scott thought it would be funny to tell Lowell that Rosie (the pug) bit him there. He said it, like, once, months ago. Lowell took it as fact and tells people all the time that our dog bit our baby. Worse? SOME PEOPLE BELIEVE HIM.

Got a penguin/animal lover in the family?! This is for you!
I asked Kendall "Can a cow save a penguin?" Clearly, he thought I was being funny, but @Stonyfield is serious and wants us to #ImagineHow tomorrow, 4/25, to commemorate World Penguin Day.
Stonyfield YoKids is giving kids and parents a firsthand look at these majestic seabirds, as well as the conservation work being done to save them, with a Facebook Live broadcast starting at 12:00PM EST direct from @mystic.aquarium Penguin Encounter! Tune into the Stonyfield Facebook page to catch the broadcast and be the first to learn about their support of @zoos_aquariums #sponsored

Chilling out in our new Chill Out Area! Check out my story for a little tour.

Taking a photo of baby from above is an easy way to capture an adorable moment, but don't be afraid (or too lazy!) to get down on their level, even laying on the floor. Flip to the next pic to see what I captured when I took a minute to lay down. (Both are edited with #acolorstory Flashes Of Delight "Lola" filter.) #babyrabiespictureplay

🐵see 🐵do

I thought they were a myth, but we finally got one of those babies that just falls asleep anywhere when he's tired. No screaming until we put him in the dark room with the white noise and the fan just so. He just passes out whenever and wherever. Really looking forward to future funny videos of him falling asleep in his food. We have NEVER had a baby that would fall asleep in a plate of spaghetti. He is my sleepy unicorn baby. BELIEVE! 😄🦄

When you desperately need a new headshot and only have 5 minutes- garage and photoshop to the rescue! Flip to see the final pic. (And then search for "garage portraits" on my blog for a tutorial by @bebehblog on how to do this yourself!)

What a shame, I never know what he's thinking. 🤣 #loloyolo

4 months old today! 19 lbs, 9 month clothes, and #StrongLikeMom 💪🏻

This is THE picture- the one where I finally felt like maybe I was going to master photography after all. I took it with my #CanonRebel and my #50mm14 lens (50 1.4) AND GUESS WHAT?? I am GIVING AWAY that exact combo- seriously the BEST for first DSLR/lens combos. YOU could win this camera and lens (over $700 value) and start your photography journey! HUGE thanks to @memoryweb for helping me make this happen. Check them out for photo organizing and storage solutions so simple it will rock your world, BUT FIRST go to the link in my bio and enter to win!!! It ends next Tuesday! Tag a friend who you think would slay photos with this combo. 💜

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