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Jill Krause  I create things, like digital content & babies. Follow us @Happy.Loud.Life to watch us move our family into an RV and travel the country for a year!


Don't let his cool guy face fool you. This guy actually found an RV he's REALLY excited about. We all are! More on my @happy.loud.life story! #happyloudlife

Our #HondaPilot is fully loaded with 8 people while grandma and grandpa are in town. Wallace keeps smiling at me. He must be pretty surprised to see me back here.

That's.... a lot of 🎂 for no reason other than #summerbucketlist

3 box cake mixes, a literal tub of frosting, two boxes of fondant, and two hours later... my kitchen is a disaster, we have enough cake for an actual wedding, and the bigs are over the moon happy. I took the day off work today and am keeping Lowell in aftercare at school to make this happen. Worth it. (Now I can say "we already did that" for the rest of the summer anytime Leyna begs me to bake with her. I think I get a pass on working with fondant again for at least a year.)

Little Bother Apprentice

Bedtime routine now consists of catching the rolling baby and wrestling him into jammies. #Ad I do try to help him take it down a notch with @earthmamahq Calming Lavender Lotion first. At the very least, it smells amazing. Flip to the next pic to see the adorable Sleep Little One gift set it came in. #earthmama

Before I had babies, I always imagined that one day I'd push my babies in one of these swings. I guess because my little brother had one (he's nearly ten years younger than me). We didn't have any place to hang one at our last house, and Lowell was too big when we moved in to this house. So one of the first things I got excited about when I found out I was pregnant with Wallace was that I would get him a swing, and we'd hang it on the back porch. It was one of his Christmas gifts. He was 4 days old. Scott just got it hung last week and I don't care if we only get to use it for a month before we sell the house. Motherhood dream come true.

What do you get a guy who's going to be your kids' science teacher while you #roadschool next year? A @bravenewworlddesigns I 💙Science shirt! #happyloudlife

I had the... let's call it an opportunity recently to defend my husband and describe all the ways he is killing the fatherhood game despite our insane schedules and loosely orchestrated chaos. At the time, that "opportunity" ripped my heart out, but now I'm so thankful for it. I later forwarded that "opportunity" onto Scott so he could read the words that poured from my heart through my furiously typing thumb on a phone screen in an airport. We are not a perfect family, but we are driven by love, and nobody loves us all like he does. #HappyFathersDay

He may not do social media, but he encouraged me to be excited about tech from an early age and bought me my first computers. He's also where I get my sense of humor from. He's basically the reason I wound up a blogger. 😄 #HappyFathersDay

I ordered my own Mother's Day gift because I'm done outsourcing that task. My first @alexandani set. It was the #wonderwoman collection that hooked me. #alexandani #alexandaniwonderwomancollection

Did you catch my stories from #Target this morning? They hosted me at one of their newly redesigned stores- I GOT TO MEET THE 🎯 DOG- and I blogged all about it! Link in bio or go to BabyRabies.com/NewTarget to see what their stores will look like.

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