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We need your help!
My friend Kacie, owner of @getorganizedomaha and I decided that it's the perfect time to give you an excuse to de-clutter AND share kindness before the bone-chilling cold sets in with a Winter Warm Wear Drive.

Contribute to the WINTER WARMTH DRIVE!
Get Organized Omaha and the Baby on the Brehm community (that's all of you!) are teaming up with local rock stars, Kolache Factory, and Grant Mussman - State Farm Agent to help spread the warmth around our town.

We are collecting GENTLY USED or NEW coats, hoodies, sweatshirts, fleece zip-ups, warm pants, and snow gear (boots, snowsuits, and the like). Kids and Adult sizes are welcome and appreciated!

Who will benefit:
Children's warm gear will be delivered to Bancroft Elementary School.
Adult-wear (both mens and womens) will benefit the WCA of Omaha. The @wcaomaha is need of cold-weather wear as it provides services and items for victims of domestic abuse and families often arrive without anything in tow.

Where and when can I drop-off my items:
This week! November 14, 15, and 16 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)

There are three locations to drop your donations during the listed hours... @kolachefactoryomaha - West Maple (12321 West Maple, Omaha, NE 68164)
between the hours of 6 am and 1:30 pm.

State Farm - Grant Mussman (606 S 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68114) between
the hours of 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.

Baby on the Brehm - (606 S 178th St) between the hours of 9 am and 3 pm

Because cold days call for coats. And pants. Closets and bins are calling to be cleaned. And snow calls for boots and suits. And being human calls for kindness!

Let's Give Goodness! Questions? Email Ashli at
#bekind #givewarmth #coatdrive #omaha #omahagoodness #omahagives #homaha #dogood #serviceproject #givegoodness #nebraskanice

Ohhhh great gravy (mmmm gravy. Mmmm thanksgiving. 🥧🍁🦃! It has been a hot minute since the Brehm house has been in full-force. From the gagging to the coughgags to the barfs to the fever to the pneumonia... it’s been a spell, friend. •
Lucky for me, I’ve done sick before. I’ve done times where I had to just rest. Times where I had to just step away from the to-dos in order to get myself in working order. And I’ve amassed many a mantra to remind myself during those times that this is not my forever. Because heck, none of us know our forever, right? Right. •
The Littlest was fever-free through the night after 5 days (which felt like 5hundred42) of running consistent 103-104 temps. The Middlest hasn’t barfgagged or had an asthmatic coughing fit for 36 hours. And oh bless, I am feeling 9,763 times better this Monday than I ever could have even thought of feeling last Monday. •
My friend, @pamandie45 and I have been pairing up off & on with her pictures+my words. I shared this one a while back but it is exactly what I reminded myself all last week. Because we had a bug, a virus, an infection... where we were, we had to do that part.... but it so isn’t where we were always gonna have to sit. •
Also, because sweet Pam Pam has recently had her knee turned into a Bionic creation with a knee surgery, I felt this was a good one to share to wish her good vibes as she continues to have to sit, heal, and remember that this is not her forever (which in no way means it doesn’t hurt like a bitch or completely suck balls right now). •
If you are in a moment of something (even if your moment is going on a year) remind yourself, even if you can only think with such positivity for .3 seconds, where you are now, in the sludge and shit and hurt and pain and grey skies... there’s a good chance it could not be your forever. So sit in it, begrudge it, crab about it, have a pity party, and then, as a wise woman named Sally always reminded everyone, “roll up your socks and move along.” •
Where you are IS where you are for now. But it is NOT where you’ll always be. •
And now, my babies are better, and my pneumonia is gone-Ish. What a great day to get to have another fresh Monday.

Mother’s Log: Day 8(hundredand72) •
As we settle into day 8 in sick bay, we are reaching deep into the cupboards. We’ve emptied another bottle of ibuprofen and the children are revolting against bubblegum-flavored anything. They are also resisting the grape chewable acetaminophen and I think if they had any energy, they would be plotting a coup to overthrow the medicine-giver. •
Fevers continue to come and go which means attitudes wax and wane from tears and full-body aches to believing they can take on the world. •
The good doctor tested for influenza with negative results. But it would appear that two diagnoses of bronchitis is what has taken over our home. •
One says he finally feels the best he has in days. The other came down smiling this morning after rocking a 104.3 temp in the night. He also just barfed all over the couch and after a combo of club soda and baking soda was applied to the yack, I’ve raised the handwashing count to four billion nine hundred and thirty-two. •
The Middlest has staked his claim to the basement. And I’ve converted the otherwise sitting room to sickbay2 for the Littlest. Sheets✔️. Sick blanket ✔️. Bowl ✔️. Remote ✔️. •
If you’re reading this, I can assure you, I’ve listened to the masses and diffused oils, detoxed our baths, pushed fluids, tried anti-emetics, snuck greens into anything they can keep down, stayed on top of the probiotics, hot-washed every piece of everything that can fit in the washer, performed a healing ritual dance, and rocked the Netflix and ills. •
And as we are now one week in, and I’ve apparently been rocking pneumonia for weeks, I’m realizing my father is always right. “A tincture of time” he always says. It just takes bodies time to heal and feel healed. Even if the crew starts to go stir-crazy, rest and fluids are the very best of the best. •
So we will be hunkered down here, enjoying the snow and saving the germs from all of you. •
A tincture of time. And I can’t believe I’m saying this because mom-of-three-under-5 would have never said this but, a little weird blessing in disguise is having the ability to be home to clean up barf number 432. And to also give my body rest. •
Sincerely, MamaB

I’m trying to figure out whose handwriting this is but no solid guesses yet so... to our little front porch flu fighting friend, THANK YOU. This made my day and I am currently sipping the Gypsy Tea and we’ll add the greens and avocado to our smoothies tomorrow!! •
Yes. i think I just might know the very nicest people in all the land.

Welp. It’s official. The Brehm bunch has gotten the seasonal bug. •
I was first with a sinus infection a few weeks ago. The Middlest was next with fever and gross cough+barfygags. Then, a pneumonia diagnosis for mama. And the Littlest with a fever today. •
And. I bit the bullet yesterday and snagged an antibiotic. After three weeks of pushing fluids, and even getting IV fluids, doing sinus rinses daily, salt water gargles, saline spray, Flonase, hot tea, honey, oils, smoothies boosted with nutrients, chicken soup, probiotics, and voodoowitchdoctordances, I figured I might as well give the ol’ antibiotic and rest combo a go. So here we are. •
One of the biggest things I’ve learned about our bodies is that sometimes, they are begging for something and we have to give it to them. So rest it is. •
To my post-Cancer and/or #nerlynx peeps, how do you keep you immune system rock solid? And to all the mamas, what are your tricks (we already preach handwashing) for keeping your kiddos guarded through the seasons of sludge? •
Here’s hoping your household misses this wave!

Only 28 days/168 pills left 🙌🏻🙌🏻! Come on, tummy, we can do this! #her2positive #neratinib #nerlynx #breastcancer #survivor #thriver #triplepositivebreastcancer

The days fly by like leaves on the breeze with fun and frivolity, tricks and treats. I love when it’s here and am a bit sad when it’s over, thankful once more for a lovely October. •
The last few days have included lots of leaves falling, a trip to @valaspumpkinpatch, festive treats, and school fun (and I only snapped these few photos🙈🤷‍♀️). •
This year’s costumes included: Barrett as a soccer player for school and coach Frost for Trick or Treating (because being Coach Frost at school would have meant he had to wear khakis at recess and that was not going to happen 😂). Jonah as a last-minute decision to sport an Iron Man costume handed down from a friend (the costume may have been two sizes too small for Jonah but he’s his own man and doesn’t care about such details OR that he cracked the mask and had it held together by scotch tape). And Harrison as a Doctor (also the only costume I had to buy this year 🙌🏻). •
Others in the first pic include a football player, a baseball player, Rainbow Dash, and Iowa’s Head Coach. •
Good times. Good friends. Good life. •
Goodbye, October!

Hey OMAHA area friends!! Do you love @athleta (I know I do!)? Do you love @kendrascott? Do you love to be able to ACTUALLY give back to awesome local organizations? Oh my gosh... yes to all three?! Well then, this is FOR YOU! •
Athleta and Kendra Scott are teaming up today from 4:30-7:30. Stop into the stores, do a bit of shopping, and enjoy a little food and bev while you browse! •
I was so excited to meet with these two awesome stores and hear about how they love doing give-back events and I’m thrilled that this one is going to benefit the awesome @castingforrecovery! If you don’t know about Casting, check them out. AND. Big awesome news: the money that the Nebraska group raises for Casting stays local and benefits local peeps! Love that. •
Also, I know it says “a percentage” and that is because each of the stores does it differently but I can vouch for the fact that this is more than the average 10% that I often see. Real donations for real causes. Love the social responsibility in that. •
So whether you have been eyeing the newest RED items that just dropped at Athleta or you want to pick up a pink opal item at Kendra Scott before we close the books on October, grab a gal pal, pop on over, and help give goodness. •
I know I’ll be there! #givingback #villagepointe #shopping #percentageoftheproceeds #omaha #breastcancerawarenessmonth #donate #pinkopal #athleisurewear #goshopping @emspacegroup

A Husker victory at home today and a Panther victory from our view for the weekend (my sister’s hood). All’s good when all is good ❤️. Highlights: the Littlest slept through the first half. Only seventeen sodas were kicked over or dropped by children. Everyone got their spot on the big screen. Uncle Chris was flawless announcing the Band’s Halftime Show. The Littlest peed his pants twice. And overall the game was a darn good time (and warm (praise Jesus) because they play in a dome 🙌🏻).

#BreastCancerAwareness. I think we are all well-aware of the existence of breast cancer. So how do #patients, #survivors, #thrivers, and #advocates, go about using this month to educate on the realities of the “process” involved in breast cancer? •
For me, I believe that sharing my own experiences sheds some light on the real-ness of going through treatment, the time involved, and to provide some clarity and hope. •
When I learned that because of the amt of #DCIS and #invasivebreastcancer, the recommendation was for me to have a #mastectomy rather than a #lumpectomy, I opted for a bilateral (double. Both in one fell-swoop). I also, after much discussion with many medical pros, determined that I would have a #nipplesparingmastectomy. •
My surgical oncologist, Dr Thayer (@nebraskamed) partnered with my Plastic Surgeon, Dr Perry Johnson (@dreams_medspa) and in February 2016, just 3 days after my 34th bday, performed a #bilateralmastectomy, #lymphnodedissection and placed #expanders. The expanders feel like hard, immovable cups in your chest cavity and keep the space for future implants stretched. My PS places air in the cavity during the procedure. A few weeks later, when my drains could be removed, one of my faves at the office, Stacey, removed the air and then began filling the pockets with saline to have foobs during radiation. It is harder to radiate through an implant and also, radiated skin doesn’t like to stretch. I had expanders for 12 months. •
My next procedure was phase 2 of reconstruction. My doctor recommended a silicone “gummy bear” implant because the texture of the implant made it less-likely to fold or flip inside to empty cavity. I also had #alloderm (a cadaveric tissue) placed in my radiated breast because while the implants are placed under the pec muscle, the muscle isn’t always enough to cover and reinforce between the implant and skin. •
Less than a year later, I had an additional recon as they had released a new round gummy bear implant. My PS also upped the cc’s to look appropriately sized for my frame. •
It’s not “just” a boob job. It’s a whole process to go from boobs to Foobs. The pics go through each process. Questions? Ask away!

The Oldest was in 1st grade when crazy cancer came to our house. He was 6. •
His school counselor and teachers were G O L D, allowing him normalcy and support, giving him an additional outlet for questions and helping him feel like it was always okay to share his emotions. •
When he brought home this project, I could see just how much he’d processed and how comfortable he’d become through the process and I felt grateful for the goodness of the hearts that had been placed around our family in that time. And always. •
We’re always worried about kids being too little to process the big stuff and yet they are so wise and resilient. THEY are the inspiration. They are tough. And they will grow up to be who they will be because of the road life takes them on. Whether bumpy or smooth... they are still in the wonderful world where they just ride along and even stop to smell the roses whenever they pop up on their path. •
Cancer is not a diagnosis only for the person who “earns the ribbon”... it’s a diagnosis that falls heavy on all who are connected to the person who is trudging through the shit of it all. It’s a diagnosis that makes a child cry every day because they are seeing their mom in a vulnerable place. It’s a diagnosis that rocks everyone to their core. •
If I could have not had my kids go through it and see me so sad and so sick, I would have loved that but it just wasn’t gonna be our reality and so we just had to figure out how to make it work for us. How we had to make the time we did get to spend really special. And how to enlist our village to help carry them through. •
Cancer was there now it’s not.” Yay, Yay, Yay indeed, B. Yay Yay Yay! ❤️🙌🏻👦🏼 •
#kidswhowrite #boymom #motherhood #breastcancerawareness #thisispink #momlife #cancer #ilovepublicschools

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