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Fresh post on the blog about our “not-so-picture-perfect and that’s why it’s magic” Mama/son outing. Because #motherhood. And #parenting. And the madness that makes it all magic. All sorts of real #momlife present here in my feed today. Just as I prefer it 🙈😂🤗. ....

Apparently my boys all got a bit of screen time last night during the CWS game. I like to think it’s because they make for good TV 😂😂😂. (My bro sent us this pic. It might be my favorite thing ever 🤣🤣🤣) #reallife


Another fun time at the track. Another regional qualifier finish just by the hair of his chinny chin chin. And some special spectators to boot. Happy kid, happy dad, happy day.

This year will be known as the “homemade singing card” father’s day. Happy Father’s Day to all the d-a-ads! And to the really good ones, may you feel celebrated and loved every day❤️😘

Proud of Mr B 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻!! He and his teammates ran like Wolves today at the USATF State meet. (And yes... it is evidenced in my stories just how excited this makes me😂) Regional bound 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️ and 1500 tomorrow. #youthtrackandfield #runyourrace #pr #gowolves

Summer can be cray. Especially when you are home with the kiddos and you go from a pretty familiar schedule to kids asking you to “look at this!” every four seconds. Anyone else out there making the same adjustment?

Add to that anything else that you have going on in your own body and things can feel a bit out of control.
The last 10 days have been a challenge for me. But also, each day is a new day. Thank goodness.
Freshly fresh on the blog this morn. Link in profile!

Cruise on over to Facebook in a few for a lil’ “Live From...” with yours truly 😎😍🤗

My Middlest is seven today. He is both one of my very favorite people AND one who is wired so similarly to his mother that I sometimes just have to walk away from the madness.
The day he was born was magical. Seriously. I don’t say that about his brothers’ birth days. But the day of his birth was calm and after he was born, they let me hold him for a half hour before they took him for even a moment. It’s a whole long story but we didn’t get that with our first birth which made holding him and staring at him so special.
Today I had him tell me 7 things he loves about himself:
1. I’m creative.
2. I’m super smart.
3. I’m lovable.
4. I’m a really good friend.
5. I have the talent of making songs.
6. I read super well.
7. I am Jonah.
I’d say at 7, the kid seems to know himself pretty well 😍. He’s quirky. He’s kind. And he’s got blue eyes that will make you melt.
Happy number 7, Jonah Brooks!

“Two brakes! Two pedals!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this kid is seven today and I love how “him” he continues to be as he grows. Love our Jonah Brooks!

It’s a good life to make good memories. #galfransforevs

Yep. I think I’d like to know them for as long as I’m around.

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