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Beth Macdonald  Blogger at BabyMac. Southern Highlands NSW Australia. Mum of 3, lover of pork, Prosecco, a well made bed and flowers. Read the blog here👇🏼

Hydrangeas coming back to life at the front door 🌿

Doing my best art gallery owner impersonation today in a fabulous new top from @sassind_melbourne Silk freestyle blouse (size M, gifted) this is going to get a solid workout in the warmer months. Classic style, great quality, feels fabulous, will last a gazillion years. Also wearing super cheap jeans from Big Dubs, @frankie4footwear BETHs in gold, belt from @decjubaofficial AND Rob said I looked hot so I’ll take that! #everydaystyle (for more visuals on top see my stories 🤓)

🤔 I think more genius!!! Here’s to all of you who sent me photos of washing piles gone and put away and messages of thanks for the kick up the arse. It never lasts long though does it? 🙄 and if you have washing in a basket right now GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND PUT IT AWAY ALREADY (via @housebeautiful )

A moment of still, we could all use this reminder. GET OFF YOUR PHONE AND PICK UP A BLOODY BOOK WOULD YA?! ok me too, goodnight. {searched high and low for the name of this artist but I got about 5 different ones ranging from Italian to Dutch artists soz couldn’t get exact name I went around and around in reverse image search circles}

Walnut Cottage as pretty as a chocolate box picture in the late afternoon sunshine 💫🌸

Finally! I went to the nursery and grabbed some potted colour, new potting mix and filled all my window box planters with colour that will bring joy throughout the warm months. Those sad dead boxes of soil were not good for my head and now $50 later I feel like a rich woman because I’m surrounded by flowers 🌿🌸🙌🏻

It’s been almost 8 years of driving through these trees and every time I pass under them I marvel at their majesty 💫 this morning on my walk they looked especially good 🌿

Tonight’s dinner involves the age old mystery of providing chopped food in the middle of the table to children with chicken & wraps and it will be eaten. Every time! More than if I plated it up. I don’t get it 🤷‍♀️ but it’s orrright by me 👍🏻

#maintenancemonday includes added lawn mow by Bevvo 💪🏻 mate is it a cracker out there! Productivity levels at a 💯

Look at them! All back together ♥️♥️♥️ if anyone knows where the pause button is let me know many thanks

Country road, take me 🏡 the drive from Canberra to the Highlands and back again today was so pretty the highlight being able to natter non stop with Mum for 3 hours 💫🙌🏻

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