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alex bambi  • ☀️wild child leaf • 🌙bebe theo • 🌿mama runs, studies nursing & psychology, and is accordingly frazzled

it's touching my face #mankydaycarepuppy

feral beasties from wake up all around. go visit pretz, steal nannys car, get free drive through coffee and biscuits from papa, go through drive through car wash, take photo, pretend happy 👹

nothin much, just getting dressed for some karate, you? #practical

trying to ditch a shadow is like trying to push a dining table chair up to the pantry without your mama noticing. Nigh on impossible, but if you just believe enough..!

she's breastfeeding her unicorn, it's a serious and emotionally challenging time for any new mother. I'm just hanging out for moral support.

just having a hard time deciding whether the four minutes I stayed in bed to allow this to somehow come to pass was worth the anxiety of her being unable to grasp the 'he can't stand up alone' thing when she opens the door to let him out. like it probably is but what would a more attentive mother say?

pretty bloody hashtag blessed with this hot mess of non stop emotions and brains.

repost/throwback from august 2015 c/o @crushingking: this makes me think leafs weird obsession w #mankydaycarepuppy shouldn't have come as a surprise.

this look, when he swivels around to see what's going on in my face, is definitely my second favourite. I like to sleep a tiny bit more.

whatever's going on out there is far better than in here. mamas fried.
butttt P's get degrees 🙏🏾 #obviousanswertofatigueistooverloadforsemestertwo #patmeontheback #desperateforgratification

she is moanaaaaa

winery bebe in her natural state #mankydaycarepuppy

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