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alex bambi  • ☀️wild child leaf • 🌙bebe theo • 🌿mama runs, studies nursing & psychology, and is accordingly frazzled

ha ha ha ha ha we're having a great time 😳

baths are fun again now that I can sit out of splash reach and read.

winter has been good to us this year. actually so was last winter, pretty sweet except for how often my toes go numb and how accordingly restricted my footwear is.
the year of Theo. 🖤 #fangs #chins #babybailey #filthy #phillo #hashtagblessed

really into it! having a great time!
plotting return with money box funds previously allocated to neverland for visiting oma but now going towards bringing the white horsey (NOT pony) home with us. will not be deterred by gates because her white horse will jump them and she'll gallop upon her (NOT him) and ride home. #whatleafsays

Hat stayed on for all of four seconds. Thinks he's a riot pulling it off, crawling over for it to be put back on, crawling away to pose and pull it off again. Doesn't that sound funny! It is(n't).
PS I made that hat for his big sister when she was a big noggin babe.

I'm thinking about when you say to me I can't have a horsey. #whatleafsays

a forever lurking noodle, and a baby that hasn't realised his mama isn't close enough to touch yet.

birthday bike shopping. amongst the key criteria: pedals. pink. basket for #mankydaycarepuppy. bell. shop actually existing.

We made it. An entire lap around the sun ✊🏽
I've avoided a monthly summary since we hit double figures because #denial.
Mamas baby, will walk for hand holds but not alone. Took one step once by accident. Loves a banana and peanut butter. Loves a leafy show, particularly a house tour in the cozy coupe, but she's less forthcoming and more cranky with the huge tonsils and the multiple night wakes. Made it through the nightmare of not sleeping but because I'm a lazy sack of spuds I still bring him into bed with me after the first wake up. Frown king. Baby bailey. Fango. Apparently a wee bit shy. Booby aficionado, I've considered retiring but leaf weaned herself at 18 months and in case I haven't mentioned how lazy I am, it's the ultimate cure-all, so I'm not loving the idea. Holidayed perfectly. At home in the water as they all are. Flew as well as big blister ever did though its markedly easier to do it with a team of distractors. On that alliterative note; destructors - on the fence over committing to living feral, throwing out everything or hiring a cleaner.
Forever at my feet, on my hip or boob.
The sweetest birthday wake up with a little chubby dimpled hand on my neck and a quiet 'mama'.
His birthday had no presents or cards, just a slow day at home with mama and big blister, we switched Sunday roast w nanny, poppy, uncles and tori to Monday slow cooked beef bourguignon and a cheesecake shop mud.
Basically, in essence and in summary: #dukkah.

nope. nope nope nope. nope.

back home to a dead car, an empty fridge, a lunatic dog who jumps off the ute, missed mums marathon, post-wedding blues and a pile of washing. This is sweet but doesn't hold a candle to the incomparable bridal epitome @serenafreitas_ 😘

buying CWA cakes and cursing the bitch who stole the last three passionfruit slices while already carrying an armful of cakes. SO SELFISH.

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