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Joyce Lui  20. From Hong Kong. Musician//Ballet Teacher//Freelancer Making all tags👆to be well deserved. 💪

Accompanied @ginnyyytl to #jasminechoi 's private lesson as pianist
after spending a week with the Bayerisches Staatballett
Got the chance to accompany the master's playing for the first time - feel so great!
February as an artistic month of meeting international masters
#babyjoyceluilife #fluteprivateclass #pianist

Feels like still living in the other world - not ready to face the boom of situations in a row ...
Life is hard
Life is to learn to find the spot of lightness in the dark.
Good night, life.

So! This is the end of the #labayadère production week and congratulations to the amazing ballerina @priscazeisel 😍😍 especially love your pirouettes❤️
Was so honoured to share the stage with all fantastic dancers from @bay_staatsballett safe flight tmr!
#ballet #hkaf #hongkongartsfestival

City of stars, are you shining just for me.

I love the actress life
每一個妝容 每一套服裝 每一個角色
咩都唔洗諗 進入左一個極樂世界
3 more to go
#ballet #labayadère #actress #babyjoyceluilife
Pc @chloekrisella

完show就飛 #professionalperformer
多謝 @peony_tk 幫我補給英國日用品
叻豬去exchange品帶筆袋 一支鉛芯筆走天涯
我地唔留得係韓國幾耐 過完weekend就要番黎面對現實
你自己take care啦✈️
#babyjoyceluilife #korea

Witnessing dancers perform right in front of me just make me wanna dance again😭
You dunno how much I miss ballet n the stage
My mind is full of La Bayadère music omg
#nofilter by mum #iphone7plus
#babyjoyceluilife #rehearsallife

Took a quick look to go through the old messages
A long story behind a simple sentence
Those days were hard
But at least I tried, until the end.
Bear in mind
"Do not hate anyone, but always reflect yourself."
#然後提醒自己曾經這麼愛過一個人 #之後的事已不重要

V day special: 你次次都比我trap都幾搞笑😂
已經無限次咁😂😂😂 #babyjoyceluilife @ginnyyytl

When you enter a new stage of life,
Some relationships end,
Some relationships fade out,
Some relationships pause and resume after a period of time.
You used to be so close and cooled down for years and get back again. :)
#wegrowup#JLreunion #babyjoyceluilife

//Here's to the fools who dream
Crazy as they may seem//
The saddest point is
You are not afraid of failure in pursuing your dream,
but you even have NO DREAM.
And question yourself:
"Where am I?"
#lalaland #JLsuddenthoughts