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Baby It's Bedtime  We are ALL for #happydays + #sleepynights for baby's first year! We’ve made it simple with our 20 minute video👇🏻


Trying to figure out what to get the new parents in your life? How about THE GIFT of SLEEP?! • Our 20 minute DVD is available through @amazonprime or available for immediate download on our site (link in bio). • We give you a flexible routine to follow with baby starting at 8 weeks past baby’s due date, so you can have a rhythm to your day, and a family + baby that SLEEP WELL at night! #itspossible #weshowyouhow #thegiftofSANITY #thegiftofSLEEP • pc @puresaltinteriors

SERIOUSLY! Not the LIQUID GOLD!!! • pc @hatchgal

Loving this #sleepyspace from @1011makeup • We want you to USE that beautiful nursery you prepared for your baby! Let our 20 minute video guide you to a good routine for baby so they are happier, sleep better while napping during the day and sleep through the night! #linkinbio #itisSOpossible #weshowyouhow #wemakeitsimple

Your baby’s first birthday is such a huge milestone. You made it! It’s really a celebration for baby AND the whole family! Can we get an amen?! • This first birthday set up is too dreamy not to share! As seen on @100layercakelet ❤️

Decisions, decisions...That aimless wandering in the aisles with a Starbucks in hand sounds pretty amazing rn 🤔

Happy, well rested babies + families are our jam. We love hearing your success stories with our video! Please keep emailing/DMing us. We would love to feature you on here to encourage others that it's possible! • pic by @tinycottons

We absolutely LOVE hearing your success stories from using our BIB flexible routine! Recently, @aimeegrover shared with us that her sweet baby boy is consistently sleeping through the night after using the tips from our video! 🙌🏻 Here's what she had to say: "He is consistently sleeping 11 hours a night 🙏🏼 We are new people! [...] My sister watched him for two nights and she thought he was an angel baby because of his schedule. It really does work if you stick to it!!!! 🙌🏼" Congrats on being a well rested family again @the_grovers!

Well rested baby, well rested family! 🙌🏻 • 📷@elisemeaderphoto

Let's be honest...if there's no method to the madness in #momlife, it can become really difficult to "choose joy" when you just feel spent + exhausted. Our BIB flexible routine gives you a rhythm to your day, a flexible guide to eating/interaction time/sleeping. What if you and your baby could get some sleep? What if life with baby was more predictable? Wouldn't that make things better? • Check out our #20minuteDVD or #instantdownload that comes with print-outs of a daily routine for baby's first year. #linkinbio #sanitysaver #lettherebeSLEEP #wereadthebooksforyou #weshowyouhow • 📷the ever so talented @studiomcgee

Sweetest little sleepers 😴 • Also, #holidayweekendgoals • 📷@hatchgal

It's all worth it. Hoping you see how much you are loved today! 💗

To all the mamas out there, we hope you feel LOVED + CHERISHED this weekend! ❤️ #happymothersday • 📷 @marylauren

Cutest nursery nook 👌🏼• @littlelibertyrooms #sleepyspaces #babyitsbedtime

The early days with baby can feel like a big question mark. Am I doing this right? How do I get baby to sleep during the night? Is there some kind of way to get into a rhythm? THAT'S WHERE WE STEP IN! 💪🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We made a 20 minute video to help you get baby on a FLEXIBLE routine. It IS possible to get your days in order and not feel like it's just CHAOS 24/7! And SLEEP is possible! Let's get your baby sleeping through the night and your sanity back in check! #babyitsbedtime #weshowyouhow #wereadthebooksforyou #linkinbio

We love a good wrap nap! 😴We give you two flexible routines for baby's first year with the purchase of our video. It helps you know when baby should generally eat/play/sleep to get on a good routine! #getthosenapsin #babyitsbedtime #flexibleroutine #wereadthebooksforyou #wemadeiteasy 🙌🏻 / pic by @taylorlonghurst_

"Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy." -Tina Fey • We're here to help with that "so tired" part! #babyitsbedtime #flexibleroutine #tohelpbaby #sleepthroughthenight • 📷@elizabethmessina

Baby shower coming up? Needing the perfect gift? What parent doesn't want some tips on how to get baby on a FLEXIBLE routine + sleeping through the night? #linkinbio #sanitysaver #forbaby #fortheWHOLEfamily • 📷@theshiftcreative @ministyleblog

This is our jam here at @babyitsbedtime! Sleeping baby + a really good swaddle + safe sleeping with @dockatot 👌🏼• Need a good routine for baby? Need help getting baby to sleep through the night? Check out our DVD. Available on babyitsbedtime.com and #AmazonPrime. #linkinbio

How did everyone sleep last night? Check this bit of info out from the @nypost: "A good night of sleep will have you waking up feeling like a million bucks — or at least $215,000. Researchers in the UK found getting consecutively good quality sleep over time can feel as satisfying as winning the lottery. The study, published in Oxford’s SLEEP medical journal, found that improvement in overall health and well-being in their subjects was comparable to those who had won a jackpot of around £200,000, or about $215,000 in U.S. dollars." • #babyitsbedtime #happydays #sleepynights • 📷@happyhannas

Hey, remember that adorable nursery you decorated for your baby? We're going to help you get your baby to sleep there, all night! And you get to sleep too! #winwin #wellrestedfamily #wereadthebooksforyou #linkinbio• 📷@projectnursery

Oh is this you?? Do you have a new baby? We would love to help you get some sleep again!! #linkinbio #wemadeiteasy #wereadthebooksforyou #babyitsbedtime

Need a gift for the new parent in your life? Have a #babyshower coming up? Give the gift that keeps on giving---the gift of SLEEP with the help of our video! #newparentsBFF #happydays #sleepynights • beautiful shower photo featured on @100layercakelet 🌸

Sibling love 💕• photo by @mirandanorthphoto

Hey 👋🏼 • We thought it would be fun to do #fridayintroductions today. It's been a while since we have shared about the family behind @babyitsbedtime. I am Laura Kang, LMFT, and these are my people. For all of you who have watched our baby sleep video, you know our family a bit. We originally made our video to help parents like my husband and me with raising tiny humans to have great sleep habits and a well rested family. I am a Marriage + Family Therapist and have a private practice where I get to help families prepare and plan for their baby's arrival. Research shows that 67% of couples experience a decrease in marital satisfaction after baby is born, and honestly one of my goals is to change that statistic for the better!! A well rested baby is a happy baby and a happy family! • Happy Friday!

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