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🌱Alyssa M. - BabyFoodIdeas  🌸Mom of 3 🐮Meat & dairy free 🌿Plant based 🍼Children's gear reviews 👇Visit website for more!👇


💞Self Feeding

I believe self feeding is so important💙. It allows #children to work on their #motorskills, get acquainted with a variety of textures and flavours on their own, and gives them that sense of independence as they enter the magnificent world of solid #food🍓🌱🍓🌱🍓🌱.

Our little girl is almost two now, and I STILL serve her #food this way sometimes. Of course the "purées" are just #rawfruits and veggies (aka #smoothies), and she has a blast dipping her spoons and fingers in for a taste.

I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday! Happy #weaning🍉🍊🍌🍏🍆

✨Starter Spoon

Oh, the joys of the #weaning stage💜💚! I found it to be a bitter/sweet time. I loved seeing the kids explore the textures, colours and flavours of various foods. What I didn't like was the mess to clean and sticky fingers.😂😂.

Review for the @numnuminc GOOtensils starter spoons are on the website www.babyfoodideas.co. It's updated from last year with new images😍. .

What do you LOVE and HATE about the weaning stage?🍒🍍🍓🍊🍍🍒🍓🍊 #numnum #partnership

💧💧Infused Water

Sometimes #toddlers need a little motivation to #StayHydrated throughout their day💧. Since most store bought juices are packed with sugar and unhealthy ingredients😷, what better way to hydrate than with #homemade juices, #smoothies and of course, #water!🍓🍍💧.

The Crawler Cup by @twistshakebaby comes with an infuser, allowing you to add some fruit or herbs to give your water a little kick! Our favourite combo is strawberry and cucumber, but there are so many lovely flavours out there to try🍉🍊🍏! Check out my recent #ProductReview of this fun #SpillProof cup (link in bio).

Save 20% on their WHOLE RANGE with discount code "babyfoodideas20" at checkout on their website🎁🎁!

What's YOUR favourite infused water combo?🍏🍒🍌🍇🍐🍑.

#twistshakebaby #partnership

✨Avocado, Dates & Banana

Happy Saturday!

It's below the freezing point where we live❄️, and I've completely lost my motivation to go outside! But there's an indoor #playground close by for the #kids to let out their energy, so I'm thinking of taking them there⛹️⛹️.

Recipe details for this #yummy avocado combo are at www.babyfoodideas.co in the #purée section👶. It's #fullyraw, and makes for a great toddler/adult smoothie as well🌱!

What are YOUR Saturday plans?

✨Please tag a #NewMom❤️!

Hi friends, I was recently interviewed by the lovely Sara Vartanian of @greenmomsco, and I'm so excited to share the interview with you all😍! .

If you're not familiar with @greenmomsco, basically they share interviews and stories about women living well in #motherhood on THEIR terms💝.

In the interview, I share my experiences and some tips on weaning, and lots more🌱🍎. Please check it out, like, #share and spread the word📢. There are many other moms featured on their website who share their unique experiences of motherhood. It's so comforting to know that we are NOT ALONE on this journey👶💜!

Thanks again Sara for sharing my story❤️❤️. Click the link in my bio to read more.
Happy Thursday!✨💜✨💜✨💜 #livingwellinmotherhood

Congratulations @kristalin on winning this giveaway! Please contact @kiddofeedo and @mealswithmilton to claim your prizes🎉🎉🎉!

Would you like to WIN some fun #weaning goodies for your little one👶? Enter now, and you could win a #FREE roll up silicone feeding bib, and a baby food freezer tray from @kiddofeedo. The winner will ALSO receive a Milton the Mealtime Companion and a Meet Milton book from @mealswithmilton, which are designed to encourage picky eaters to give new food a try🌱🍒! All these products have been featured on the @Babyfoodideas account, and now you can own them all too😍! .

The rules are simple
1. Follow @babyfoodideas, @mealswithmilton & @kiddofeedo
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This is a #WORLDWIDE giveaway. Must be 18+ to enter. You may enter multiple times. The more tags, the higher the chance of winning! (one tag per comment please). One winner will be announced on Monday, November 13th. This #giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram. Please tag friends ONLY on the ORIGINAL post at  @babyfoodideas, so that we can easily count entries to pick the winners. .

Best of luck💙!

✨Leading by Example

Getting my kids to make better food choices starts with me🌱. That's why this whole #parenting journey is a learning experience both for them and myself. I'm encouraged to make #healthier choices, and they learn through the examples I set for them💓.

I find that letting them explore is key. It's not about them obeying when you say "eat your veggies", but about them being exposed to fresh produce on a daily basis, so that it becomes the norm in any household. .

What produce do you normally have readily available at home? For us it's bananas, apples.🍌🍏🍌🍏🍌🍏🍌🍏

✨Happy November!

Man this year is flying by! I hope everyone had a fun and safe time last night. We didn't go out for Halloween🎃, and I'm debating posting about it on my blog. But the kids and I had a great time last night🎉, and I'm well rested, which is rare! Haha #mommyproblems

So this photo was taken when we had a giveaway with @oogaababy and @kiddofeedo. Two companies that make silicone (plastic free) products to aid parents during the weaning process💙👶❤️.

Our #baby girl had some lightly steamed #broccoli, rice, cauliflower tots (these ones are not homemade), #mushrooms cooked with red bell pepper and white #onion, and some yummy fruits (aka #naturescandy)🍓🍏🍊🍇.

Does anyone else notice that the times when they put more EFFORT into a dish is when the kids EAT THE LEAST? 😂😂😂

✨Toddler food on the go

FLASHBACK to some food we brought with us on a grocery run🏃. This #lunch box hooks onto shopping carts. Genius👌

REMINDER: Cut your grapes into four lengthwise to avoid choking hazard🍇. #partnership #snapnshop

What's the one food/snack that keeps your little one QUIET while in public❤️❤️❤️❤️?

🌱Dragonfruit, Spinach, Mango & Banana

1 mango
2 large bananas
1 handful of spinach
1 teaspoon hemp seeds
1/2 dragonfruit

1. Wash & peel mango
2. Cut around the seed, and place the ‘meat’ of the mango in the blender.
3. Peel banana and place in blender
4. Wash a handful of baby spinach, and place into blender
5. Cut your dragon fruit in half lengthways
6. Peel off the skin of the dragon fruit and add to blender
7. Add your hemp seeds
8. Blend all ingredients together
9. You can add breast milk or water to thin the consistency
10. Serve
11. I freeze my remaining portions in my @kiddofeedo freezer tray. It’s made of silicone, super simple to clean, and the frozen portions pop out quickly and easily❤️.
. **This recipe is sponsored by @KiddoFeedo

✨Happy Friday!

I hope you all had an amazing week, and that you have a fun weekend ahead! It'll be a quiet one for us, but I'm here thinking of all the things I should be grateful for, and it has really changed my perspective on things this week☀️💙.

New @joovy
Tandem Stroller product review😎. Link in my bio👶.

What are TWO things you look for in a STROLLER?💓💓💓💓

#joovy #collaboration

✨Smoothie for Mommy

This is why I call many of my purées 'smoothies' as well. The term is really interchangeable to me, especially since most of mine are #raw🌱.

So the post right before this one, the #purée you see, this was Mommy's portion. Same ingredients, but served in a different way (because babies don't know how to drink from straws). They're good for #babies who are developmentally ready to wean, good for toddlers, and good for adults💜✨. #theyEATwhatWEeat

What food do you enjoy SHARING with your little one?❤️❤️❤️❤️

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