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C h r i s t y J o y  🏋🏾‍♀️Crossfit Certified 🤰🏽oh baby! Certified Mom of 👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽👶🏽 Follow my other account @momtheday where we celebrate motherhood


#goals ❤️

It's #throwbackthursday and I can't believe so much time has passed since this video was filmed. It's footage like this that reminds me of where I came from and also where I'm trying to go. I pasted my caption from that time below:
"After seeing @bwmcfitness and @nana_health 's inventive crib workouts, I had to try! My biggest goal was to get through the workout without breaking it😂 Trying new things makes the workout more fun and less of a chore. But more importantly, I love proving that we don't need traditional exercise equipment to get the job done! The gym is wherever you are 💪🙌#progressnotperfection

This is what happens when your husband video bombs you😂 Thanks babe🕺🏽 This kettle bell weighs about the same thing as the baby so I had equal weight distribution. He's been really fussy the last few day because I think he's teething so my workouts have pretty much happened with him attached or at least in really close proximity. Don't let the craziness around you keep you from doing the things that are important for your health❤️ ----------------------------------------------------
SIDENOTE: I sped the video up in the interest of time but we were moving pretty slowly😊
#mom #momof4 #fitmom #fitmomsinspire #fitness #momlife #mommedit #babyfatboss

I thought I would let baby Ty run the workout today and I must say I was tired—especially since it's like 150 degrees, lol! It's amazing how babies build their core by flipping, crawling And then walking. Being a baby is hardwork😜 Try a couple of these movements and let me know what you think. The gym is wherever you are!
SIDENOTE: This video is sped up in the interest of time but I assure you this was a gentle ride for baby Ty :-).

Tried to get a workout in this morning by myself but this guy was a fuss bucket :-). So what did I do? I had to #MOMit @momtheday But it was great because he thought moving up, down, forward and back was hilarious. Time is going way too fast and he's growing right before my eyes. I truly cherish these moments ❤️ Lifting weights is great but sometimes you don't have the luxury of working out with equipment so these movements are full body and great for sculpting!
10 Rounds Of:
10 Squats
10 Sit-ups
10 Push-ups #fitmom #momlife #lacrae #motivationmonday #allineedisyou #adidasmom #momswholift #momof4 #babyfatboss

To the guy who was there for me when I lost my own father, to the guy who has been such an amazing father to our children, and to the guy that I love so much – – happy Father's Day! @traymeeks ❤️ #fathersday #family #father #dad #daddy #love

Family, good food, beautiful scenery, lounging around, and world champion shuffleboard–What a vacation💆🏽😀 @traymeeks @camillematthews6 #utah #momlife #family #vacation #friends #love #babyfatboss

I love how creative this community of fit mamas are. Definitely going on my list of things to try!!! #repost from @baby_fitgym "Goofy town over here in the #babyfitgym house 😂 Eat yo broccoli do your lunges!!!!!" #fitmoms #fitmomsofig #squats #momlife

Abs!!! I see you trying to come out and play👀😂 I think I had to work like 60 different angles to get this picture. All of the failed attempts will be posted never💁🏽 #momof4 #fitmoms #6months #fitmomsofig #blackfitness #postpartum #abs #adidasmom #babyfatboss

You don't know how many times I went back and forth about posting this video--just not confident with the imperfections of my body. I would love to say that I have graduated to the level of not taking my body a part but sadly, this is still a struggle. I have to remind myself that this body is a continual work in progress and that beauty Is so much more that the definition and tone I want to see. I was so fortunate to bring life into this world and that should never be overshadowed by this insecurity❤️ For all the other mamas out there in this same struggle, I see you. @momtheday --------------------------------------------------
This lower-body strengthener is for the quads, flutes, hip flexors and hamstrings. Wall sits take the pressure off the back (where it has settled after years of bad posture) and puts it on the legs and hips, where it belongs. Since the wall is keeping your spine nice and straight, you're able to tone your lower half without compromising your form. Do 3-5 sets of this circuit and you will feel the burn! If you want to add a little difficulty, hold a baby😝 #fitnesstutorials #girlyexercises #squats #wallsits #fitmoms #fitmomsofig #momof4 #mommedit

How many times do we take our kids places and sit on our phone (to decompress of course) or watch them while they play? That's the perfect opportunity to get a little workout in. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do so don't over think it. Even if you stick to one movement like squats, you will still be getting a full body workout. And in this case, trying to catch wobbly swings is definitely and exercise in itself😝 The gym is wherever you are!! Thanks to the awesome camera gal, my 5 yr old Riley😍
For more mom inspiration check out @momtheday where we celebrate Mother's Day every day! #momof4 #hardwork #swingworkout #goals #adidas #fitmoms #babyfatboss

Ok, the song is a little cheesy😂 But I wish you could have seen how hard Mackenzie worked to get across these bars. What I depicted in 30 seconds was actually 30 minutes of tired arms, crying, failed attempts, and do-overs. I thought she would throw in the towel, and I even offered to take her to the swings but she was determined. I learned so much from her today—what it means to get back up and keep going no matter how much it hurts. And how asking for help is a strength and not a weakness. Sometimes I think I would rather give up than fail just so I could say it was my decision. But a success is not about finishing: It's about never giving up. There may be a few out there who want to see you lose but don't let that make you lose sight of the many more who are cheering for you to win. #dontgiveup #determination #goals #hardwork #life

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