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I know you've been there: you get to the doctor early and you wait forever in the check up room (well I was late😬). So why not do something constructive with all that monotony?! Today was Ty's 5 month check up and he's doing great😊 5th percentile for weight so he's a real chunkster, lol! I don't know why but all my kids except my 2nd love to teeter on the edge of that growth chart. I was so stressed with my first son because they put him through all these blood tests to make sure he was digesting his food properly. After they determined that he was fine I decided that if any of my other kids were like that we would just wait and see😊 Trust me when I say they have more than made up for it in grocery bills!!! #momlife #moms #transformation #momswholift #momtheday

You guys know that I would want nothing more than to be doing this on my birthday! 36 years all today, married for nine years, with four children! A lot as happened in a short period of time and I wouldn't change one minute of it! Thank you @traymeeks for being the best guy a gal could hope for😍 And thanks for all of you who wished me a HB🎂 #blessed #itsmybirthday #mom #motherhood #wife #motivationmonday

We started @momtheday theday because we wanted to show Mothers that they are seen and that they are appreciated for all of the hard work they do. Moms don't ask for recognition but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel good to get it. Join the movement and spread the word that every day is Mother's Day! #momtheday

This is my, "kids better not crawl in my bed tonight" face! #goodnight #babytyus #momlife #motherhood #mommedit

For the longest time I thought I had to go to the gym for an hour in a half to see a difference in my body. I also thought if I worked out really hard I could eat whatever I wanted. But after researching different exercises and understanding my body more, I realized the eating the right foods combined with short, high intensity workouts was more effective for me. Sometimes my workouts are only 10 minutes long! But most of all, I learned that food really is the key. Change the way you eat and you change the game. One of my favorite books is It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. If you're trying to make a change it's a great place to start. And of course playing with my kids while getting it in is always a plus😄

I had so much shooting this video! I was rattling of exercises just to see what they knew and I was so proud😂 In the world of photoshop and the constant barrage of unrealistic body images that makes girls and women feel insecure about their shapes—I'm hoping that by encouraging my kids to exercise and eat right—they'll develop healthier views about what beautiful means. I was insecure about my body growing up and I'm trying my hardest not to project my fears and poor perceptions of my past self onto my children. I guess only time will tell if I was successful😳😊

I have FINALLY stopped making excuses and can honestly say I'm back on track. I just wasn't motivated to make the healthiest food choices after I had #4. Maybe it's because I knew this was my last baby😭 Wasn't ready to put down that comfort food. But I re-examined my reasons for wanting to be fit in the first place. I want to be there when my kids get married, when they have kids, and I want to be able to keep up with their kids. Looking good is a great byproduct of a fit lifestyle but it's exactly that—a byproduct. In the end I just want to be healthy for my kids. What's your "why"?

This is how Juli and I take breaks @momtheday 😂 We may not make it to a gym but we can bring the gym to the house! If you aren't following @momtheday come over and see how we surprise moms with gifts and catch it all on film!

Trying to keep things interesting as always😬 ----------------------------------------------
5 Rounds of:
🔺5 lunges 🔺5 jumping lunges
🔺5 pulsing lunges 🔺10 squats
🔺20 mountain climbers 🔸switch sides

IG takeover by my seven year old! @san_rafael_elementary you're doing an amazing job teaching our children! He definitely bailed me out of some language barrier situations😂 we loved you #grancanaria! You're beautiful and so are the people within your borders. We are headed home!! #bilingual #español #españa #motherhood #momlife #momtheday #mommedit #babyfatboss

@momtheday One of the cutest things I've ever seen!! @gemma_marin you #mommedit!!! Congratulations on your precious new bundle😍❤ #fitmom #mom #moms #dance #momlife #motherhood #danceparty #pregnancy

Some days I feel like I'm under water, overwhelmed, and exhausted. But moments like this give me all the energy I need❤ Photo by the one and only—@traymeeks
#family #love #momof4 #mommedit #momtheday #fitmom

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